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READ PDF ´ Rebel Nation ⚢ Sixteen Years Ago, A Plague Wiped Out Nearly All Of Humanity The Company S Vaccine Stopped The Virus S Spread, But Society Was Irrevocably Changed Those Remaining Live Behind Impenetrable City Walls, Taking Daily Doses Of Virus Suppressant And Relying On The Company For Continued Protection They Don T Realize That Everything They Ve Been Told Is A LieClover Donovan Didn T Set Out To Start A Revolution Quiet, Autistic, And Brilliant, She S Always Followed The Rules But That Was Before They Forced Her Into Service For The Time Mariners Before They Condemned Her Brother To Death, Compelling Him To Flee The City To Survive Before She Discovered Terrifying Secrets About The Company Clover And The Freaks, Her Ragtag Resistance Group, Are Doing Their Best To Spread The Rebellion And Stay Under The Company S Radar But When Their Hideout Is Discovered, They Are Forced, Once Again, To Run Only This Time, The Company Has Special Plans For Clover, Plans That Could Risk Her Life And Stop The Uprising In Its Tracks Eventwisted and survival based than Viral Nation This series keeps getting better and better with every book Rebel Nation seamlessly wove the story from Viral Nation book 1 and reminded us readers of the main story developments from book 1 but without overkill an element not usually done so efficiently, well done Grimes I did however miss the time travel element from book 1 but I do fully understand and appreciate its non existence due to the focus of the Freaks in the present and concentrating on rooting themselves for the Winter months as well as escaping Bennett s grasp Bennett s character in Rebel Nation was evenevil than book 1 a task I didn t think possible There was one scene in particular that was so craftily written by Grimes that I thought I knew what Bennett had done, but I wasn t sure I was also hoping he hadn t and it turned out he did I still can t believe it He s so evil I further continued to enjoy Clover s character in Rebel Nation, as I did in Viral Nation, and continued to feel that her autism made her characterinteresting and her behaviour in certain situations added to the chaos of the post apocalyptic world and the dystopian theme Mango, Clover s dog companion, again was my favourite character, he didn t get as much focus in Rebel Nation but he continued to understand and help Clover s behaviour and thoughts She s certainly building herself a good support system now with Mango, West and Jude there wasdevelopment of the Clover and Jude relationship in Rebel Nation too which was sweet Overall Rebel Nation did not disappoint with its dystopian content,details were presented about the Company and their evil doings, the Freaks rebellion as well as the world outside of Reno and other survivor settlements This rebellion has officially kicked off and I guess we ll now have to until Book 3 to see how it all continues Once again I ve been left wishing I had the next book Grimes writes a superb cliffhanger again I received this book for free from NetGalley Berkley Trade in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review Genre Post Apocalyptic Rating 3.5 My Thoughts Shaunta Grimes has created a world that is interesting as well as dangerous It is a world where a major plague nearly destroyed humanity Now, the survivors, who live mostly within the confines of walled cities like Reno, are expected to get a daily dosages of a suppressant said to control the return of the plague The Viral Nation series uses Time Travel as a way to control the populations safety, a kind of Minority Report, if you will While the Viral Nation series is NOT filled with zombies, or maddening creatures that attack humans willy nilly, it does have a wonderful cast of characters that you can lean on in times of heart break and trouble Rebel Nation picks up several months after the end of Viral Nation Rebel Nation has less time traveling, but withemphasis on the growing rebellion against the Waverly Stead Company, and the determination of one man to keep what he believes is his In Viral Nation, readers learned the real truth about the suppressant the Company created, the cost to society, and how it there is an alternative But, the question remains why The Company is so focused on 16 year old Clover Donovan that they would stop at nothing to control her, and keep her as one of the Time Messengers Full Review Posted at Gizmos Reviews Link Below Thanks for your support Recvd via NetGalley Published July 1st 2014 by Berkley Trade I need book three, now Find this and other reviews The Demon Librarian Absolutely AH MAZ INGLast year, when I had the opportunity to read the first book in Shaunta Grimes Viral Nation series, I knew I had found something special It wasn t just another YA dystopian novel It was truly and totally different, in the way we always hope books will be and so many, disappointingly, aren t You can read my review of book 1 HERE So of course, when book 2 came along, I was all over it Armed with high expectations, I dove in, fully prepared to have my socks rocked off.Congratulations, Shaunta Grimes You did it I was evenimpressed by book two than I was by book one.In Viral Nation, the primary focus was on discovering the secrets the dreaded Waverly Stead Company didn t want anyone to find out proof that they d been lying to everyone for years, following their own agenda and forging a new world where everyone is dependent on them and the supposed life saving drugs they provide In Rebel Nation, that focus changes a bit It s no longer about finding out what the secrets are It s about surviving them.Clover is, hands down, one of the most unique and remarkable heroines I ve ever had the pleasure of reading about Her brilliance, her tenacious spirit, her determination to not be defined by her autismno amount of praise I heap on her will come even close to doing her awesomeness justice I will tell you this, though I am consistently blown away by all the times Clover rises above , as they say All the times she has raised a defiant finger to adversity and somehow, some way, beaten the odds Which is why, when the book ended on a sort of cliffhanger for her, I didn t feel any fear or nervousness on her behalf Because I know this girl I know she will do exactly what she promised and find a way to prevail She always does.I ranted and raved a lot about Jude in my review of book 1, and I was sooo happy that he didn t lose any of his amazing ness in book 2 I just adore him Totally, completely, break out the fangirl t shirt love his character He is exactly the guy Clover needs by her side and I was beyond thrilled that their relationship had a chance to grow and deepen without any of that pesky angst getting in the way They re just so beautiful together.As for West.oh, West I just want to hug him, because damn, if anyone could use a good hug in this book, it s him He s under such enormous pressure in this book, but like his amazing sister, Clover, West may be down but he is never out Over and over again, he is able to dig deep and find the strength to keep fighting another day Even when it all seems impossible Even when he s so tired and pulled in so many different directions, it feels like he will surely break.Character love aside, for me one of the best things about this book was the tone There s this intense, almost desperate feel to every situation and chapter The struggles the characters are forced to endure, the sheer stress and strain they are all under, is contagious, and as a reader, I was completely infected by it I was on edge almost the entire time, constantly waiting for the next bomb or axe to fall and when it did fall, I was caught up in a whirlwind of frantic emotions, right along with the characters, as they tried to figure out how to deal with this new challenge that had come their way It was crazy, and I loved every second of it.Now about the ending OMG, the ending I ve been sucker punched in the feels by books before, and I ve even been knocked out a few times, but the ending of Rebel Nation hit me so hard, so fast, I didn t even know what was happening until I heard myself make this weird, half strangled noise and felt the burn of tears in my eyes And it wasn t even a sad type of ending But after everything that had happened, the relief I felt knowing there was even a tiny ray of light at the end of the tunnel was so overwhelming, it sent my emotions into immediate overload I wanted to hug everyone I wanted to scream I wanted to hunt Shaunta Grimes down and demand she give me the next book, right effing now.If you haven t read this series yet, I strongly encourage you to do so Like, immediately Because everything that I ve said here All the praise I ve heaped on the book It doesn t even come close to matching the awesomeness of the books themselves You simply must read them.