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3.5 stars WaitressWelcome back to the Fetish Cafe See anything you like tonight Meclosing the menu Not really I feel like I ve seen all of this before Alphas who kidnap, Alphas who rescue, Alphas who fight for their womenI m bored Are there any betas on special tonight Waitresssmacking gum Nope Outta luck Some Valkyrie came in and purchased our last beta fantasy She said something about wanting to hold him facedown over a crocodile MeHowquaint Gathers things Well, I guess better luck next time I guess tonight is Netflix and solo chill WaitressUh, wait I think there s a man in the back that you might be interested in MeOh WaitressYou might need to talk with him for a while before he warms up to you You see, he s not really here of his own volition MeWait, wait, wait I don t do forced scenes That s not my thing And it s just wrong WaitressI think he could use a friend That s all I m saying And you seem to have nothing better to doMe What the Look, Bit Waitresscuts me off, irritated I have other customers Have a good night walks away I gather my stuff and walk toward the back entrance, hoping to avoid the rage demon that won t stop hitting on me every time I visit the cafe Walking down the long hall that leads to the back entrance, I pass a series of rooms As I pass the last door on the left, I can hear screams coming from the room Let me out you bastards screams a deep, masculine voice Chills overtake my body Something s not right here The door is closed, but the latch hasn t taken hold Do I investigate, or do I leave before things get worseDark Needs was a different type of read than the previous books There was less outside story happening due to the lead characters being stuck in one location In a way, this both helped and hurt the story The readers got to learn about Conrad and Neomi We also got to see the characters connect in a deeper fashion Those were positives But I have to admit that the setting took much of the fun element away that was present in the previous books We had just finished a 2 book arc of characters competing in an Amazing Race type of event There was non stop action And then, all of a sudden, the brakes were put on in favor of watching two people tap dance their way around each other okay, so Conrad wasn t dancing because he was chained to a bed, and Neomi was ballet dancing because she s a ballerina, but you know what I mean I love ghost stories There s always been a pull for me with forbidden love, and ghost stories tend to embody that Never, is it easy for a ghost to be with a human vampire wolf, etc There s always rules in place often having to do with the fact that the ghost is rarely able to be touched I probably could have done an entire fetish cafe episode just on that But how could I avoid hot guy tied to a bed Um, helloright Even us submissives at heart would have a hard time resisting a hot man tied to a bed Especially if hot man is suffering I don t know about the rest of you women, but the fantasy of bringing someone back from the brink is a strong pull Talk about the gratefulness the man would have blinks innocently Dammit I really want to go back and re write that scene now I didn t write to this story s full potential Ah well Maybe next time.I enjoyed Dark Needs, but would have appreciated a few cut scenes with other characters to break up some of the monotony of watching Conrad and Neomi fumble their way back to life him from the brink of madness, her fromwell, death and all that Nix was awesome, as usual Love that crazy broad. Dreams can changeI loved this story After the gruesome prologue there is non stop action the plot is thrilling, and so complex, that I don t even dare to summarize it Brilliant characterization, incredible sexual tension, and Cole s hallmark humor make this book unputdownable.Once both N omi and Conrad were humans N omi became a ghost, Conrad changed to a vampire Now both of them suffer from being what they are.In his human life, Conrad was denied any happiness his change to a vampire infuriated him, and he became a hitman He went insane by drinking his victims to death because he attained not only their blood, but their horrible memories as well.Now bloodthirst blurs his mind He is hunted by his enemies, by hallucinations, by horrible memories of his own and his victims He desperately runs to his end He is a man who definitely needs to be saved.On the contrary, N omi lived a full life she was a celebrated ballerina It is so touching that as a ghost she is still filled with exhilaration she tries to brighten her colorless existence with stolen trinkets, and stolen moments She is unimaginably lonely, still she has a positive attitude.She is bantering, playful, and I love her delicate sense of humor.Her abilities are remarkable even in this ghostly existence, but by the end of the story she becomes a very, very special being At the beginning of the story, Conrad s insanity is represented by short, staccato sentences in simple present tense This fragmented style perfectly pictures how unstable he is At first, he is unable to make a distinction between reality and unreality He doesn t know whether N omi is a delusion, a fractured memory, a hallucination, or a ghost.N omi is incorporeal, so Conrad is forced to behave reasonably and collected if he wants to keep her by his side It helps him to defeat his insanity He feels clearer, focused in her presence Conrad is intense, morose, feral, but also has a romantic, gentle side.The sexual tension is incredible in this novel, since they are incapable of touching each other in the larger part of the story They get to know each other by talking, teasing, and debating Waiting and hope give an extra sensation to the story.Conrad and N omi s story is a very original and peculiar installment of the Immortals After Dark series.My favorite quotes. READ DOWNLOAD ☻ Dark Needs at Night's Edge ⚕ Bestselling Author Kresley Cole Continues Her Seductive Immortals After Dark Series With This Tale Of A Vampire Shunned Even By His Own Kind And A Beautiful Phantom, Bound Together By A Passion They Cannot ResistA RAVEN HAIRED TEMPTRESS OF THE DARKN Omi Laress, A Famous Ballerina From A Past Century, Became A Phantom The Night She Was Murdered Imbued With Otherworldly Powers But Invisible To The Living, She Haunts Her Beloved Home, Scaring Away Trespassers Until She Encounters A Ruthless Immortal Even Terrifying Than N Omi HerselfA VAMPIRE WARRIOR CONSUMED BY MADNESSTo Prevent Him From Harming Others, Conrad Wroth S Brothers Imprison Him In An Abandoned Manor But There, A Female Only He Can See Seems Determined To Drive Him Further Into Madness The Exquisite Creature Torments Him With Desire, Leaving His Body Racked With Lust And His Soul Torn As He Finds Himself Coveting Her For His Own FAR WILL HE GO TO CLAIM HER Yet Even If Conrad Can Win N Omi, Evil Still Surrounds Her Once He Returns To The Brutality Of His Past To Protect Her, Will He Succumb To The Dark Needs Seething Inside Him Dark Needs at Night s Edge is a modern, intensely paranormal version of The Ghost and Mrs Muir Rex Harrison making ghosts sexy since 1947.It is, to date, my absolute favourite book in this series Not that it s really had that much competition.So far it stands against an abductor, rapist, Sebastian Kaderine who rock, and Bowen Marie who don t.Conrad, a bloodmad and vicious vampire, is captured by his three brothers and trapped in an old mansion to help recover his sanity N omi, a 1920 s Prima Ballerina and former Burlesque dancer currently haunts said mansion as this was where she was violently murdered Burlesque, aye I like her already Of course, the sexually confidant, lively and brazen ghost is the perfect partner for virginal, uptight and angry Conrad Their seduction and romance is, for most of this novel, based on their attraction to each other and telling each other every little thing they would do if only they could touch N omi absolutely made this novel for me She was so confidant in her sexuality, so proud of her achievements, so full of life Conrad s inability to be the typical alpha male with her was also just SO damn refreshing He couldn t push her around, bully her or trap her And when it came to wooing her, he couldn t just take her for a walk on the beach or start kissing her The creepy atmosphere created at the beginning of the novel, as well as the slow burn relationship build between N omi and Conrad, separates this book from a genre which is all about waiting for the next titty grap or alpha male bullshit that is supposedly romantic.This book would have absolutely gotten four stars from me if the ending weren t a little contrived toward HEA The first 90% of this book was so well written, so romantic, so lovely that I was absolutely enchanted Spoiled only in the last 10% by Cole bending over backwards to give us a perfect ending.If you never pick up another Cole novel because you are afraid of the romance industry mainstays of the ultra masculine male and the stockholm syndrome suffering female, then at least feel confidant that with Dark Needs at Night s Edge, Cole did something nicely different. I had to place my faith in Ms Cole that this premise of a ghost falling in love with a vampire would work I just couldn t see how this would go well at all My faith was rewarded I loved this book It starts out so beautiful and even gothic Neomi Laress is brutally murdered by a spurned lover in her house that she has just bought at a grand party she is throwing to celebrate her retirement from the ballet She is a beautiful dancer in the early 20th century who has decided to leave her current beau He stabs her in the heart and kills her I was like, Wow This book already managed to stand out from the previous books, just with the prologue.Things only get better We meet Conrad, the long lost Wroth brother In the first few books you always hear that there are four brothers alive still or undead rather , but that Conrad ran off, angry that his brothers had turned him into a vampire Finally we get to see him, and things aren t pretty He has become a mercenary assassin and a vampire killer He kills by taking their blood, thus having given himself over to Bloodlust He vows to kill his other brothers for what they have made him Kill them and anyone they love.But fortunately, Nikolai, Murdoch, and Sebastian have not given up on their brother They manage to capture him and have decided to keep him imprisoned until the Bloodlust wears off Well, they end up keeping him prisoner in the property owned by the deceased Neomi Unbeknownst to them, her disembodied spirit is still in her beloved home.Neomi has been alone for so long There have been people who came and went from her home, leaving her alone again But none have captivated her like Conrad Despite his blood red eyes and his insanity, Neomi is very attracted to the brawny and beautiful vampire Conrad sees her, which is very unusual, since most of the people who have come through her house cannot.Thus begins the seduction of Conrad by Neomi Neomi is a sensualist, she loves beautiful men and their bodies It s the worst sort of torture to be around a beautiful male like Conrad and not be able to touch him Conrad is a virgin, never having loved or made love to a woman He sees the beautiful ghost and believes she is part of his raving insanity With each person he killed by draining them, he absorbed their memories This drives a vampire insane Since Conrad killed the worst of all kinds of demons and vampire, he is violently insane But somehow the beautiful spirit manages to calm his raving madness He falls for her very quickly, and determines to find a way for them to be together There are problems with this relationship from the start He wants to feel the same intense desire for her that she feels for him, but because he is a vampire, he cannot feel desire until he is blooded He feels in his heart that Neomi must be his bride However, she s a spirit, so she cannot truly blood him And even if she could blood him, since she s a ghost, they really couldn t get physical anyway.This story really captivated me I was so sucked into it, that I remember sitting at dinner trying to eat with one hand and reading the book held in the other My mother was so curious about my fixation with the book, she ended up reading it herself I liked the way Ms Cole turned the tables, making Conrad the innocent sexually virgin, and Neomi the seducer I loved the glimpses into other aspects of the Immortals After Dark universe, the Lore, inhabited by all sorts of immortal creatures Ms Cole has a way of making these books laugh out loud funny, but also intense and poignant Conrad is the type of hero that gets under your skin and you feel for him Although Neomi had some hardened aspects to her that I typically don t care for in a heroine, I ended up loving her as well I loved her intense feelings for Conrad, almost from the start They weren t just lust, but a sense of ownership like he was dear to her I also appreciated her passion for life and culture, and how much she loved her home She had a good heart and was kind to the good people who stopped through her home So it was easier than I thought to come to like her as heroine Even though Conrad was insane and technically a murderer really just of bad creatures , I loved him from the start Seeing his madness and his loneliness really opened my heart to him Despite the outer wrappings, you could see a deep sort of innocence in him that was than just sexual Even with the obvious issues in their relationship, Conrad and Neomi really came across as soulmates, and very early in this book I really rooted for this unlikely couple to be together, and the way in which this comes to pass was very well done I must say, my respect for Ms Cole as an author went up another notch at how she brought Conrad and Neomi s happy ever after together.Despite my misgivings when I first heard the storyline for this story, I came to love Dark Needs at Night s Edge with the same passion that I loved the prior stories and possibly Conrad was a new favorite hero, at least until Cadeon and Rydstrom came around. Conrad Wroth, Vampire Naomi Laress, Phantom I am not really a fan of Ghosts in paranormal books mainly because ghosts have no substance They are just thin air Moreover, they are usually stuck in one place They are not allowed to walk around anywhere else on the Earth And finally, when there is a ghost, there is also his her dead body rottening somewhere near And this is not very appealing.So, I thought that I wouldn t like this story The story of a really sad ghost and of a crazy from bloodlust vampire Two tortured creatures, born in different centuries, who were obviously ment to be together But one could not soothe the other because the ghost was not flesh and blood.When Conrad is chained at the Elancourt manor by the three other Wroth brothers in an attempt to cure him, he thinks that the beautiful woman that keeps visiting him at his bed is just a product of his imagination He is obviously crazy and starved since his brother do not allow him to take blood from a vein to feed He didn t know that ghosts exist.N omi Laress used to be a famous ballerina full of spirit and life before her ex fianc stabbed her and brutally took her life Now in her house for 80 years, she is just a lonely, miserable ghost until a beautiful, chained vampire obviously crazy starts talking to her She didn t know that vampires exist.It will be really hard for these two lovers to be They will struggle to accept that Ghosts and Vampires are real N omi is Conrad s bride Conrad has to choose his bride instead of his revenge N omi needs to be have a body to make Conrad s heart beat againThe brothers will help, the witches will help, the valkyries will help And I just loved the end of the story and the way the author managed to make a ghost really likable and sexy. I have to rate this another 5 star read by Kresley Cole Even though the plot was a lot different than the other books in the series, I still found this one hard to put down It just felt so unusual to me, but in a good way Mad vampire assassin meets lonely, beautiful ballerina ghost and falls in love against all odds I just wasn t expecting that I loved how Conrad and Neomi connected over their long talks while each was a prisoner inside Neomi s estate Loved their little game of black jack and answer the question Loved seeing Conrad s vampire brothers making return appearances Loved the friendship between Mari and Neomi and Nix Loved the flirting between the un schooled Conrad and the experienced Neomi it was very sensual And I especially loved when Conrad was finally blooded wow The sex scenes in this book were probably the most erotic of the whole series so far And Conrad was one romantic hero I thought the ending was a little far out and at times confusing, but I decided to just go with it and enjoy it, and I did I m finding all the characters in this series just terribly sympathetic, and I want them all to have a HEA Now I can t wait to read the demon Cade s story SpoilersAnother Great book in this awesome series.Naomi Laress is a beautiful French ex burlesque dancer turned ballerina murdered by her ex Refusing to die she comes back as a ghost She is very sensual and full of life always laughing and enjoying herself and finding happiness where ever she can She is also dedicated working hard when she wants something Going for her dreams Conrad Wroth Had lost his mind turned into something he hated against his will a vampire He became a assassin and because he had drained his kills he was driven to Bloodlust and madness He is the bad boy that needs saving Once the Madness clears he is a man of worth with all the yummy alpha male goodness OMG I have a thing for the Wroth Brothers So sexy Loved the book loved the ending I enjoyed seening Bowen and Mari and Nix in this book a lot They had some funny lines like I suppose that now you ll want to sleep with me Over Rydstrom s sputtering, she added, Alas, big guy I am taken No, you re not, Regin said Am too, N x said Mike Rowe, the star of Dirty Jobs, is soon to realize I m his beloved She sighed dreamily He even got his lawyers to contact me on the pretext of a she made air quotes restraining order This is the first time I ve really looked at my reflection in months To the Lykae Bowen , she said, No wonder you love me Could I be any cuter Damn, that werewolf melts my butter, Mari sighed He s so miserable, she added delightedly On to the next book People think happiness will simply fall into their laps You have to aspire to it And sometimes you have to seize it when it s kicking and screaming Dark Needs at Night s Edge surprised me so much that I didn t see what was coming when I thought that this book must be like the others I fell in love with N omi since the first scene, her life before she died was tragic and pitiful I feel the deep connection to her character immediately Conrad is insane, he s brought to the haunted house by his brothers where people declare that there s a ghost I d planned to kill them, too When N omi glared up at him, he raised his chained hands Past tense See Already I m improving The real story begins when these two first met view spoiler Comrad is a virgin hide spoiler 5 stars Dark Needs at Night s Edge was an absolutely fantastic read I loved everything about this book In fact, it might just be my favorite in the series thus far I could go on and on about what I loved about this story, but I m very anxious to start the next book in the series to find out what happens to Cade, the demon Suffice it to say, this book has everything I love in a paranormal AND in a romance book It has a creative and compelling world, a fascinating cast of motley characters, an endearing and genuine couple, with one heck of an emotional romance I not only fell in love with the hero, Conrad, and heroine, N omi, personally, but I fell completely in love with their love story The overwhelming yearning and desire the hero and heroine had for each other in this book was extremely palatable and written beautifully Conrad sums this book up perfectly when he said, My Bride by fate, my wife by choice Dark Needs at Night s Edge is another fantastic book in what is proving to be an outstanding series.