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Very interesting book on the spiritual lives of animals There is something to be said about communicating with animals Most humans do not take the time I am certainly open to finding outabout this. (((Epub))) ⇱ Animal Wisdom ↠ How Is It That Pets Are Able To Travel Thousands Of Miles Through Unknown Territory To Reunite With Their Beloved Humans How Can Dogs Detect Cancer With Up To APercent Accuracy Rate, And Foresee Epileptic Or Diabetic Seizures In Their Owners How Do Animals Seem To Know An Earthquake Is Coming Long Before The World S Best Seismologists In Animal Wisdom, Veterinarian And Animal Advocate Linda Bender Offers A Wealth Of Amazing Stories And Research Based Evidence Indicating Animals Have Deeply Perceptive Even Extrasensory Abilities She Shows Us That Animals Are Extremely Perceptive, Intuitive, And Psychic And Provides Step By Step Practices For Honing Your Natural Ability To Communicate With Them, So That You Too Can Learn To Understand Their Urgent Messages About Peace, Happiness, And The Future Of The Planet Animal Wisdom Is For Animal Lovers And Anyone Who Seeks A Deeper, Spiritual Connection To These Beautiful CreaturesFrom The Table Of Contents Foreword By Linda TuckerPART I The Fabric Of CreationChapterThe Ecology Of ParadiseChapterHow Can We Know What Animals Are Thinking And Feeling PART II What Animals Want Us To KnowChapterYou Are LovedChapterYou Are Already Living In ParadiseChapterYou Don T Have To Figure Everything OutChapterDying Isn T BadPART III The Connection Of All CreaturesChapterHow To Connect Telepathically With Animals A Practical GuideChapterThe Animals Speak For ThemselvesChapterHeeding The Cries Of The Nonhuman WorldAfterword By Andrew Harvey This book is a must read for any pet ownerher message experiences will resonate with animal lovers far and wide. What a wonderful book that really teaches you how animal make such a difference on this planet Good read. Not enough science for me, but I think I should have guessed from the title My least favorite of the animal neuroscience books. Overall, I liked this book The author provides some entertaining stories, information, opinion, insights, metaphors, and made some unusual connections Some parts of the book did not appeal to me and I felt bogged down reading it The author seems like an interesting, intelligent, thought provoking, eccentric person with a different perspective so I kept reading it would be fun to have an interview dinner with her for a book club Totally unpredictable Her writing reminds me a bit of my own in that it reads as if she sat down and just wrote what came to mind from her outline I could sometimes tell when she took a break from writing and began again, which I enjoyed the writing wasn t over edited or too polished It had a rawness and humanity to it. This book was given to me by a friend because I was struggling as to whether to put my dog down or not My dog is fine At first I did not like the book, and I stuck with it There are sections of the book that I found beneficial It is interesting So anyone on a spiritual path with animals, I would recommend they read this book to get one person s perspective on it. The author lends a unique perspective into how animals can help humans The exercises in the book, look promising With a promotional blurb from Jane Goodall, it s worth a read. I absolutely LOVED this book I recommend it to all animal lovers.