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Re read There may be bigger and better martyrs than Bethan in HPLand, but I haven t read them She blacks out, she wrings her hands, she faints, she gets pale It s so deliciously ridiculous The hero is steadfastly cruel in the face of his misunderstanding of poor Bethan s innocence, and his grovel and shame is in direct proportion.I read this back in February and did not post a review I had to re read about half of it to recall what it was about Not a good sign.Bethany is the martyr to end all martyrs She gives poor burned Joan of Arc a run for her money Set up by her evil step brother to take the fall for killing a child under the influence, she spends the next ten years in war torn everywhere Africa, Lebanon, etc After suffering injuries from a bomb that kills a comrade, she is sent back to England to handle a light weight job and recuperate.Coincidence abounds when lo and behold, the love of her miserable little life happens to be the nephew of the woman she s taking care of He despises her forwell, everything the death of the little girl, disappearing, the rotation of the sun He s cruel, dismissive, blah, blah, blah This one of the few times when the heroine staying silent is actually understandable She is still beating herself up over the death of the little girl so she is in a tough situation In one great scene, cruel and OTT, but great, view spoiler the hero who thinks she s making up her need to take it easy, sets her out to work in the vineyards under a blazing sun When Bethany has a complete physical breakdown and his aunt reads him the riot act, the H begins the slow slide to regret and a grovel Oh yeah, he s engaged to a sprightly young thing hide spoiler Like, HELLO Doesn t anyone in the story realise that the h needs a SHRINK I mean, really I can tell you this lil family s gonna be having mental problems for a couple of generations at least The feeling of guilt and loss that I felt was monumental and I wasn t even the heroine So you can imagine what she d be feeling at losing her step father, her step brother s lies, her love betraying her, her best friend abandoning her AND to top it all off, none of it was her fault sigh Wow, not sure how to rate I m going to go with a 3 It did keep me reading and was emotionally engaging in a depressing as crap sort of way I agree with another reviewer, the heroine needed professional help for dealing with the various traumas, losses, and deceptions she was subjected to This one is certainly an emotional, tear jerker I love my angst, but admit I like it to be of the manufactured HP sort The pain the poor h went through was melodramatic in true HP fashion, but it was also pretty hardcore 3rd world relief work and roadside bombings just to mention a few Unfortunately, her trials were not all something we could cheerfully blame on the H and then gleefully watch him grovel.The was a total ass during the first half or so of the book, even forcing the heroine to work her hands to the bone and collapse in an effort to prove her a fraud He believed a pack of lies from the heroine s step brother, who he knew was a POS I suppose his excuse was that he was in love with the heroine and therefore vulnerable to the manipulation.It did bother me that the other woman was not unlikable I personally prefer that because, in reality, when one would be lover loses out to another it is often a very painful thing for the loser The loser is usually not a cartoon villain and it kind of dampens my joy of the HEA when I know a perfectly decent person was hurt so that someone else could have a HEA I know that s the breaks in the real world, but HPLandia is another dimension I suppose I prefer the typical one dimensional HP OW that is easy to dismiss and not sympathetic at all. It s a 5 star reading experience for the quality of writing, storyline and intensity Unfortunately, the hero got in the way of a good story, so I subtracted one star.I d like to skewer the hero and roast him Worthless POS and a sorry excuse for a man I just couldn t forgive him for believing all the crap the stepbrother told, especially knowing how creepy and shady he really was In his own admission, his behavior was unforgivable He threw the heroine to the wolves, but made sure his sister was protected How is that for priorities Clearly, the heroine didn t matter to him The things he and his sister did were unforgivable and I couldn t swallow the I love you s this time Nope, the romance didn t work for me but the story was riveting. 5 Stars Working in war torn third world countries as a mission nurse has been Bethan s vocation and she performs her duties selflessly When a road side bomb takes her friend and co worker and leaves her with terrible burns on her back and scalp, she s sent home to England to recover As her strength begins to return her boss in charge of the mission organization tells her she must stay in England for at least six months before she will be fit again for duty aboard He arranges for her to be a private nurse to a woman who also needs to recuperate, it s a light duty assignment, one that will suit both patient and nurse Arriving back in Suffolk, Bethan had never imagined that her patient, Lorna, would be Fraser s aunt and that though he was presently away, when he was in England he shared her home Ten years before, Bethan had been 18 and head over heels in love with her best friend, Ishbel s brother Fraser had been like a protective brother since she was 13, but as she d grown up her hero worship had blossomed The night of Ishbel s 18th birthday party, Bethan had thought Fraser was finally returning her love, but though it was obvious he d come to see her as a desirable young woman, he made it clear that he didn t want her love The events after that rejection are a complete blank for Bethan but the next morning she woke up in hospital with a police officer beside her Learning that she d gotten blindingly drunk, stolen her step brother s car, and caused an accident that had taken the life of an eight year old girl, devastated Bethan She found herself rejected by her beloved step father, and shunned by Fraser and Ishbel Only her step brother, Mark, showed her compassion as he helped her with her nurses training.Fraser s shocked to see Bethan again, and apparently firmly in his aunt s affections He doesn t hide his contempt and makes it very clear to Bethan that he ll be watching her not for one moment does he believe in her story of an accident, nor that she s even a nurse When he finds her slaking her duties, he insists she labour physically, ensuring that she learn what it truly means to do a day s work Only this back fires, as Bethan s pride keeps her working, her body begins to shut down and it s near collapse that Fraser finds her hours later Shaken, Fraser makes the call to check out Bethan s credentials and learns some shocking truths, that set him on a mission to discover just what has happened since that night of Ishbel s party.Ms Absalom drew me in from the first pages with this emotionally intense story of a young girl who sets herself on a journey of atonement for a reckless action that she doesn t even remember As all Bethan has endured is revealed, I found myself reliving her horror with her At first I thought Fraser a total callous brute, but Ms Absalom gives us his reflections of the events and the information he d been given through the years since Ishbel s party which redeems his behaviour As he unravels the truth, he faces the consequences of his own decisions in the past and he desperately seeks to give Bethan her life back From first page to last, this compelling story kept me emotionally involved and it was with a well satisfied sigh that I read Fraser s vows and Bethan s complete belief of them. Not quite as angsty as Dark Night Dawningand somehow I didn t feel Bethan s emotions like I did with Abby view spoiler I couldn t fathom how Fraser could have believed Mark s lies He knew Bethan for 5 years, since she was 13 Bethan was spending all her times with Ishbel while at the boarding school or at Ishbel s home I think Fraser didn t even care to get to know the real Bethan because the lies were so uncharacteristic and opposite of who she was that only a stranger would believe them Add to that the parade of girl friend models even after he has asked the step father for Bethan s hand in marriage to camouflage his feeling Are you serious I think Fraser wanted to have his cake and eat it too Fool around with various girlfriends and giving small crumbs of attention to Bethan so the bestowed idiot would hang around until he was ready I don t seriously believe what he said that he was waiting for her to grow up How can you kiss Bethan, fool around with her and then run to your girlfriend and believe you are not hurting her Stupid Jerk He disappeared for hours in his father s study with his girlfriend while Bethan was drinking spiked punch He was supposedly making travel arrangement for Ishben but he didn t even care to check on Bethan once or ask Ishbel on this very long flight from London to Sydney, hey how was Bethan last night sister dear Since you tried to set us up and noticed I came back to the party with my girlfriend If he cared one ounce for Bethan, he would have found out that she was drunk and Mark took her home and Bethan would never have gone through all she did for 10 years But, no Of course not, out of sight, out of mind and lets believe the diarrhea coming out of Mark s mouth so he could make himself feel better I also DID NOT care for the way Fraser was treating his fiance She was a sweet girl and didn t deserve his nasty attitude I think she had a lucky escape.My biggest problem with this book is I really don t understand why the author lets the bad guy to get a way with a murder in this case and almost a murder in Dark Night Dawning I for once want to see some justice in the novels I am reading hide spoiler The book begins with our heroine in a hospital bed She was flown to England after she was almost fatally injured in a bomb blast in Beirut, where she worked as a nurse as a mission worker When her boss told her she needed time off, she was given a simple job in England to a nice older lady Little did she know that she was the Aunt of her first and only love, our delectable hero.When the heroine and hero meet again, there is much past between them for when the heroine was eighteen she was tried for a crime she thought she committed She was tried for manslaughter for killing a little girl when she was in a drunken stupor But before that the hero had called her a tramp and harlot for trying to seduce him When the trial was over and she was fined for killing the little girl, her family and the heroes family turned their backs on her Little did she know it was all a devious plot by her stepbrother He was the one who killed the little girl and set her up He was the one who claimed her stepfather didn t want her and was disowning her He was also the one who told the hero and the heroes sister, whom was the heroines best friend, that he had slept with the heroine numerous times and she was nothing but a whore Now ten years later the truth is about to come out and shit is about to hit the fan but can our heroine actually forgive and forget Will she be able to let her guilt and grief go in order to move on with her life Wellll you gotta read it to find out I loved this book, it is definitely one of the better ones out there I have to say I have never heard of this author at all and was quite surprised by what talent she has It s worth the read A story of young love tragically torn apart by the machinations of a jealous step sibling Beth had loved her best friends brother from the time she first met him at thirteen Fraser was already a grown man and by the time she was 18 Beth was starting to hope that he would see her as a woman On the very night it seemed that her dream might come true a combination of circumstances helped along by the selfish and vindictive actions of her stepbrother Mark sent Beth away Rejected and humiliated by Fraser, abandoned by her family and friends because of a dreadful deed done in a moment of blind foolishness, Beth spends the next ten years attempting to atone When disaster strikes and she has to return to England and recuperate cruel fate throws her back into the path of Fraser, nephew of her employer and newly engaged to a lovely heiress As the events of the night of Ishbel s party ten years ago are gradually revealed it seems like it could change everything For Beth nothing has changed about her feelings for Fraser but even if she could be forgiven for her sins he is still committed elsewhere Stacy Absalom has done a wonderful job in bringing everything together and once the truth is revealed it is only a matter of time to bring us our HEA. {READ DOWNLOAD} ô Ishbel's Party Ú Once She D Dreamed Of Being His WifeWhile Bethan Was Recovering From Injuries She D Suffered While Nursing In Beirut, Her Job With Mrs Ruston In A Peaceful Suffolk Village Seemed Just What The Doctor Had Ordered Plenty Of Fresh Air And No StressInstead Bethan Was Strained To The Limit She Met Fraser Again, And Was Reminded Of The Guilt She D Carried With Her Since His Sister Ishbel S Party Ten Years Ago But Seeing Fraser With The Woman He Intended To Marry Was What Really HurtShe D Loved Fraser As A Young Girl, And She Loved Him Still With A Depth And Power That Was Shattering Wow I ve been waiting to read this book and it did not disappoint This is angst city There are reviews with spoilers below, so I won t go into the plot nuances, but know that this is a heroine who has suffered a guilty conscience for ten years and tried to atone as best she can The hero is locked into the events from ten years ago, and the story starts when they meet again There are a lot of misunderstandings to get through and it was fascinating to see the real story come out It takes a lot of skill to weave past and present together and it seemed effortless here Such an absorbing read As far as I can tell, this author only wrote four books why I want I ve read three and they re all different.