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I loved this novel, the characters particularly were refreshingly transgressive and not the usual tropes found in women s fiction This author is so emotionally accurate about the troubles of each of her characters that they feel real The setting really spoke to me, having spent my younger years involved with the theatre and being a Londoner too I can imagine some people not getting this book for the exact same reasons why I loved it The only downside would be the final third of the novel felt rushed and a little raggedy in places But sill looking forward to reading her new one, The Snakes. 3,5 t hte T ss j lleen kirja josta on kohistu aika tavalla, mutta en oikein l yt nyt tarttumapintaa tapahtumista, enk henkil ist Kirjan p henkil Luke oli hurmuri, mutta kyll ne hurmuritkin voivat rakastua Kirjan p tapahtumat olivat aika ennalta arvattavia ihmissuhdekiemuroita Teatterimaailma toi tuulahduksen taiteilijael m ja sit , ett jos haluaa pinnalle ja menesty voi jotkut ihmissuhteet kest , mutta jotkut hajoavat hetkess Se, ett kirjan pari, joka kulki toisiaan kohti lapsuudesta asti ja lopulta sai toisensa, mutta mit sitten tapahtui, se olikin yll tys yll tys lukijoille Kirjasta l ytyy useampi kolmiodraama, joten lukijoille on yllin kyllin juonenk nteit Kirjailijan esikoisteos Kotiinpaluu on mielest ni mennen tullen ja palatessa parempi kirja kuin t m ihmissuhdepasianssi. Free E-pub ☥ Fallout ♻ As Read On BBC RadioBook At Bedtime Luke Is A Young Playwright Intense, Magnetic And Hungry For Experience Fleeing A Disastrous Upbringing In The North East He Arrives In London And Shares A Flat With Paul, An Aspiring Producer, And Beautiful, Fiery LeighThe Three Of Them Set Up A Radical Theatre Company, Their Friendship Forged In Rehearsal Rooms Above Pubs, Candlelit Power Cuts, And Smoky Late Night Parties, Part Of A Thrilling New Generation Of Writers, Directors And Rising VoicesWhen Nina, A Fragile Actress, Strays Towards Their Group, Luke Recognises A Damaged Soul And The Balance Between The Friends Is Threatened Luke Is Torn Between Loyalty, Desire And His Own Painful Past, Until Everything He Values, Even The Promise Of The Future, Is In Danger Suddenly The Fallout Threatens To Be Immense T h n kirjaan voi helposti yhdist sanat laadukas, suuri, britti, eurooppalainen, klassikohtava Siin on paljon sellaista, mit suurissa eurooppalaisissa romaaneissa on Tunteita meinaan Ja ajankuvaa Rakkautta Unelmia Vastenmielisi p henkil it Jahkailua Perhetraumoja Ja lis ksi kulissina, ah, teatterimaailma Voisin siis lis t adjektiivirimpsuuni tsehovmaisen, ja lis nkin Paikoin rakastin t t romaania, sen kielikuvia ja havaintoja, sit tsehovmaisuutta Ja paikoin taas tylsistyin liian moniin tarinoihin ja henkil ihin, jotka, noh, vain kipuilevat Paikoin jopa inhosin kirjaa, sen henkil it ja alun pitk k ynnistely Loppu ei my sk n palkinnut minua lukijana Suomennoksessa ei ole mit n vikaa, mutta ep ilen ett t m kannattaa lukea englanniksi, jos vain suinkin jaksaa. The last book I read from Sadie Jones Small Wars was terrific, so I was looking forward to this one It all started off well, with some fine, thoughtful writing and intriguing characters The underlying themes of love and deceit against the backdrop of the theatre in 70s London promised a novel to really get stuck into But, somehow, my attention got waylaid around the middle of the book I can t put my finger on what was wrong the atmosphere was superbly portrayed, so that you could taste the Gitanes and cheap red wine The conflicts in love and inspiration of the main characters were intelligently described However, something just failed to grab me and I found my interest petering out Maybe there were too many walk on parts, or too many details about the theatre, of interest only to insiders Or perhaps characters were introduced who faded too soon into the background Somehow I got the impression that the 60s stopped swinging, and so did this novel or was that the point However, it hasn t put me off Sadie Jones as a writer, and I did appreciate the interviews and other extras at the end of the Kindle edition A small note to the editors I spotted a couple of little details you might want to look at Sterling sic Moss and Hurricane bombers I am pretty sure they were fighters, but if there was a Hurricane bomber too, then I stand corrected. I m surprised this book has not been rated higher My ratings tend to be lower than the rest of the goodreads group, and I very much enjoyed reading Fallout To me, it had the readable style and good storytelling of JoJo Moyes, with some of the strong writing and eye for detail one finds in Jane Gardam s books.For the most part, Fallout has vivid characters and unusually natural dialogue I found Luke an appealing protagonist, and many other characters for example, Tony Moore were memorable The marriage between Nina Jacobs and Moore is painfully etched and compelling reading, despite the sadness.Sometimes I get annoyed by excessive detail, though probablyin non fiction than in novels That s not the case with Fallout, which reads as if one were watching a film London and the theatre industry are almost additional personages in the story It s a well constructed setting for a story and it worked well for me.The only significant problem I had with the plot is it s difficult to understand how the friendship between Paul and Luke began, and to some extent hard to understand why it continues I keep thinking I should be disappointed that much of the plot, especially the ending, is predictable But to me the story was not really the plot, but the relationships within it, and they were very human and very real Love is terrific, and love hurts No creativity there, maybe, but it s still poignant and I found a lot to like in this book. This is a book about a theater group and unrequited loves It is poorly written and very predictable.Luke is brought up by a cold father and a mother who is very mentally ill She has been institutionalized for most of Luke s life Despite this, he loves her very much and feels very close to her He tries to go to her hospital as often as he can to see her He decides, however, to emigrate to England where he hopes to make his way as a playwright There he meets Paul, Leigh, and Nina Luke and Paul are two of the main founder of The Graft, a theater group that is on shaky ground at the beginning Leigh loves Luke but marries Paul Luke loves Nina but she is married to someone else It is a comedy of errors except it is not funny The preface lets the reader know that Luke has become a well known playwright and he is waiting for someone special to come and see his play.I trudged through the book hoping it would get better but it did not To say I was disappointed would be accurate I found no characters that I could identify with or who were deep enough for me to have strong feelings about I cannot recommend this book. Ehk rakkaus on totta on kehunsa ansainnut Suomennos on laatuty t , teksti soljuu kuin itsest n ja teatterimaailmaan sijoittuva tarinakin on kiinnostava Rakkauteen ja rakkaudettomuuteen nojaava tunnelma oli kuitenkin itselleni sen verran surutahmainen, ett lukeminen oli v lill vaikeaa ja kirjan pariin palaaminen venyi ja vanui V r lukuhetki kenties Lukemisen arvoinen t m oli kuitenkin ja loppu onnistui hieman h lvent m n ahdistusta. BABT Hayley Atwell reads Sadie Jones acclaimed new novel set during the birth of radical theatre in 1970s London a world in which the four central characters swirl, ambitious, eager yet all facing their own demons.Luke aspires to be a playwright and, after meeting would be producer Paul and the feisty Leigh, the three end up flatmates in London There, they plan to revolutionise the face of theatre, but when they encounter Nina, a damaged young actress, emotions get in the way.Reader Hayley Atwell is an acclaimed stage and screen actor, who has been nominated for Olivier Awards for her roles in A View from the Bridge, and most recently for Pride at the Trafalgar Studios in London Her screen roles include Cassandra s Dream, The Duchess, Captain America The First Avenger and The Pillars of the Earth.Producer Justine WillettAbridger Sally MarmionWritten by Sadie Jones whose debut, The Outcast, the story of a broken young man set in the repressed 50s, won a Costa Book Award and was shortlisted for the Orange Prize in 2008 This is her fourth novel Episode 1 From different ends of the country, Luke and Nina are both looking for a way out Episode 2 Luke aspires to be a playwright and, after meeting would be producer Paul and the feisty Leigh, the three end up flatmates in London There, they plan to revolutionise the face of theatre, but when they encounter Nina, a damaged young actress, emotions get in the way Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8 Episode 9 Episode 10 Oh, I have no interest in this at all NEXT In 1971, Luke Kanowski leaves the small town of Seston for London with a few bags of his possessions, including his record player and notebooks A long time theatre appreciator who s never seen a play, it takes a chance encounter with two people about his own age, Paul Driscoll and Leigh Radley, to motivate him into quitting his clerk job and leaving his parents behind to embark on his own life His mother has been locked up in the mental asylum in Seston since Luke was five he visits her often and resents his father, a Polish migrant who once flew fighter planes in World War II, for never seeing her or talking to her He takes the train to London and calls the one person he knows there Paul.Paul is not much past twenty but doesn t want to be the engineer his father pushed him to be He wants to be a producer Now with Luke on side, a plan begins to take shape and a fledgling theatre company arises With several others, they form Graft, a small, artsy theatre above a pub When handsome, charming Luke sleeps with the stage manager and then doesn t talk to her again, she leaves and they hire Leigh The same spark of familiarity, connection and desire that was there when they first met is still alive, but Luke is taking the admonishment of not sleeping with the stage manager to heart, and steps back Paul fills the gap, and after a while of dating him Leigh moves in to their flat and the three settle into a comfortable rhythm.Also in London is Nina, a young actress trying to break in Raised mostly by her absent and unknown father s sister, her mother has been the dominant presence in her life An actress who didn t want the burden of raising a child she didn t want, Marianne is selfish and egotistical All Nina has ever wanted is her mother s love and approval she ll do anything and become anything to make her mother happy That s how she finds herself going to drama school, even though she s so shy, and how she became a shell of a person easily sculpted by anyone dominant and confident enough to take on the task Which is what happens when she meets Tony Moore, a producer and one of her mother s young ex lovers Tony arranges her, dresses her and trains her like something between a doll and a pet Nina hides so deeply behind a blank appeasing and pleasing mask that it s not long before any vestige of an individual person able to break free and create a life for herself is gone.It s at the performance of In Custody, a heavy play in which Nina stars, that Luke first really sees her Barefoot, blind folded and gagged, she comes onto the stage after an intense, dark opening in which the sounds of heavy doors opening and slamming shut can be heard The experienced is terrifying for Luke, whose mother has been locked up for so long when he sees vulnerable Nina, when her face is bared to him, he sees a frightened young woman who needs to be freed It is Luke s all consuming love for Nina, and the affair they embark upon, that ruins old friendships and nearly scuttles his just blooming career as a playwright Fallout is a coming of age novel for both Luke and Nina, a vividly real, intimate look into what drives us, what shapes us and what love can cost us.This might very well be my favourite Sadie Jones novel to date, although I can t really say that because I really do like all her novels quite a lot and the ones I ve read so far have all been quite different I haven t yet read Small Wars really must There is something holding me back from full out loving her books, but for the first half ish of Fallout I was definitely in the love zone My copy is an uncorrected proof an ARC , which meant it had lots of typos, nothing major, but it did also have a slightly unpolished feel to it The prose was, at times, a bit awkward or unclear, the punctuation so technically incorrect that the emphasis or meaning of a sentence was distorted or lost, rendering some parts unnecessarily clumsy, like you ve stumbled on an uneven floor Again, hard to know if the punctuation was going to be fixed or whether this is the style she s developed, but the control over commas versus semicolons or even periods was sloppy The comma isn t the new semicolon they affect a sentence quite differently Misuse either one and you ruin the rhythm of your words and disrupt the flow You can be experimental with punctuation, but you can also create an annoyingly disjointed mess if you don t do it well.This is a story about people, about Luke and Nina, Paul and Leigh, about relationships, love, the battle scars in our relationships and the mistakes we make and sometimes learn from The characters are real, believable, familiar The most interesting and confronting of them all was Nina, someone you pity and feel infinitely sorry for, but whom you can t respect She lacks will, she lacks grit, she lacks perspective She is a product of her mother s critique and Tony s homoerotic desires for instance, her mother keeps her skinny because chunky girls don t get hired Tony keeps her skinny because he likes her to look like a boy The arrival of Luke in her life, someone she feels instantly drawn and attracted to in the same way he does with her, presents an opportunity a chance to take control of her life, figure out who she is and what she wants, and be fulfilled and happy But Nina has a diseased soul Theirs is a love affair that begins with such hope and promise you truly, truly want them both to be happy, and free, and together that soon becomes something poisonous and even destructive I sometimes hear, in movies maybe, people say that they re with the right person for the wrong reasons, or the wrong person for the right reasons, or some variation on that theme There was a touch of that here What I loved about it was how truthful, honest and messy it all was Jones has a real knack for capturing ordinary, middle class people in all their glorious strengths and flaws, and letting events play out naturally While I did find that there was a slight sense of an author creator god figure manoeuvring pieces into place it s the way she writes , once there the characters took over, their personalities guiding events and their ultimate fallout.The star of the story was the setting and era itself the backdrop for the fallout of relationships London in the late 60s and early 70s is a place on the cusp, a place discovering love and life and excitement A place still being held back by the tight grip of tradition and society but increasingly stretching its wings Theatre is prominent, and popular New bands and music rock the airwaves which people actually listen to It incorporates women s lib but nothing overtly political or radical This is a story set in the hearts of its characters, rather than their heads While there, I felt like I was there I could picture things quite well thanks to all the British telly I ve watched over my lifetime, and the flavour of their speech really helps catapult you there Eminently readable but not exactly pleasurable, Fallout had me wrapped up in the characters so that I was going to bed thinking about them, however disquieting and somehow off the story and the writing was at times My thanks to the publisher for a copy of this book via TLC Book Tours.