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`Read Kindle ⚸ End Times Ó Carbon County, Wyoming Is Like A Current Running Through Daphne S HeartWhen Life Gets Too Tough To Bear In Detroit, Daphne Flees To Her Uncle Floyd S Home, Where She Believes She Ll Find Solace In The Silent Hills Of Her Childhood Summers But Daphne S Greyhound Bus Pulls Over In Downtown Carbon County And It S Not Silence That Welcomes Her It S The Sound Of TrumpetsDaphne S Desire To Start Again In Simple Country Comfort Is Instantly Dashed As The Townsfolk Declare That The End Times Are Here And Incredible Occurrences Soon Support Their Belief Daphne Does All She Can To Keep Her Head Down And Ignore The Signs She Works A Job At The Local Oil Rig, Helps Around The House, Hangs Out With Her Pregnant Cousin Janie And Gets To Know Owen, A Mysterious Motocross Racer And Fellow Roustabout At The Rig But Soon A Startling Discovery Shatters Her Resolve And Calls Into Question All Her Doubts And Fears Daphne Landed In Carbon County For A Reason She Only Has To Read The Signs And Believe Probablylike 3.5 stars.I enjoyed this book, but it s definitely setting things up for the rest of the series It s not that this book is boring it isn t but it seemed like its primary purpose was to make sure to a introduce the characters and situation and b make sure that book 2 would start off like a rocket Mission accomplished I cannot wait for book two I loved the premise of this story, too I don t believe t hat we re in the final days which people have been predicting since about 20 minutes after Jesus left but this book absolutely gave me the creeps.Absolutely a fun read and I m very excited for the sequel. This is such a weird and interesting book Here s my video review Bored I can sum up my entire reading experience in one word I gave this bookthan enough time, and I just finally couldn t take it any.You probably want somethough Okay This book is told in alternating third person POV with three main characters so far Daphne, her cousin Janie, and Owen Owen s the only one that s remotely interesting to me, and that s not saying much because I m not real interested in him either Daphne has potential, but she s so busy trying to fade into the background that I m bored with her Janie s pregnant Apparently that s the sum of her personality That and she loves her boyfriend who s an obvious asshole.42% I read, and I didn t even get to the part of the blurb where the townsfolk declare that the End Times are here Trumpets are sounding when Daphne gets into town, but after they stop later that night they re pretty much forgotten Life goes on I get to read about boring day to day life stuff Then Daphne is apparently Jed Clampett and black gold comes bubbling up out of the ground More boring day to day stuff More boring More More More.The writing feels pretty simplistic, too That s not always a bad thing, but here there was nothing that made me want to do anything other than skim The dialogue also felt really forced and not at all like how people actually talk Finally, there s shaping up to be some sort of confrontation between the Christian God loving folk of Carbon County which despite its name is actually a town and the Earth Children children of the Earth God apparently Honestly, I m just not interested The Christians in this book felt like caricatures, and then there was the free loving hippie vibe of the main Earth Child that we ve met so far Meh Stereotypes aren t awesome.The one good thing I can say is that despite being bored the book reads fairly quickly It took me a couple of hour to read nearly half of it, and I kept pausing to do other things. The sense of urgency, a little bit of fear, but intense concentration, deep deep focus on tackling a really difficult problemThe crinkle of the eyes up, and around the mouth is a sign of optimism And the eyebrows up is surprise This is a gamer who is on the verge of something called an epic win Yes, now that I finished the book I am almost on the same page as this gamer on the pic, on the verge of an epic win.This is the face captured by photographer Phil Toldano and explained in the excellent Ted talk by game designer Jane McGonigal It captures the emotion of gaming Toldano set up a camera in front of gamers while they were playing McGonigal in the video alerts us to the subtle nuances in this photo.