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Amazing and psychologically intense debut novel by Seskis Dysfunctional family, twins that are far from close and totally different This is a novel that requires some patience, but not much because the writing is very good, as the story line slowly reveals itself The reader is presented with the narration of one character, we learn about her before life in flashbacks, and from the beginning I had a hard time aligning the two different faces of this character I could not believe they were the same person, the now actions so did not fit the before actions of this character The ending explains everything and than it all came together in an emotional aand intense tour de force that was heartbreaking and ultimately somewhat uplifting Quite impressed ARC fro NetGalley and publisher. Utterly fantastic read with one hell of an ending My emotions are still reeling I had my eyes on this book for some time and wish I had read it earlier Absolutely brilliant fiction It s just one of those reads with everything going for it a great plot, perfect pace, plenty of twists, interesting characters and an ending that knocked the stuffing out of me A total page turner in every sense An apparently happy marriage A beautiful son A lovely home So what makes Emily Coleman get up one morning and walk right out of her life to start all over again Has she had a breakdown Was it to escape her dysfunctional family especially her flawed twin sister Caroline who always seemed to hate her And what is the date that looms, threatening to force her to confront her past No one has ever guessed her secret Will you The questions I had whilst reading this book really kept me intrigued as I tried to guess and put the dots together to form a picture I do enjoy a book that has it s share of broken, damaged characters and Tina Seskis did a fine job of making sure this book is one that hooks the reader in early and does not let go The storyline and the characters really got under my skin and I was quite emotional by the end of the book.It barrelled along at a great pace and I knew from the very start I was going to love this book and I really did I have not read anything from Tina prior to this book but am very keen to see from this talented author I give this one 5 stars, totally loved it and highly recommend Thanks for reading my review For of my book reviews, plenty of awesome books to win, author interviews and features come over to join me for book fun at follow me on Twitter enquire about joining my reviewers team to enquire about my book publicity services contains slight spoiler I found this a really strange book and I CANNOT BELIEVE the rave reviews it is getting here The other reviews will outline the plot, which is straight forward, I m here to say step forth with caution Initially I was really engaged and looked forward to picking this back up But then I realised nothing was going to happen for a while and I bedded in to read the, pretty mundane, daily going ons of a recently missing woman to find out why she walked out on her life That s fine, but be prepared to sit through Ikea trips, unrealistic career progressions and multiple storylines that don t seem to matter, in order to get to the secret.I found all the characters, Emily Cat included, completely irritating and unrelateable we follow Emily Cat over a year, yet she doesn t mention her son s birthday You can write as many back stories as you like, that doesn t automatically mean your characters have layers As for the plot, it just becomes laughable Ok, so the twist is neat, but getting there is a bizarre journey indeed I mean, the thing with the footballer.REALLY Having said that, it s an easy read and does for a mindless dip in on the commute and the reveal made my eyebrows go up.Oh, and Seskis loves an adverb Hopelessly, achingly, screamingly, completely and constantly. There are about a 100 reasons I didn t like this book Let me list the main ones 1 The structure The whole unfolding mystery through flashbacks thing is a bit overdone in this type of story anyway, but I found it especially trying in this case because the flashbacks were so inane The tedious slow build toward the twist turned me off this book almost from the get go Not once I did feel any real interest or engagement in the mystery.2 The plot The premise of this book wasn t all that bad, but the execution was seriously lacking Instead of reading about a woman s harrowing journey to establish a new identity after a family tragedy, I got to read about shopping trips, the apparent ease of acquiring a job in London, and descriptions of stereotypically kooky housemates I was a good hundred pages into the book and couldn t even be bothered to care about anything that was happening because it was all just so.blah.3 The characters I mentioned the stereotypical housemates, but pretty much all the characters fit into some sort of stereotype, and it grated on me the entire time I was reading Not to the mention the fact that the narration style really distanced me from the characters, even the protagonist I struggled to feel any sort of connection to the main characters and often failed to care about their issues.4 The twist I hate it when books pull the kind of twist this book relies on because the twist itself relies on clever misinformation and false implications There s no real shock value I find these twists annoying because they make me feel cheated, that I was lied to And not in any interesting way for any interesting reason but just because there was no other way to hide the twist without lying sigh Guess this one just wasn t my sort of book.Rating2 5 I was hooked when I first started reading and couldn t put it down Half way into the book as it started getting weird I started to change my opinion This book went down hill totally after that and I was annoyed by the ending and the fact that I wasted many days on this book There were sentences that I read and re read and they never made any sense and used the wrong tense of words The description set me up by stating that a woman leaves her husband and son to start a new life Half way through the book I find that her son had died a year earlier and she actually left her husband and her dog Emily also known as Cat leaves her husband and dog and moves to London and moves into a dumpy dirty house with some questionable people She gets a job and quickly becomes promoted and addicted to drugs She becomes the opposite of what she was in her other life More crazy things happen and this book just gets wackier as it goes along In the end she winds up with her husband and has two daughters and still has the dog I forgot to add that she had a twin sister who was wacko, a mother who takes to mountain climbing after divorcing Emily s father because he had sex with one of his daughters friends at Emily s wedding Trust me you don t really want to read this book. I won my first book on Goodreads Yaaaay WelllllllI didn t see that coming at all I don t think I will be giving anything away when I say there was a big twist in this book Almost all the reviews say something about it, and it is also mentioned on the back cover Even though I knew it was coming, when it happened I re read that page about three times, and actually went back to different parts in the book to make sure I was getting it So it wasn t that Oh my God moment I had when watching the movie The Sixth Sense it was like Oh myyyy am I really THIS STUPID that I missed something or I read something wrong somewhere In all fairness to me, I was up until 3am waaaaaaaaay past my bedtime not wanting to put the book down until I reached the end So I was rather sleepy.Now that I have joined the many people that talk about the twist in ONE STEP TOO FAR I am going to say that knowing about the twist may have been a bit of a distraction to me while reading I kept trying to figure it out as I was going along So if I can give one piece of advice it is, forget there is a twist coming, don t try to figure it out, and just sit back and let it happen instead of what I did Oooh maybe the twist is going to be thisOhhh maybe this is going to happenNooo maybe it s thisMaybe it s going to happen nowor now allllll through the book This is a great read with interesting characters I found the main character Emily Cat very likable and sympathetic even though in the very first chapter she abandons her family to start a new life I found myself questioning whether I could ever do that many times, and I don t think I could, but it didn t keep me from wanting Cat to be okay and to have her happy ending. Well This book threw me for a loop, and that s a rare feeling these days Emily Cat has run away from her family to start a new life The whole pull of this book is her secret, the reason why she ran away it s why you keep turning the pages The book jumps around from different points of view which adds some flavor to the storyline It felt reliable to me to hear from multiple narratives rather than just Emily Cat s viewpoint If you ve picked this book up it s likely because of the big twist that is boasted of I read another review after finishing this book that said if you focus too much on the big twist, you ll miss most of the important parts She s right just know the twist is coming and enjoy the book leading up to it I still can t believe I had it all wrong I had to go back and reread pages and find something earlier on in the story just to move on I would recommend this book if you like a good twist, but don t care about liking the characters It was hard for me to sympathize with any of them until the end because until you find out what happens, they just aren t like able That said, it was a short, easy read that would be great to bring on a summer trip. The novel One Step Too Far by Tina Seskis is the story of a woman named Emily Brown who walks out on her life She leaves behind a loving husband, a son, and a host of family and friends What causes her to leave her life is the catalyst which drives this novel and places her into the most bizarre situations I will not divulge the secret because that would just be wrong Emily sets out one day with money in her purse, a passport, and the clever idea to change her name in hopes of becoming someone else and escaping the life she desperately wants to leave behind In her attempt at fleeing she finds her self lodgeing with some less than savory people who seem to be the worlds rejects and are in no way the peers of her former life She finds friendship with a woman named Angel, for better or worse A woman she appreciates doesn t try to change her or ask her to divulge her past Before long, the new life she s embarked on is riddled in challenges and pure insanity.Initially I loved to hate Emily Brown I couldn t understand why someone would walk out on such a seemingly perfect life At times she just didn t seem to care that she d left behind people who cared for her and were concerned for her well being As the novel progresses, her character experiences growth through the most unimaginable circumstances When reading the second part of the book, I often thought the author was being comical but after having finished the book, I understood that Emily s perils were all necessary for her to find herself.The novel switches between Emily narrating and other essential characters points of view The parts that were concerning the husband Ben made my heart break Ben s chapters gave my raging hate for Emily fuel The only reason I didn t throw the book at the wall is because I didn t want to break my Kindle and I had to findout why Why did Emily leave What could be so bad that she d leave someone as loving as Ben Caroline is a focal character as well Caroline is Emily s twin sister who seemingly hates her They ve never had the bond that twins share and it s often unfortunate because I think if they d had that, Emily could have managed a little better Caroline screws up every chance at redemption and if Emily wasn t in the lead at being the character I loved to hate in this novel then Caroline was definitely a contender.Why finish a book if you don t like the characters Deciphering the mystery of this novel kept my eyes glued to the page even when I was disinterested during Part 1 Part 1 at times became meandering and dull but I was grasping at clues as to what the heck could be this huge and begin this domino effect of chaos Part 2 is often times comical and really had me just worried for Emily although I had the nagging feeling she deserved everything she got Those feelings of disgust towards Emily totally go away once the huge mystery is revealed Therefore, I m happy I stuck in there The mystery is unimaginable.Overall, this is a well written novel about guilt, redemption, and growth which I m sure will tug at some heart strings Moving on and trying on a new life for size isn t what it s cracked up to be and it s better to just face the past with the people you love I ve learned that picking up the pieces to a life that is no longer desired is what s required and no matter where you go, who s life you try to live, it can never be as beautiful or fulfilling as the life already assembled. emily seems to have everything going for her a loving husband ben, an adorable young son, and she is pregnant again so why does she decide to walk away from it all, leaving her wedding ring in crewe station and move into a grotty flat with too many roommates still in the slapdash stages of their lives where they are still figuring it out and living in gleeful squalor does it have something to do with her twin sister caroline, whose behavior has always been problematic does emily have a deep dark secret what could cause her to leave behind every stable thing in her life and embark on a journey of what will become one part self discovery and many parts self destruction this is rhetorical, i m not going to tell you, because the secret is what drives the novel.the secret which causes the author to have to do some very deliberate early stage obfuscation, if not flat out deception and that s okay, that s the author s prerogative, but the secret, although devastating to the characters, is not really necessary as a plot device, except to keep the reader turning those pages i think it would have worked fine as a straightforward story that just told the tale of a woman trying to shut out a trauma, and taking some unconventional paths to find herself again.but that s editorializing so, after some conveniently easy name changing, emily becomes cat, and after a rebirth courtesy of IKEA, she finds herself a job where she discovers hidden talents, but also develops a shoplifting and drug habit that is going to eventually land her into a whole heap of trouble, along with her new friend flatmate angel, who is both accurately and ironically named but who says babe way too much.the story is told primarily through cat s eyes, but there are other, shorter POV chapters from her mother, her father, her sister, angel, and briefly, ben.the book does a good job keeping the reader guessing, and the multiple POVs give a rounded perspective than had it been told from cat s viewpoint alone particularly strong are caroline s narratives, because she is a character who has lived one of those roman candle existences, pissing off so many people along the way, but in her own voice, we see a vulnerable figure than she comes across, and she has her own problems that make her sympathetic to the reader, problems that she hides under her bluff exterior which protects her.but i think she is treated a little unfairly view spoiler her death is basically shrugged off with an oh, well, at least now i have closure. which is just so oddly callous and negates her as a person it s not like she pushed the kid into traffic or anything, you know she had her own stuff to deal with, sheesh and while we are safe in spoiler territory, emily s abandonment of her husband and dog could have all been avoided with a single conversation, which is kind of my huge pet peeve in fiction just talk to each other the only writer i forgive this in is thomas hardy, because his characters frequently have substantial barriers preventing these conversations but writers do this all the time and it is infuriating talk talk hide spoiler `READ E-PUB ⇨ One Step Too Far ⇱ An Apparently Happy Marriage A Beautiful Son A Lovely Home So What Makes Emily Coleman Get Up One Morning And Walk Right Out Of Her Life Changing Her Name, Holing Up In A Grotty House In North London, Taking A Dead End Job Where She Won T Be Found Has She Had A Breakdown Was It To Escape Her Dysfunctional Family, Especially Her Malevolent Twin Caroline Who Always Seemed To Hate Her And What Is The Anniversary That Looms, Threatening To Force Her To Confront Her Past No One Has Ever Guessed Her Secret Will You