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Update Spotlight on Febrary 4th 2015 CHARACTER AND AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT Flynn Hendrick from Reclaiming the sand by.Meredith Walters QA GIVEAWAY the Giveaway here WOW 5 STARSWhat a profoundly AMAZING read, there is so many great Reviews already for this one I m going to just write some of my thoughts This is the kind of book that starts off cold but warms your heart theyou read and get into It is gripping touching and if there was EVER a hero in a book Flynn sure is one This is about a girl who is in a group of friends that bully a boy named Flynn who has Asperger s syndrome who ends up falling for a boy with such disability and to me this is a story about how maybe in society is deemed as not right mmm maybethat in school its deemed as odd and therefore Ellie turns into Flynn s Bully just like the others Ellie has been brought up in the foster care system she knows only how to survive in that she drinks, she has a temper and she works in a shop its a daily routine she knows inside and out but that s her life, but then there s Flynn the boy that makes her heart do somersaults and he makes her nervous and he also makes her FEEL which is so not like her she doesn t feel she just does so she becomes just like the gang she has been part of for such a long time A BULLY.Ahhh our Boy Flynn I have so much to say about him, firstly he has Asperger s I know I know I ve already said that but let me say this Meredith Walters has done her research concerning the subject matter, Flynn is the kind of hero you do nothing but fall for Flynn has routines he doesn t understand mannerisms, reactions although is trying in current times to work them out concerning Ellie he may not understand why people are laughing, are they being funny or are they being cruel In society people don t understand the Autism spectrum I d say he s just mis understood, in school he s an easy target and that is what he becomes with Ellie s friends He becomes the guy to take the pain away from then someone to blame the issues on and the one people just want to ignore cause they don t understand how to react to him He s the target for ALL in many ways so get your tissues ready cause this sure will make you cry Flynn is the kind of person that touches you right in the middle of your heart, he s so very refreshing he is very pure innocent and just so beautiful the kind of soul you just don t want to taint the kind of person that you just don t want to see any harm come to, he see s the good in everyone and is easy to forgive I just can t explain him enough he s the hero that you want to hug knowing that he doesn t want that hug A gentle spirit But he doesn t know how to explain himself to show emotion and when he is needed he just can t give, saying that he shows himself in other ways little gestures little parts of him that others don t see Ellie does Ellie in time starts to see life differently and wants to better herself there is lots of obstacles in their way, but Flynn see s what s in Ellie that others don t I LOVED reading the PRESENT but I hurt in the PAST This story takes you back in time to when Flynn was bullied as a teenager to Present where he gains strength and begins to see the differences in things and makes an effort to do what he is not so comfortable with mmm maybe fight even for his voice to be heard yet he still has Asperger s so he still has misunderstandings but he does start to gain control in his choices And Flynn see s the good in Ellie where as others don t Two different people, two different personalities, two separate goals except LOVE IS LOVE and the HEART knows what the HEART WANTS this statement is sooo true and I fell for this story 100% So was it easy to read NO it hurt but it made me happy and smile and at times laugh too so yes enjoyable Would I recommend this story Yes yes I just love Meredith s writing her descriptive words, emotions and subject matters that are REAL and NORMAL and HEARTWARMING.READ IT THAT IS ALL I never know if I should rate my own booksbecause how ego centric is that But yeah, well I m rating it anyway because Flynn and Ellie are very special to me and I hope they ll be special to you too DOWNLOAD EBOOK ♲ Reclaiming the Sand (Reclaiming the Sand, #1) ♴ Bully And Victim Tormenter And Tormented Villain And Hero Ellie McCallum Was A Bully No Connection To Anyone Or Anything A Sad And Lonely Existence For A Young Woman Who Had Come To Expect Nothing For Herself Her Only Happiness Coming From Making Others Miserable Particularly Freaky Flynn Flynn Hendrick Lived A Life Completely Disconnected Even As He Struggled To Become Something Than That Boy With Asperger S He Was Taunted And Teased, Bearing The Brunt Of Systematic And Calculated Cruelty, Ultimately Culminating In A Catastrophic Turn Of Events That Brought Ellie And Flynn S Worlds Crashing DownBut Then Flynn And Ellie Grew Up And Moved OnUntil Years Later When Their Paths Unexpectedly Cross Again And The Bully And The Freak Are Face To Face OnceWhen Labels Come To Define You, Finding Yourself Feels Impossible Particularly For Two People Disconnected From The World Who Inexplicably Find A Connection In Each Other And Out Of The Wreckage Of Their Tragic Beginnings, An Unlikely Love Story UnfoldsBut A Painful Past Doesn T Always Want To Let Go And Old Wounds Are Never Truly Healed And Sometimes The Further You Try To Run From Yourself The Closer You Come To Who You Really Are FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED 4.5 stars Woah This was one tough read but it was absolutely beautiful The emotions that A Meredith Walters evokes through her writing make you truly feel as though you are living the story alongside her characters and she writes with such vivid imagery that her words just come to life right before your eyes.This was the kind of book I wanted to read as slowly as possibly just to enjoy the actual writing itself However, despite the beautiful writing, this book was not always easy to read From the moment I read the blurb, I knew this was going to be a heart breaking story but I fully trusted this author to do the story justice She really earned my trust and respect with her phenomenal Find You In The Dark series where the hero of her story had a mental illness That story really stayed with me and even now when I think back on it, my heart squeezes But evenimportantly, the way she tacked the difficult subject matter was so respectful that I knew that if there was any author who could tell this story, it was her Let me explain a little about the story in Reclaiming The Sand here to give you a bit of a backgroundEllie was a girl who d grown up passed from foster home to foster home, and by high school had ended up in juvie Now, living in a small, rundown, dead end town with a rap sheet, bad friends, and a quick temper, her propects in life were bleak at best She d learned the hard way to put herself first and had built up a reputation as a hot head and a girl no one should mess with My life had beaten all of the good out of me until there was nothing left but the shell of a person I was now And then one day, a guy walked back into her town Freaky Flynn Hendrick The guy she hadn t seen in six years The guy she blamed for ruining her life.But Flynn was a little different than everyone He had Asperger s a form of Autism and had many characteristics that made him stand out in society With no filter between his brain and mouth, an extreme aversion to being touched, and difficulty reading people s emotions, he was easily a target for bullying Unfortunately though, in the past that bully had most often been Ellie.She and her friends tormented him endlessly throughout high school calling him names, physically hurting him, emotionally crushing him, mocking him, ganging up on him, publicly humiliating him they heartlessly bullied him day in and day out But he and Ellie did eventually built a friendship of sorts in secret Until one day, one bad choice brought everything crashing down That was six years ago I had been weak and pathetic and unwilling to stand up to the people who tormented him, no matter how much I wanted to And I had joined in I had bruised and hurt him Wounding him with maliciousness that he had never deserved I had cared about Flynn So much I had let him in And then I had pushed him away in the only way I could By destroying him And in doing so I had destroyed a part of myself that had only started to flourish in the warmth of his affection And these feelings hardened and solidified, freezing my heart and numbed me to everything Then I had only survived Only existed Until he had reappeared in my life In the present day, Flynn kept showing up Here, there, everywhere She was drawn to him unable to stay away from the boy she blamed for so much and who also filled her with such guilt He reminded me of the girl I had been One that wasn t angry That wasn t bitter He made me remember a lonely girl who had been drawn to a sad boy and had found comfort in him And somehow, despite their past, a beautiful and unlikely love story unfolded With chapters flipping back and forth between Ellie and Flynn s POVs, we really got a very complete picture of the situation I was surprised to find that I actually didn t hate Ellie as much as I thought I would I mean, there was no doubt that her actions were horrible, selfish, and downright cruel at times, but I think that getting her perspective allowed me to see how much she hated herself too which made me almost pity herthan anything I won t deny that there were many times when I hated her actions though especially during the times when she was aware of how wrong her actions were but didn t stop I was angry at the way she allowed herself to be pushed around by her friends and peer pressured over and over again But I was proud when she finally tried to pull herself out of her spiral and make a better life for herself I had focused on the wrong things The wrong people And I had paid the price for it Maybe this time could be different Maybe this time I could be different In the alternate POV, the author did a phenomenal job especially of showing us the world through Flynn s eyes It was impossible not to love him His blunt honesty, his direct outlook on life, both his strengths and his vulnerabilities, his shy smile, and everything about him just tugged at my heart strings And with way his chapters were written very much reflected his direct thoughts and feelings allowing us to really connect with the way he saw the world I hate being alone I want people to talk to me I want them to like me It makes me angry when I try to say something and people ignore me Or worse they laugh They call me names Lots of names Mean names This wasn t a book where there was some sort of magic cure and all the problems just miraculously disappear at the end Flynn s syndrome was not something that would ever go away it was a part of who he was Between him and Ellie, he would always bevulnerable, and she would always be strong in many ways But as we were shown in the book, there were many strengths he had that put him far above everyone else There were never two peopleill suited for a relationship than us We were all wrong We didn t stand a chance And that made me want to fight for it even harder My heart broke for him over and over again I loved him for who he was Just as he was To everyone else, he was different, abnormal, a freak But to him his reality was the only one he d known To him, he was normal What s wrong with you she asks me and my stomach twists up Everyone always asks me that I don t understand why they ask me that Gosh, he was just such a beautiful soul So pure So full of good His shy smile, his huge heart, his trust if sometimes heartbreakingly misplaced , his endless forgiveness, and his love healed a girl who d become so embittered by life, who d given into her anger, who d hurt him, used him, and tormented him, all out of a desperate need to be loved herself.Their multi layered history made for a very rich, complex dynamic between them Even before I knew the details of their past, even before it turned romantic, I could feel some sort of close connection between them Both of us were so isolated But then we had somehow found each other And here we were again We were still those same disconnected people that we had been years ago, only now a little older and a littledamaged I found it interesting to note as an observation that when Flynn had a meltdown or an outburst, it was considered freaky to everyone around him because of his condition but when one of Ellie s normal friends who honestly just seemed psychotic to me had an outburst, people just accepted it as her and shrugged it off It was an interesting reflection of the prejudice and double standards rampant in our world.Falling in line with the nature of the story, the romance between Ellie and Flynn was slow building and very gently paced But the beautiful writing built the story up in such a way that by the time things began to move beyond just friendship between them, my heart was just fluttering all over the place It was all portrayed in a very non explicit fashion, focusingon the emotional connection shared than on vivid physical descriptions What we shared was so muchthan sex It was an intimacy that came from baring your heart to someone who you knew would take care of it My one and only complaint in the whole book was that I felt that the ending was rushed I already was on edge because of a certain choice Ellie had made towards the end and my poor, bruised heart could really have used adetailed resolution to help it heal But please don t get me wrong there is a happy ending, but I just would have wanted a little bit .Regardless, A Meredith Walters has shown us once again that she has an extraordinary ability to take difficult topics and present them in a candid, yet deeply respectful manner Her stories feel real Believable I love her writing style, I love the uniqueness of her stories, and I love the effortless grace with which she projects her characters emotions right onto you I love that she shows how romance book heroes don t have to be soldiers and fighters, bad boys and millionaires She shows us with Flynn that a romantic hero can be anyone that their heart is all that counts He owned me Completely There was no coming back from this Flynn had reclaimed me Rating 4.5 starsThis is a standalone novel Forof my reviews, book news and updates Main blog Aestas Book Blog Facebook Blog Page Twitter Rating 5 yes they were made for each other StarsMy Views I think for me what made this book special was how the two protagonists who belong to two completely different worlds were brought together to create their own personal world These two have different backgrounds, pasts, attitudes and behaviors yet they belong to each other This is a book where you will want to cry, laugh, smile, beat the shit out of Ellie for her treatment towards Flynn and sometimes you ll want to kidnap Flynn and take him somewhere where no one can hurt him and eventually when the book will end you ll want to pause and ponder about what happened or have that Dreamy smile after you finish each book But for me NO I nearly tear down the library s bookshelf to find the second book Style of writing Now there were times when I enjoyed the style of writing of the author especially when we were getting Flynn s pov I absolutely loved getting into his mind and know how he processes his thoughts which made me as a reader connect with himHowever, I felt like we were having repetitions in the thoughts of Ellie Her constant complains of how Flynn is better and how she s not good, that bit was dragged Characters Ellie has had a bad childhood, met some wrong people and got a bad life She bullied Flynn when they were teenagers but at the same time she was finding a kind of peace solace in their secret friendship Due to the hard circumstances of life Ellie became string on the outside but Flynn brought out the best in her, At times I wanted to slap her or pull her hair out because she was really bad to Flynn but somehow I do understand why she was behaving this way Now Flynn, as said in the beginning of the book, he s someone that you ll fall in love with What I loved was getting into his thoughts A Meredith Walters did a wonderful job with the pov of Flynn He was so pure, innocent that each time Ellie hurt him you ll want to wear your Big Mama Bear Panties and tear Ellie into pieces.Favorite Part There are so many part that are my favorite and all of them are connected to Flynn But what I love most is how Flynn is forgiving He has such a kind heart What did not work I know that Ellie had a bad past and all that but sometimes she would repel Flynn just because she think that Flynn is too good for her but simultaneously what she doesn t seem to realize is that she s hurting him And Anything That Is Responsible For Hurting Flynn Is On My To Kill List Similar books Another book where the hero who suffer from Asperger s Puddle Jumping Novella There are certain similarities but we do not have a bully heroine Recommended Yes, this is one of the best read that I ve had this year And one friendly advice do not read this in the bus especially Flynn s pov Each time I was crying so hard in the bus that people were looking at me funny. 5 GIMME MORE TISSUES STARSI hated the joy his pain gave me But it was a power I couldn t have anywhere elseHaving read Lead Me Not by this same author previously and was left feeling underwhelmed, I certainly had my reservations starting her other books But all hope is not lost when Feifei told me to give this author another shot by rec ing this one to me and let s face it Usually when a book sits on Fei s top reads of the year, this book must be doing something helluva right And by the definition of helluva right, I certainly did not anticipate how much this book had the power to wreck and hurt me like a badass mothafarker.Firstly I d like to emphasize that this is a character driven story, so plot is rather secondary in this one And I m a total sucker for these reads because when it s really done right, it will evoke the most powerful feelings and stripped you raw of all emotions So believe me when I tell you that before going into this read, you will need 1 Tissues2 Punching bag pillows buddy supportI had Sandy Fei, thankiu ladies 3 Comfort food Xanax4 Tissues Seriously. Reclaiming the Sand is the story of Ellie McCallum and Flynn Hendrick, two individuals who seemed to be at polar opposites One is a bully, the other is the victim Something happened in the past that set these two apart but to have them reunited again in the present And this is their storyOur roles in each other s lives had been to every extreme Bully and victim Friend Champion LoverEllie She s definitely not your typical heroine she was a bully, she d done mean and vicious things to Flynn, she was the girl that ruled and roamed the hallway of your school and strike terror with the kids She is the kind of heroine you d want to hate and wished you never had the chance to cross paths with.But here s the thing, I never hated Ellie from the get go I m probably in the absolute minority for saying this, but there was never a moment that I had channel any kind of hatred towards her If it s anyone I hated in this book, it would be her low life friends, especially Dania that had me wanting to rip her hair out and throttle her I m not saying that I condone Ellie s actions at all because in all honesty, there should be no excuse for such behaviour and the things she did to Flynn were downright awful, so much so that it made me cry for him But as much as I cried for Flynn, I cried so muchfor Ellie Flynn having Asperger s would have made him aprominent victim, but in so many ways, Ellie herself was a larger victim of a cruel upbringing Growing up in the foster system and being shunned and deprived of love, she never had the sense of belonging and having to live a life where you believe that no one in the world cared for you, THAT for me was profoundly heartbreakingAnd I never said anything to anyone about the way they treated me I kept it buried deep inside me I never cried I never screamed I never spokeBeing able to watch Ellie turn her life around in the present, taking that first step towards redemption, it completely made my heart swelled with pure joy and love In a moment where the author described what she felt when she got her first A on her college paper and the absolute faith that the professor had in her, I completely broke down and cry. Even the tiniest and probably uneventful scenes had me all teary and left me in an absolute blubbering mess That is exactly how beautifully brilliant the writing was Flynn Oh my poor baby Flynn The author gifted us with his POV every now and then and my Godthere were times that it was just too painful to read on The author did a flawless job in delivering Flynn s POV which exuded pure innocence in his thoughts that just melts your heart But being the first hand witness of him being bullied and tormented, I can t even begin to explain how difficult it was to stomach reading them It was like someone stabbing a knife into my gut and twisting it and I can t doanythingto stop the tortureI hate being alone I want people to talk to me I want them to like me It makes me angry when I try to say something and people ignore me Or worse they laugh They call me names Lots of names Mean namesAnd put these two together, you will get one of THE MOST powerful, beautiful, absolutely heart wrenching, unconventional love story of the year I wish I could say I m exaggerating this but their love story is so remarkable and is a true testament of how love transcends all odds that I m sitting here teary eyed even while writing this sniffsI loved him He had given me a life I never dreamed I could have He had given me connection and belonging and acceptance He had become my worldWithout a doubt, Reclaiming the Sand will go down as one of my TOP READS FOR 2014 There are books that had me do the ugly cry, but I never had the pleasure of reading one that absolutely leaves me teary and weepy almost the entire way Don t be mistaken that all were sad anguish tears, but a good portion were happy joyful tears The writing is phenomenal, the characters were beautifully flawed and their love story will leave you absolutely breathless There cannot be enough words to justify how remarkable this read was but you simply just have to read it to experience it Acceptance, forgiveness and love A Meredith Walters delivered a truly exceptional and unforgettable read.Trust me, if you give Ellie and Flynn a chance, I dare you to not fall in love with their love story Reclaiming the Sand is the first part of a series and can be read as a standalone The sequel, Chasing the Tide will be out on 16 December 2014 as a continuation of Ellie Flynn s story. 4.5 Reclaiming Stars image error 5 Beautiful,Emotional stars We were a perfect,messed up pair,Flynn and I Such a beautiful story I wish I could give itthan 5 stars This book was perfection It was so intense, emotional, heartbreaking, captivating, sweet, beautiful, romantic, unique and realistic There are so many words to describe how much I loved it This book did something to my heartreally I couldn t stop crying I decided that I like this author a lot And after reading another book of hers I can say that she prefers to use anti heroe in her books and this is what makes them so realistic This story is about Flynn and Ellie Bully and victim.Friend.Companion.Champion.Lover Flynn has Aspergers and people at school treat him bad because of this Especially Ellie and her friends But Ellie when she was alone she spent time with Flynn Flynn thought Ellie was his friendSo you can understand how it was when you see someone you supposed to be your friend treat you badAfter years they meet againBut now Ellie starts to see things different..and she wants to givein her friendship with FlynnFirst of all I would like to say that at the beginning I hate Ellie s friends so much, they were so mean and bad..And sometimes I feel the same for Ellie But the author managed to make me also feel sorry for her..And after some facts and after trying to know herI can say that I forgave her in the end. Omg my heart is bleeding for Flynnpoor Flynn..This moment I write my review I also crybecause I can t stop thinking how people treat him Sometimes I wonderAre there really so mean people And why twould they do this Their moments together were so cute and sweet and so innocent at the beginning You want to bewith me and I want to be with you.We belong together I m not sure if my heart will recover soonI finished yesterday and still thinking about this story.Please give it a tryit s so powerful, beautiful and unique And it could better to read this book when you are in a good placebecause it will break your heartsYou will need Kleenex 5 emotionally spent stars I was so nervous to read this book I had heard so much about it Some loved it, some couldn t finish it All I knew is it was written by the author of one of my favorite books and it sounded like an emotional read so I picked it up I m so happy I did It was not an easy read, there were parts that were hard for me to stomach, it was worth it This story was original, heart wrenching, beautiful and simply remarkable If you don t know much about Asperger s Syndrome or Reactive Attachment Disorder, before you read Reclaiming the Sand I would highly recommend you doing a little reading If you don t understand the two main characters, you may not get their story I m not condoning some of Ellie s actions, but if you know ahead of time what is she has been diagnosed with, you may understand her a little better, and like me, love her by the end Asperger s SyndromeReactive Attachment DisorderEllie Ellie is not your typical heroine She has been through a lot in her life Growing up in the foster system hasn t been easy She has no family, no real friends The one person she had, that was a real friend and truly there for her she pushed away and treated beyond terribly She had cared about Flynn,than she wanted to and she didn t know how to handle it She didn t want to be the way she wasI had cared about Flynn So much It had scared me I was terrified to feel anything for anyone I had spent most of my life shutting everyone out I hadn t a defense against a quite boy who was just as lost as I was I had opened up I had let him in And then I had pushed him away in the only way I could By destroying him Ellie made some big mistakes, and we get many flashbacks of those in the story, but now she has her life somewhat together Or she s trying to She s working full time and attempting to go to college It s just one class, but it s something Ellie hasn t seen or heard from Flynn in years, he moved away when they were in high school after one big event But now he s back in town Flynn Flynn s story will break you It will tear your heart to shreds I cried so many tears for this boy He wasn t normal, but he was perfect Getting into the past, the flashbacks from his point of view gutted meI hate being alone I want people to talk to me I want them to like me It makes me angry when I try to say something and people ignore me Or worse they laugh They call me names Lots of names Mean names Flynn doesn t know why his new friend Ellie is mean to him She comes to his house after school, she hangs out with him, they like each other and get along But when she s with her other friends, she stands by and watches them mistreat him Sometimes she joins in He just doesn t understand His syndrome makes it hard for him to get it But he always forgives her Every time Now, after years of being apart, seeing her again is odd for him He doesn t know how to act He still cares for Ellie Ellie cares for him She know she doesn t deserve Flynn, even as a friend Not after all she s done Yet he s forgiven herFlynn had forgiven me, even when I couldn t apologize He always did I wasn t sure who was the bigger idiot Flynn for accepting an apology I could never verbalize or me for not being brave enough to say itMoving forward from the past isn t easy for these two, but it s necessary They need each other Need to be in each others lives What starts as a renewing of an old friendship slowly turns into a relationship Is it possible for these two to have a healthy relationship Two people with such a past, so much baggage They have everything working against them They re aren t two people who appearwrong for each other, yet somehow it seems so rightThere were never two peopleill suited for a relationship than us We were all wrong We didn t stand a chance And that made me want to fight for it even harder I loved the dual pov in this story Getting into both Flynn and Ellie s head made you see the entire picture There is no one like Flynn Hendrick No one He is a hero unlike any other He s awkward, sweet, kind and lovable He has no filter, says exactly what he thinks and I love that about him The hardest part of reading this book was having to witness the heartbreaking moments in his life I couldn t stand it There were a few times I had to take a break and a couple deep breaths Then there is Ellie I may be in the minority here, but I grew to love Ellie She is hard to love She can be cruel and mean I hated some of her actions, but she had moments Moments when she showed the persons he really was Life dealt her a crappy hand, and the disorder she has on top of that makes it hard for her to act a certain way I forgave Ellie for her wrongs Her friends on the other hand, I couldn t handle them Despite the things Ellie s done, she s trying to be better She s remorseful And she loves FlynnI had been slowly dying for all these years and he brought me back to life He taught me that being Ellie McCallum was okay Because she was flawed and troubled But she was also smart and capable and worthy of love People aren t perfect Life is messy Love is beautiful.I wish I could find the words to explain how much this story touched me But I can t Some of the characters were far from perfect, but their story was moving Their story was memorable The writing was phenomenal Even though the ending felt a little hurried, I still loved the way it ended This book and Flynn Hendricks will stay in my heart for a long while Flynn Hendrick has taught me how to feel He had taught me how to live He had taught me how to love. 5 IT S GOING TO HURT LIKE A MOTHERF KER STARSNo doubt or second guessing about it, Reclaiming the Sand just earned a best book of 2014 nomination from me Three words come to mind when I was asked to describe the story get your tissues ready, OMG the writing is phenomenal, and Flynn will steal your heart Technically three words right Normally this is where I launch into a brief description of the book and what I thought was great and yada yada, but this review is going to be a little different I don t want to give ANYTHING away so what you read from the blurb is all you re getting from me The reason I say this is because the entire story is based on the friendship lover dynamic between Flynn and Ellie and the plot is a secondary factor in the book so there s not much I can say about it Instead, I m going to focus on just the emotional aspect that may come up when you readEllie is a bitch and mega twat There s just really no other way to say it She s ruthlessly mean to Flynn, who is the sweetest and kindest man and though he suffers from Asperger s, he repeatedly forgives and reaches out to Ellie How can anyone not fall for this man I was tearing up at 7% and just didn t stop crying until the end of the book, and even after that I sat for a good half hour and bawled my eyes out In the middle of all that, I also might ve deliriously messaged the author multiple times and got on her nerves Anyways, my point is that you will CRY You will FEEL You will HATE And then you will LOVE Even with me finishing the book, I can never fully understand why Ellie would direct so much poison and hate towards Flynn but I never condemned her I mean, what she did is so unforgivable in many ways, and while I cried for Flynn and all the abuse he suffered, I also cried for Ellie She was the victim of the inadequacies of the foster care system, repeatedly taking the heat for things she never should ve experienced or gotten blamed for, and receiving this kind of treatment at such a young age without an outlet is traumatizing, at least in my eyes I, for one, sympathized for her and could forgive her because she did redeem herself in the second portion of the book And Flynnthis man with two hearts of gold just stole my heart There are a couple of chapters completely in his POV and let me just tell you, grab some kind of stress anxiety reliever because those chapters have the most heartbreaking scenes I have ever read I think the author did a fine job of writing in his perspective considering his Asperger s, which in turn, made it that much harder to read because I got to hear his thoughts and experience his emotions when he was taunted and tortured JustGRAB SOMETHING to get you through it As for the romance aspect, I loved that the author slowly, expertly got to the point where both characters were comfortable to move forward with their relationship With their destructive past, I expected a LOT of development and growth to happen before any kind of romance came in and the author delivered that flawlessly Still, reminders of their past and old scars served as constant memories and I could really tell both Ellie and Flynn were making efforts to mend the cracks in their relationship Although the ending was a bit rushed given the drawn out nature of the rest of the book, it still delivered the emotional impact that was warranted and so I was pleased with the way the story concluded This is where my review sort of turns into a forum, and I say that because this book was thoroughly discussed in my Goodreads thread and I want to share that with you Normally I don t include these kind of things, but this book is SO unique, thoughtful, and bold I want you to get an idea of how my reading timeline worked and what others thought and said at the time 7% mark Me Holy cow this book is awesome I ve been told that Ellie is a mega twat so I m prepared xx Jenny OMG We ve just finalised our review for this one Ellie.I can t eventwat is the right word but wait until you meet her friend Flynn on the other hand stole my heart Can t wait to hear your thoughts The writing was wonderful xx Me Oh YAY I m equally excited to read y all s review It s like eating a box of Godiva chocolates heheI got a glimpse of Dania and UGH ber super mega x infinity twat lol Oh and the writing is beautiful, totally loving it so far 3 by the way, Dania is Ellie s best friend and just watch out for Jenny OMG I miss Godiva chocolates lolOh geez, you ain t seen nothing yet I wanted to bitch slap Dania soooo badly Enjoy 19% mark Me OMG Katy Oh I have this one, enjoy Feifei Me Thanks Katy Ohhhh this book is making me cry non stop Katy Oh hell, but that s why I love Meredith s books Loved her find you in the dark series I ll be watching out for your updates Me Loved that series too This is really good but it s so heartbreakingKaty Ohhhh good luck x Mysza That good, huh Me It s so good A heartbreaking story but it s amazing 3 Mysza Well then, just one clicked this one Thanks for updates, they really encouraged me Me You re welcome I just finished it and wowget the tissues ready I can t breathe through my nose since its all stuffed lolthis is me responding after I finished since I ignored Goodreads after this 19% mark 100%markMe I actually finished this 30 mins ago but just sat here crying and crying My heart hurts My face hurts from all the crying And I have to breathe through my mouth because my nose is clogged up.Claire I will save this one for at home then..Nothing worse than crying like a nutter when you are on public transport Me Definitely save it for home I should ve thought of that before since I now have to go to work looking like Rudolph the Reindeer Bibliophilia My kinda book then Me Haha Sim I was going to start while eating breakfast and waiting for the office computer to fire up I guess I d better not thanks for the heads up Me LOL A tearjerker is putting it lightly Claire Lol, I m going to start it when I get home this evening Gena ahh so excited for this did you love it Feifei Brandi Lots of cryingI will have to stock up on alcohol and tissues Jessica hugs Denisse oh honey I want to read this and cry too love this author reading this with my girl Patty later on this week Sending you big hugs Sammy hugs Jennifer I m sorry I didn t give you a heads up about the tears that come with this story I didn t know if you were a crier like me when it comes to books Baba hands tissues J.B This sounds quite interesting I think I m not ready for such an intense crying book at the moment Glad you seemed to enjoy it Me to Claire ENJOY DMe to Gena I LOVED IT Gena It was really emotional for me but I pulled through I think you d like it Me to Brandi LOL yes that d definitely help I only had my sleeve Me to Jessica hugs Me to Denisse Ooooh y all are in for a treat D hugs 3 Me to Sammy uber squishy hugs D Me to Jennifer Haha no problem I m actually glad you didn t so I could experience it full force If you had told me I d probably sucked up my tears Oh and you re totally right This book is awesome 3 Me to Baba Thank you Baba Me to J.B Thank you J.B I didn t expect it to be so intense and tear inducing but wouldn t have it any other way Hope you like it if you read it D Mysza O.M.G Feifei, I m at 16% and it sounds so promising, so far it s a great reading Me Yay Hope it continues to be that way Hugs and kisses ahead of time J Okay I have to ask view spoiler You know me.too many feels aren t good for me LMAO Me LOL I get you I can t handle all the feels either and this one took the cake view spoiler Ugh I still can t breathe through my nose haha Mysza Thank God, woof thanks for asking J, it s been eating meyou ll get the woof reference when you read it Me Haha Enjoy D Assenette Ok, I was going to read during my breaks lunch time, but I see I need to wait until I get home I m already feeling nervous and I m just one chapter in Me Oh definitely a good call That prologue was something Enjoy D J Phewokay, I can read it then I think Thanks friend Nikki Snot inducing torture Sounds freaking fantastic Just added it Me LMAO Haven t heard of that one, brilliant It is fantastic but puts your emotions through the wringer E That awesome Got to get me one of these soonish then Chelsea Wow fei that good Can t wait I wonder if i m gonna cry coz I haven t cried over a book yet, just slightly teary eyed but that s it Me GET IT DI didn t think I was going to such a baby but the waterworks started at 7% lol Lisa Enjjjjjoooooooooy You love to torture yourself don t you LOL Me Thanks dear and LOL Had no idea it was a tearjerker haha A bumpy read but worth it D E Started Page 7 now clutches a box of tissue Me Ahahaha Enjoy So you can see, this book wasn t just me reading it by myself or only my take from it I got to fully experience everything this book had to offer with all the above chats and then someif you re looking for a highly emotional, life changing, soul etching read, I would recommend this one, and while you re at it, grab some friends and tissues and HAPPY READING