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I ve worked as a special needs aid for handicapped children for over ten years Many of them were autistic This book was the most amazing look into their world Sweet little lost souls who live among us, but don t always know how or why to interact with us I saw an interview with the author that made me read this book I ll share it here I hope it works I m not always so good with that kind of thing. This is another novel I ve read this year that is extremely difficult to write a review While I labeled this one hard to read subject matter , it isn t really Not like the other novels I read earlier this year based on true life events that included rape and suicide It is difficult, however, because it s a subject that many are close lipped about, although I see that changing greatly It s difficult because it s something I see friends, who are now parents, dealing with And while a lovely read, there is this deep well of sympathy for Megan, her brother, her parents, and you cannot help but to think of the people you know who are either classifed as being on the autism spectrum or are parents of children with autism like Megan The first part of this novel deals with Megan s childhood, and the entire novel is told from Megan s point of view Nick Shamhart captures the frustration and sensation of being overwhelmed by the fog very well A friend of mine once shared a video to explain how her child feels when in large party situations, school, etc and we all teared up to know that somewhere in there is her child unable to communicate, being assaulted by sound and light and so many people Megan says that she likes sleeping under her pillows, under her mattress because she likes the pressure and that immediately made me think of my friend when she was sharing about the pressure vest she has for her child for rougher days I suppose those of you with dogs who are scared of storms can think of it as a thunder shirt I liked Megan s personality she is feisty and since she is outside of the so called social norm, she hits the nail on the head with the crazy things we do such as waiting for little ticks of wand to do anything, to tell us when to eat instead of eating when we re hungry, etc As Megan developsand moves into adolescence, you are there with her as she tries to figure out everything She has such a sweet and simplistic way of saying what we re all thinking why That s weird I smiled to see her move into adulthood, working at her zoo, taking care of fish at her apartment, and being gifted with a kitten for her birthday When tragedy struck, my eyes welled up I think the foreword and the postnote from the author is touching While based on his own experiences, his hopes for the future, this isn t his daughter s story It s a story that can be applied to all children with autism, and their parents, and for those on the outside who can t really understand I m recommending this to my friends as something they might give to others ask others to read Poignant, sweet, and hopeful, this book was a wonderful way to finish my 2013 reading. [Free Ebook] ♷ The Fog Within ♷ Autism A Word That Has So Many Meanings And Variants Yet, Without A Single Source To Blame, It Is Also A Word Which Has Been Used So Frequently As Of Late That It Has Also Become Nearly MeaninglessAutism Is Not A Meaningless Cause Or Concern For Megan Cooper She Calls It The Fog Because It Is An Intangible Force That Intrudes And Affects Every Moment Of Her Day, From Childhood On Through Adulthood The Fog Within Is The Story Of Megan S Life It Is The Story Of Autism As Seen Through Her Eyes Seen Through A Fog POIGNANT AND INSIGHTFUL Waiting Rooms The whole point of being in the room is to wait Isn t that crazy page 39 They just follow their rules like stupid ticking clock hands and never wonder why a room for waiting would cause a person with the fog so much agitation page 45I will never be able to know how close to, or far away from, the actual experience of autism the novel THE FOG WITHIN, by Nick Shamhart actually comes but I am very glad it was written, and that I read it We can all relate to feelings of being lost and confused of feeling like we re groping through a fog and perhaps that is the closest we will ever come to a sense of what if feels like to be autistic But striving to understand, as this story does, is worth the effort.Recommendation Goodreader Jason said it best in his review This book hurts to read, but should be read life gives you rainbows, and life gives you rocks It s up to you to watch where you are going page 171 Barnes Noble NOOKbook edition, 171 pages This book tore at my heart It is written in the first person view of an autistic girl woman The author is the father of an autistic girl, and wrote this work of fiction about what it must be like for these people It is heartwarming, frustrating, and so worthwhile to read It starts in childhood, with all the problems associated with this time of our lives, and explains the issues of autism some face as a fog that steals in and takes over memories and actions As she matures, she begins to get a better handle on it, yet she still never completely understands or controls all the problems It is written with love and understanding that only a parent could portray I think it is a must read. I was asked to read and review The Fog Within I ve read several books with autistic characters but none of them have made the impression this story has Megan tells her story in three segments childhood, adolescence, and adulthood Megan s character made me think back on the children I ve encountered with autism and her story made me look upon those encounters with new light I thought Nick s metaphor of autism as a fog was brilliant and how Megan defines it herself is something people without the fog could understand if only in a metaphorical sense I loved how Nick wrote the story, the wording and the repetitiveness brought Megan to life The ending had me crying and that is the true marker of a great story, one that can bring emotions to the surface I give The Fog Within a BIG 5 5 FIVE stars that I m sure Megan would love I recommend everyone read this, especially if you know someone with autism Well done Nick, thank you for allowing me the pleasure of this story. This is such a great book for someone who would like to visualize autism during childhood, adolescence, and adulthood Megan, the autistic main character and narrator, tells her poignant story and gives us plenty of insight into what it s like to feel the fog interfering with her ability to cope in a variety of what we d think of as everyday situations The back cover even says this is the story of autism as seen through her eyes seen through a fog Author Nick Shamhart has captured that feeling amazingly well I would highly recommend this book it is in places funny and in others a tear jerker, but a most enjoyable read. I m not a big general fiction fan I like fantasy and science fiction typically I read this because I m a big Shamhart fan, and I ve never been so glad to have read a book based on the author alone.How do you review this book I can tell you it was amazing, that you should read it, and all that other stuff people say None of that would do this book justice If you want to feel love, anger, frustration, joy, agitation, sadness, and fear all within the same book then read The Fog Within If you ever wanted to walk in someone else s shoes this is the book It s honest, real, and raw. There is so little out there on the fiction market with the pure open wound intensity of The Fog Within The entire length of this quickly read young adult narrative I felt like I was trapped in the fog with Megan, the main character The entire story is told through the thoughts of a young woman with autism You feel her pain and frustration at every turn of the page To take us through the major life points, and change the thought process from simpler in childhood to a gradual complexity in adulthood is absolutely brilliant on the author s part I work with special needs kiddos and I cannot recommend this book strongly enough to others in the profession, from psychiatrists to public school aids Everybody can learn something they didn t know before The Fog Within is a story that will stick with me the rest of my life, in its simplicity, poignancy, and love. One, two, three, four, five five reasons to read this book about Megan Cooper, a child with autism.1 It will give you insight into a child s thinking, with or without autism.2 It will give you insight into a teen s thinking, with or without autism.3 It will give you insight into an adult s thinking, with or without autism.4 It is an emotional and poignant read about a subject that is difficult to describe for those not living with a child with autism.5 It is worth reading and putting yourself into the mind of a child who is struggling with issues beyond her control Frankly, it is a damn fine read At times, it was a difficult read because of the connection this reader felt toward not only Megan, but for her Dad It is emotional and raw, and definitely worth reading even if the emotions overwhelm as it did this reader.