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Are you asking yourself why this book end in my house It s a funny story short, I ll not bore you to death I m a manga anime fanatic nerd one since I love to go to manga anime conventions and see cosplay judgements and at the so far far far far away 90 s I m old, I know I saw the anime Vampire Hunter D 2000 and loved it At the time the book was only in Japanese so I wait wait wait a little than, to my huge happiness, Dark Horse Books traduced to English BUT my story isn t finished yet why I bought it The story is great much better than the anime the main male character, D , is the best vampire dhampir I ever find I can tell you exactly what he is or will spoil the story the main female character has her stupid moments, but most of the time she is strong and really kick some ass the little brother of the main female character is really cute D s demon hand is so funny that your will laugh but, at last, the principal motive of why you should buy it is trumpets moment there are illustrations of Yoshitaka Amano in this book Ok, I know that this is a nerd thing to say but Amano is a genious You may hate vampire story, hate the little sexist way D see the females this book a little, but if you go on reading the others you will notice , hate sci fi stories but you can t hate something done by Yoshitaka Amano Believe me the guy is a genious I m still buying this serie only to see the illustrations I addmite that after 5 books the story became a little boring So.Reading this book you will find a wonderful story in my modest opinion genially illustrated by Yoshitaka Amano.5 stars to Hideyuki Kikuchi 5000000000 stars to Yoshitaka Amano s illustrationsHave fun reading When this book came out I was bouncing off the walls And I got it when it first came out and I love it As being a fan of Vampire Hunter D I have loved all the books I have read so far.Before I go on telling about the book WOULD SOME OF THESE PEOPLE STOP BASHING THE TRANSLATION My God, the translation fine as it is There s nothing wrong with the translation and there s nothing wrong about how the book is made Why do people go worrying about such stupid things The translator uses excellent grammar that I myself have to get a dictionary to understand some of these words.The book is no where as detail as the movie It is detail and talks about the world that D lives in than it does in the movie And you finally get to learn what that thing is in D s left hand.D meets a girl name Doris Lang, but she is different from the Doris Lang in the movie D actually as character in the novels He is not like the D in the movie he doesn t complain about himself being Vampire or that his world is utterly cover in darkness He accepts who he is and is fine with it He has a wicked sense of humor, his personality is that of Dracula or Alucard from Hellsing without the insane ness And you ll find out in the third book that he has no problems with some human marrying a vampire.He meets Doris and her Brother Dan He must stop Count Lee from turning Doris into a vampire I am not going to go much into the story, don t want to spoil it at all for the other people There s few characters in this book than there was in the movie.I first, I thought Doris was a very cool character, but later on she becomes weak and depends on D too much, which really annoyed me D s left hand is an enjoyable character and very funny And you found out that D sometimes enjoys the company of his Left Hand.In this book and through out the other books, the main villain points out in a very sudtle way that D is the son of Dracula By key words You re You can t be It s you and ect And in every Vampire Hunter D book I do not get bored when the author tells how hot D is all over again I have a vivid imagination so I enjoy the details of his godly looks As you read this book and other books you do get the feeling if his father isn t the one that sent his son to destroy these vampires and that his father is getting tired of these Nobles.Read the book and see for yourself. I actually couldn t finish this book The writing is just horrible I really want to like it, the plot and setting are very interesting, and I loved the anime both of them The text reads very awkwardly, with over explained obvious details, or something explained one way only to read Actually, it was like this It reads like a series of breathless explanations of cheesy actions scenes written by a 12 year old that is too in love with his own hero. I love the post apocalyptic dystopia setting of the VHD novels I think that D and his very sassy hand are intriguing characters, and the plots of the novels are interesting It s a richly imagined dark fantasy sci fi world However, I do not like the narration style at all It has this over the top pulp fiction kind of feel that is incredibly cheesy, in my opinion Your mileage may vary I m going to give the new manga a try I really want to like the VHD stories, but after wincing my way through the narration in the first four, I ve given up on the novels Two stars January 1 2006 SEVEN YEARS LATER Really Have I had an account on GoodReads for so long I m going to give it another go with tolerance of a writing style that s very different from what I m used to I find that if I imagine it s being read aloud by some unknown narrator, it s less irritating to me I m reading it again because I m about to watch the first movie again at a local anime night, and well, here goes So I think that if you imagine that the story is being told to you by an unknown narrator, the narration works a lot better I still don t consider it well written, but I do really enjoy the story and the world Three stars. This was a unique story I ve never seen the anime movie so this was completely new to me The futuristic, post apocalyptic vampire storyline was cool However I felt the dialogue and some passages of the book read kinda funny, but I m thinking that s a translation issue Overall a decent story. This is the original IP for the Vampire Hunter D Anime I feel guilty with my rating because I really wanted to like this book Positivly it had a solid background story and an ingaging plot, but negitivly something was compleatly turned backwards in the translation from the original Japanese The narrator has a hidiously horrible habit of telling the reader either what to think or reminding them of things that are much to plainly obvious It almost feels like the book is written for readers with the attention span of a pre teen but I wouldn t let my 11 year old read it with the amount of gore, and foul language in it Suprisingly some of the risque scenes in the anime become only slighly suggestive in the book The book has already answered a few questions about the Vampire Hunter D universe I have always been wondering about and it does give me enough to want All in all reading this book has been like hanginging out with a good friend that insesently clicks the back of a pin, I just ingored the bad parts and enjoyed what was behind the noise Hesitantly I ll read the second book in the series but the writing MUST get better. Vampire Hunter D A ReviewBy J.S EatonThis is my review of the novel Vampire Hunter D by Hideyuki Kikuchi And yes, that is a Japanese author, and the novel was originally written in Japanese and translated into English BOTTOM LINE It s a great book, not terribly long, but well written and quite entertaining.Vampire Hunter D is a sci fi horror novel Set in the year 12091, it s a story in the far distant future This allows the author a great deal of freedom in his scientific conceptualization, and he uses it to great effect This novel is the first in a series of twenty five books so far At present, the first seventeen have been translated, and as a fan of the series I can only hope that all of them will be brought over eventually In this far distant future, vampires have ruled the earth for thousands of years, ever since a nuclear holocaust in the early twenty first century laid humanity low and allowed the vampires to rise to social and military supremacy Since that time, the vampires have ruled humanity in a kind of pseudo feudal society The vampires are even referred to often as The Nobility At the time the stories begin, vampire society has begun a steady decline, for reasons that are only vaguely hinted at, at least in the early books Humanity lives on the outskirts of the great vampire cities, in an area known as the Frontier It is in this time and place that the novels start, with their hero, known only as D.The story of this first book concerns a young woman named Doris Lang who s been bitten by a vampire lord named Magnus Lee who lives near her village The mysterious vampire hunter, D, makes his way into her village and she hires him to kill the vampire before she turns into a vampire herself This first novel is a great entry into this far distant future The writing incorporates a number of different themes besides sci fi, not the least of which is a heavy Old West motif The Frontier, where humanity lives, is often described in details that would make up a typical western American town from the eighteenth century Saloons, the town sheriff, stables, the dusty dirt street, they re all here in the novels Kikuchi has combined them in the most interesting ways though, and it works well throughout.The hero, D, is actually a half vampire He s picked up the best of both worlds however, being relatively immune to sunlight, or any of the other weaknesses that vampires have here while maintaining the vampire s strength and speed A word about D is probably warranted at this point The author goes to great lengths on numerous occasions to tell the reader how perfect D is, how every woman who sees him wants him, how strong he is and how he s always cool and collected D bests nearly everyone who battles him, even vampires After a few of these references it becomes obvious that Kikuchi is really enad of his literary creation It s not a bad thing, but after the third or fourth time we re told about D s striking good looks or his invincibility it can kind of wear The story itself is good The antagonist, Magnus Lee, is a sordid old blood sucker who s been alive for thousands of years Every so often he takes himself a human bride, as a plaything than a partner Doris is eventually captured by the vampire, and D has to rescue her Once that s done he has to defend her form the vampire s minions, not the least of which is Lamika, Magus Lee s daughter D defeats all these opponents with ease There are subtle hints during the narrative that D owes his superior abilities to something aside from being half vampire, but that s never fully explained here The story is relatively short compared to most novels from western authors Not having read any other Japanese authors I couldn t say whether or not this is a normal length for novels from across the ocean It s an entertaining story nonetheless, and than worth the five dollars I paid for a printed copy I really look forward to reading the further adventures of this mysterious hunter named D Kikuchi has made an interesting character and set him into a fascinating future.See you in the FutureJ.S Eaton I liked the cartoon movie, so I gave it over 50 pages just couldn t stomach it any A lot of the problem was the horrible dialogue This may have been due to poor translation, but I don t think that was all of it Very stilted unbelievable The setting was too far out, too Humans fighting vampires 10,000 years into the future, a medieval world in many ways backed by super science Unfortunately, the author tried to draw a direct line from our time to that one I found his reasoning completely unbelievable.The characters were paper cutouts, no believable than the setting they were in The fight scenes played pretty well on the screen, but the descriptions didn t grab me There was too much ridiculous speed hampered by inept choreography All told, I just couldn t stay interested in the simple story line Everything was overblown poorly put together I m sorry that it turned out that way because I was looking forward to it, but I just can t handle such poor writing. (EPUB) à Vampire Hunter D Vol. 01 ⛓ , AD It Is A Dark Time For The World Humanity Is Just Crawling Out From Under Three Hundred Years Of Domination By The Race Of Vampires Known As The Nobility The War Against The Vampires Has Taken Its Toll Cities Lie In Ruin, The Countryside Is Fragmented Into Small Villages And Fiefdoms That Still Struggle Against Nightly Raids By The Fallen Vampires And The Remnants Of Their Genetically Manufactured Demons And Werewolves Every Village Wants A Hunter One Of The Warriors Who Have Pledged Their Laser Guns And Their Swords To The Eradication Of The Nobility But Some Hunters Are Better Than Others, And Some Bring Their Own Kind Of Danger With Them From Creator Hideyuki Kikuchi, One Of Japan S Leading Horror Authors With Illustrations By Renowned Japanese Artist, Yoshitaka Amano, Best Known For His Illustrations In Neil Gaiman S Sandman The Dream Hunters And The Final Fantasy Games When I was a kid, perhaps too young to watch these sorts of films, I fell in love with the movie Vampire Hunter D when it used to air on The Science Fiction Channel now called Syfy for some reason This, along with Nosferatu and hammer films has made it basically impossible to take many modern vampire books or films seriously especially ones featuring adolescent sparkly vampires For the longest time, I knew that the film was based on a book series, but had no idea that there were dozens of volumes out there and that most of them were translated into English The wait was well worth it, and this book was awesome I love the pulp style that Hideyuki Kikuchi writes in, I see that some reviewers find it silly, but I read a lot of older science fiction, so this is right up my alley If you love Vampire Hunter D, gothic horror, post apocalyptic fiction, or weird sci fi, I d check this out Can t wait to read