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Great ending to the series.Great ending to the series Relationships were resolved and Terra fulfilled her dream Jack was here perfect match Dad finally stepped up. (((FREE BOOK))) ⇪ The Reaping (The Burn, #3) ⇔ The Government Is On The Verge Of Perfecting The Loyalty Serum, And Terra Knows Exactly What That Means The Agents Will Have Absolute Control Terra Has Survived The Labor Camp, The Agents, And The Soldiers Who Hound Her As She Brings Nomads To The Water S Edge But Now She Faces Her Most Daunting Challenge Yet She Must Return To The Colony To Ask The Council And Her Father To Help Her Destroy The Loyalty Serum With The Aid Of Old Friends And Unexpected Allies, Terra Races Toward A Confrontation That Will Decide Her Fate On The Burn Forever Title The Reaping The Burn Trilogy Book 3Author Annie OldhamPublisher Annie OldhamPublished 11 30 2013ISBN 9781301510696E Book ASIN B00H14FEDQPages 297Genre YA FictionTags Loyalty, Dystopian, Teen Romance, Female Protagonist, Corrupt Government, Ocean ColonyThe final book in this trilogy The Reaping continues where Infraction leaves you You will feel the pain and loneliness of Terra, the joy as Jack returns to help her in her endeavors to save from the burn and do what she can to stop the government from perfecting the loyalty serum Help will come from unexpected places You will grieve with Dave and anger will burn through you toward the government There is so much action going on in this book that you will never be bored while reading There will be tears and laughter Terra finally resolves her issues with her parents Once again Annie Oldham has given us an ending that will be talked about I was surprised to find myself crying over a book as I did with this one This series is listed most places as a Young Adult Fiction, but will be enjoyed by all ages It is my hope that you will find it as wonderful as I did.The talent and command Ms Oldham has over the written word in amazing She will run you through a gauntlet of emotions as you read this trilogy If you have not read book 1 The Burn or Book 2 Infraction you truly must to get the full story and to understand what motivates the characters This is a beautiful love story hidden inside a story of survival and fighting for what is right Thank you so much for sharing this story with me Ms Oldham, I can not express just how much i enjoyed reading it I know this story is at an end, but I look forward to seeing what you come up with next. Full Review at What s Beyond Forks The Reaping is the final book in The Burn Trilogy by Annie Oldham I ve enjoyed the journey with Terra and Jack and many of the other characters found in this trilogy Terra really grew into her character and matured nicely She became a heroine and didn t even know it Standing up to a controlling and corrupt government is no easy task, and Terra rises to the occasion because she knows it s what s right Like a real person, she is afraid She doesn t just fearlessly stand up to the man , but she knows it has to be done That made her feel realistic and believable I enjoyed this book tremendously, right up until the end I was so upset and disappointed, I actually yelled at the book It was a fitting ending, because the world of The Burn has been nothing but unfair to its inhabitants through the whole trilogy, but I m definitely not happy about it.The ARC of The Reaping by Annie Oldham was provided to me by the author for review The opinions are my own. I enjoyed this book very much It was suspenseful, well written and consistent with the other 2 books The characters were well developed and endearing I loved Terra and Jack and glad they got back together As I reached 90%, I thought there was going to be another book How can Terra stop the government with 10% left Throughout the whole book, Oldham describes so many obstacles and difficult situations that the convenient ending was disappointing and also sad The book loses a star in my review for rushing the ending I would have liked the book to be longer with a realistic, challenging endingeven if the end result was the same Overall it was a good read I m definitely going to read of her work. I loved this series from the beginning I fell in love with the characters because they were so well written and Terra had me rooting for her every step of the way.This last book, the end to such an amazing series rocks you to the core All the emotions that play out in this book just take hold and don t let you go I couldn t put it down, as I couldn t with the other books either This is a series I ll never forget, there is no possible way to forget the joy Terra brought me in becoming a heroine to people she knew needed her The ending though That was just plain not nice, I was bawling like a baby who lost their bottle It was so heart wrenching and tear jerking, I felt like I was there in that sub experiencing it for myself firsthand Amazing work Miss Annie This was a good book that I feel us almost original and is the third book I read where my favorite character dies I will miss Tara like a old friend I wish I could have met her I think this was a wonderful book and I love to see a book on what happened to Nell,red,Mary,and Dave before Tara met them but putting that aside i loved this book and hung on every word that was written and I believe you could give Lois lowry a running for her money Keep on writing Annie I believe you have a gift The ReapingIf you have read the first two books, then you know the characters You know there is heartbreak, you know there is love Now we learn about sacrifice and true unconditional compassion If I read a book and I cry it is good, if I read a book and bawl it is great This book was better than great, Thank you for such a poignant and beautiful story with so many morality questions to make you, to ask yourself, are you selfless Very good conclusion to a very good series Suspense keeps you on the edge of your seat and the book keeps you turning pages to see what happens next The ending was satisfying as a conclusion to the series I am happy with the whole series Good read. I liked the story.