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When I arrived in New York City in late June, it was almost impossible not to stumble onto articles regarding Tao Lin s latest effort, or to see its glossy cover in every single bookstore display A couple of weeks later, when I finally bought Taipei at Urban Outfitters of all places , I read the first pages on the line to the register, thinking that maybe it would get better on the next chapters I was wrong.The whole novel can be resumed like this a bunch of kids doing drugs in a perfect world where you indiscriminately pop prescription pills to your mouth combining them with X, downers and heroin at the same time for months without feeling any side effects or OD ing, yada yada yada going to a McDonald s to shot a documentary with a MacBook, yada yada yada staying up all night updating Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or posting on 4chan while trying to make elaborated metaphors about existence and ennui or to rationalize endlessly about relationships, yada yada yada living in Brooklyn with absolutely no financial trouble, yada yada YADA At some point before the first half of the book you realize that, utterly, there is no appeal to its unesixtant story and that it all sounds like a collection of blog entries written by a hipster with a swollen ego, a major in Poetry and too much time in his hands.Am I suppose to believe that Paul, the protagonist, experiences only one single bad trip during his spiral of addiction, before the very end of the novel Let s be realistic Tao Lin is probably a master on internet research, but he did failed to read on Wikipedia in order make the whole novel at least a bit realistic that the human body doesn t remain untouched throughout substance abuse God knows, maybe he was too busy updating his Facebook while submitting the first draft to his publisher This is probably the most boring and overhyped novel of 2013 I want my money back. Ultimately, because of what it explores, Taipei is not a pleasant novel to swallow It pulls you in and places you in the same back and forth conversations and awkward strolls through scenarios that have progressed past the point of being anything but awkward Awkwardness and confusion seep through every sentence and, as a result, Taipei becomes the novel you initially might not want it to become In the same way a person develops expectations for a person they just met, the reader begins to expect and assume the novel s trajectory, or lack of one A lot of readers will judge, and subsequently dismiss, the book long before it pulls you in for its final, sixth chapter, but for those that are fearless enough to continue reading, will discover a novel that outlines and reveals how it might be that no one, no matter how confident or outgoing, can ever truly master the act of relating to another Everyone is different and, in turn, no one can be perfect or completely, exclusively content But we can try, and that s why turning the page matters in Taipei than a dozen other novels With every turn of the page, you get closer to the sense that there might be something for you in this You just might relate to Paul s situation He at least wants you to understand I mean, why wouldn t you want to understand In understanding someone else s situation, you might just understand something about yourself. #READ EPUB î Taipei Ü Taipei By Tao Lin Is An Ode Or Lament To The Way We Live Now Following Paul From New York, Where He Comically Navigates Manhattan S Art And Literary Scenes, To Taipei, Taiwan, Where He Confronts His Family S Roots, We See One Relationship Fail, While Another Is Born On The Internet And Blooms Into An Unexpected Wedding In Las Vegas Along The Way Whether On All Night Drives Up The East Coast, Shoplifting Excursions In The South, Book Readings On The West Coast, Or Ill Advised Grocery Runs In Ohio Movies Are Made With Laptop Cameras, Massive Amounts Of Drugs Are Ingested, And Two Young Lovers Come To Learn What It Means To Share Themselves Completely The Result Is A Suspenseful Meditation On Memory, Love, And What It Means To Be Alive, Young, And On The Fringe In America, Or Anywhere Else For That Matter Taipei The Charlie Rose interviewCharlie Rose When Tao Lin graduated New York University in 2005, he began a career which pumped new life into the world of contemporary letters His terse, tongue in cheek prose style has attracted critics and imitators in equal numbers, and his books, with provocative titles like Eeeee Eee Eeee and Shoplifting from American Apparel, have garnered praise and sidelong glances in the same way The new book is called Taipei I m here with Tao Lin.Tao Lin Thanks, Charlie.CR So, Tao, I finished the novel last night and, I have to say, it reminded me of a modern classic from some odd 10 years ago TL Is it, um Interpreter of Maladies CR It made me think of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time The way this main character, so evidently impaired, manages to function in the world at large in a way all his own is truly inspiring I see you re smiling, Tao, why is that TL It s just that the main character in Taipei is pretty much entirely based on me As with, like, the main characters in all my other books And I don t think I m, like, evidently impaired or anything like that.CR Oh, alright Then that s my mistake and I apologize How would you say you fit into the English language tradition of writers of autobiographical fiction, from Jack London to Hunter S Thompson TL Um Well I don t really look to those writers as any kind of inspiration As far as influences go I like Don DeLillo and Lydia Davis, just sort of modern stuff like that.CR So, can you explain to me what moved you to write this new book TL I started writing it when I divorced my wife, and I guess it was sort of inspired by the experience of that and the feeling of sort of going from person to person, especially in romantic relationships, and just wondering what the purpose of it is.CR The purpose of being in a romantic relationship TL Yeah, and, like, what s the purpose of being with people if you don t like to be with them And you prefer to be alone most of the time.CR Correct me if I ve made a vast understatement about your work, but the impression I get is that the characters in this novel are drawn to each other because they prefer to be on drugs with other people than on drugs alone.TL Well, not really I mean, that s definitely part of it, but also it s just nice to have someone next to you to hear what you have to say And to touch, if you feel like it.CR And this physical, visceral connection is a recurring motif in Taipei The characters have an intense desire to, if you will, consume, or ingest, as you have put it in your book, not only the drugs but also the social interactions And oftentimes it seems like the social scene and the drugs are unsatisfactory, or that they offer pain than reward What is it that keeps pulling these characters back into their world of cheap thrills I see you re sweating.TL Um It s just I m not sure I understand the question.CR This Paul character, for example He often feels bad on the drugs, or the drugs negatively affect his time spent sober Why does he keep at it Is he simply an addict TL Uh can we talk about something else Like, ask me another question.CR Certainly You use some colorful metaphors in the novel that I quite enjoyed For example, at one point Paul s young friend Maggie does some sit ups, which you suggest make her look like a notorious, performing snail Where do you get the ideas for these off beat descriptions Now, hold on Tao, please put the pill bottle down.TL This isn t live Can t you just turn off the camera for a minute CR We ll be right back, folks. Sorry, I can t finish it I had it on my device for a month and would dip in and out, hoping it would start capturing me, and did make it halfway through before abandoning it I really wanted to like it the way the Publishers Weekly reviewer did, but I found it self indulgent and far too specific repetitive about drug dosages to be halfway interesting After one chapter, the routine of new city drugs new girl to sleep with new book reading with warning e mails from publisher and or parent just wasn t interesting any Someone really interested in casual drug use and ennui would probably devour it I ll keep clinging tightly to the belief that there is to life. A great part of this review is in dialogue with the recent interview Tao had with Michael Silverblatt at Bookworm Usually the books that I have given one star to have been books that made me mad or infuriated me Books that were just a waste This book is just a simple and definitive did not like My main point being is that, while I have literary reservations with this novel, I mostly didn t like it because of my taste preference Starting off, I think this book has a lot of similarity to Bret Easton Ellis work and it didn t surprise me at all to discover that Bret Easton Ellis endorsed blurbed it Copious amounts of drugs ingested, characters very lonely and despondent, often unskilled in communication For every criticism I can give I can think of a rebuttal Although not every reader is fixed on LSD, Ritalin and shrooms, the dialogue of the drugs can be about the desire to use buffers or disengage from the natural awkwardness While it annoys me that characters are borderline autistic in actions, it s not like I haven t had or heard certain conversations like this and if these conversations were characters or lived lives then it s not a totally unfaithul representation to what these characters are And the thing is, I love the book Less Than Zero, whose characters are so much like Paul and Erin I ve mentioned previously in my reviews that, with everything I read, I m influenced greatly by Wallace s and to a minor degree Vollmann s outlined criteria for what good fiction is and ought to be, at least going forward So, I suppose my main obstacle in reading this book is that I m trying to not let those voices creep in my head and wag my high and mighty finger like a literary Dikembe Mutombo What I can certainly say frustrates me is that I hate the thinly veiled author as protagonist If your name is Tao Lin and your novel is called Taipei and your main character is a novelist who makes yearly trips to Taipei, I m going to make some connections and end up not trusting you, because I inherently distrust writers who seem to want to make their books about themselves, or writers who don t step away from the world of themselves the 20 something writer doing drugs and surfing the Internet and make the novel feel like a new experience Writing novels about writers of novels is played out What also frustrates me is the aforementioned similarities with Ellis I mean, I can imitate Ellis and write a book about a whole bunch of people taking drugs casually and wandering aimlessly through life I ll admit, I ve written short stories similarly like that and I ve tried to get them published But, again, it feels played out Along the same lines there feels to be a sense of transgressiveness for transgressiveness sake Look, that s a viable market Guys from Edgar Allen Poe to Chuck Palahniuk have made successful oeuvres out of it, but that doesn t make Tao Lin a hallmark voice of this generation generation of course being a cumbersome word idea as it is.If I were to talk to Paul, I don t get the feeling he would care if I would like him But if I were to ask, and get a coherent, firm statement from Mr Lin, I think he would admit he wants me to like Paul Nay, he would want me to care about Paul And it s probably got something to do with the fact that I understand loneliness and alienation and awkward social situations I also understand that there are people that let these factors affect how they live each day But in response to many other critics, that is not how normal young people walk through life Not even really a little bit And that s perhaps what s most frustrating to me That people read this book and think that the values of Paul are not just mine, but some kind of significant portion of the population below 30 And that s the greatest barrier of reading this book is that there is an implicit argument, whether the author intends it or not the critics certainly mean it to be , that this kind of stunted behavior and communication is typical of the Millenials that somehow this is a real book Paul and Tao may very well be on other sides of the mirror, but the problem is that Tao continues to look in the mirror and not out the window which make him feel lonely and alienated, but it doesn t explain why I feel that way. Plenty of good and bad has been written about the Taiwanese American author Tao Lin and his recent novel Taipei, and I had read enough of such criticism to suspect that this relatively conservative reader of a certain age would have real difficulty entering Tao s avant garde world I was pleasantly surprised Yes, as others have noted, Tao Lin, insofar as this novel can be read as thinly disguised autobiography, is maddeningly self obsessed If, for example, you pick up this book thinking you might learn something about Taipei, you will be disappointed that is, unless you are so benighted as to not suspect that might be McDonalds there Moreover, the novel is strikingly flat Not only does the narrator avoid psychological and intellectual depth anti Proust and anti Mann, to allude to two of my recent readings , common enough in so much modern fiction, but the world of this novel is one where the computer screen and the cell phone are the realities and the real, or what I continue to think of as the real, is only a shadow seeking form, a kind of eternal form, in media Let s film ourselves talking about our relationship becomes about the only way to talk about a relationship, for example In this world, characters are sometimes eager to part so they can get down to the real business of sending text messages to one another Is this really the world in which the young now live I suspect it is as I sit in a sidewalk cafe in Paris and watch four young people sitting at a table next to me all texting gee, I always assumed they were texting friends not there, but now I wonder if they are texting each other, giving form to communication that is constantly disappearing if they speak But there is another side to the characters in this novel they are completely lost in a world of drugs, mostly prescription drugs Stories about obsessively addicted characters are nothing new, think for just two examples of Dostoevsky s The Gambler or De Quincy s Confessions of an English Opium Eater What is startling here is the complacence about such a thoroughly addicted life Yes, the narrator s Taiwanese mother knows about her son s drug soaked existence, but she also knows that if she complains, she will suffer the ultimate punishment no email messages from him for a whole month Yes, complacence on one level, perhaps, but on another level maybe not so complacent a terrible sadness and search for some meaning lies at the core of this novel and it is a powerful core I can t say I exactly enjoyed entering Tao s world, but it is a deeply disturbing one, and his narrator will certainly haunt me long after most other fictional characters have faded from my mind. oh man, there s soemthing yu can have a feeling and a tao lin was important for making big a lot in the same dnio Allow me to inteoduce my review The past few times I ve been on Molly or ecstasy I ve wanted to review Taipei because I remember Tao encouraging people to review this book while peaking on MDMA or adderallHere s what happened, introduction part 2 rememvwred the review in the bathtub introduction part 3 I am peaking on ecstasy in a bathtub at a friend s house , decided the people in the next room don t need to know what I m doing, they are talking to each other so maybe they won t notice, wrapped towel around me, ran into room, grabbed phone, said I have some business to take care of and ran back into bathtubJust shouted business to people in other room saying what are you doing This is a review of TaipeiShit I forget it completely right nowThere was a draft I read where monkfish was focused on than in the final book I thinkPeakingI m putting my mouth in the water and letting the water go in and out like a fish and t feels goodTaipeiI m now accessing time period when I think the things in Taipei happened and it feels very far away but beautiful and twinkly like a distant parade or sound of an ice cream truckIf Taipei was a food it would be a Bartlett pearYou don t need to know whyIf Taipei were a person it d beshit.whothought Adam Robinson but that s completely inaccurate somehowI am not currently authorized to decide what person it would be likeIf Taipei were a country it would be a transparent cube about the size of Australia that floats right at the point where it stops being earth and becomes outer spaceIf it were something at 7 11 it would beno I m only authorized to say Bartlett pear and Australia cubeIf it were a time zone it would be too hard to say, it has its own time zone though Feel like I m in a race to beat my brain from somethingThe most glowing review I can think of for Taipei is this water feels amazing right now Laurence Fishbourne should do the audio bookAs I was typing Laurence Fishbourne I felt scolded by the thought Alex Trebek, like he was angry at me for not saying himThis is my favorite book by Tao I thinkYeahEAHEHATHAYEHAHAYYAHAHChewed gum faster when I thought about how it s my favoriteSomeone asked if I was still in the bathThis is the most I ve ever been asked about if I m in a bathtub I thinkFocus on Taipei the shiny cover Frameworky somethingness Shawn Olive Palatial, melancholy, color less glow of unicorns, Edward schissorhands, buildings named Frank, beseeching socially inhibited face, a something Daniel, eggplant, I thought you said you were eating butter, universe is a message to itself to not feel bad, irreducible dot of himself, soporific crying, blanket, opiates long chord progression, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, another word for computer, waiting for bathroom on airplane eat pray love thing, Taiwan s first mcdonalds, the thing about things looking darker, the thing about life losing narrative after college, the thing about reverse reverse psychology in emails to his mom, the thing about drums in high school, the thing about viewing hiimself as a dot in gmaps in a cab I think, the thing about thinking a romantic prospect was Auden mortenson, the thing about grey brown citiesI m thinking red dots a lot I want to convey red dots on a quiet city skyline at night Just got mad at anyone who would demand from me than thisLaurence Fishbourne s review would be his face going full screen on your computer going blippbertybllupblupschniggles, pausing with a stern face for 5 seconds, then winkingYou would have no choice but to buy itThe conviction in his voice and his face and the wink at the endThere is always a choice to buy or not buy something but in this case the choice would be removed, I m sorryYour freedom of choice has been removed by Laurence Fishbourne as usual One of those things of life you must acceptYou should be used to it by now I feelIf you re not then here is your chance to startCan I embed that on my review No he wouldn t return my email I betI can embed it by typing it, pretend it s actually happening though, this review it binary code for the image of Laurence Fishbourne s facial reviewI feel completely intensely focused on writing this review and completely intensely like I can t remember it at allSeems like I m expected to leave bathtub at some pointPart in Taipei I am relating to currently when Paul fell asleep at parties and another party on a roof where he thought something about how death is irrelevant to life but he knew he could fall off the roof and I think he was walking recklessly in circlesIt s not fair that you can t sleep or go in circles in the bathWhat else can I say about TaipeiTHE SHINY COVERTHINK ABOUT THE SHININESSWOULD BE GOOD IF THEY HAD MADE SCRATCH AND SNIFF STYLE PAGES SO YOU COULD BE ON THE DRUGS THE CHARACTERS WERE ON ON WHATEVER PAGE YOU RE ON DOT COMI FEEL LIKE IM SUPPOSED TO BE AUTHORIZING ACCESS TO THINGSI CAN T ESCAPE THIS IPHONE NOTE THING SHITBATHTUBTAIPEISOMEONE SEND IT INTO SPACEIF IT GETS INTO SPACE ASTEROID STUFF WILL GET MAGNETIZED TO IT AND ITLL BE TEN TIMES THE SIZE OF EARTH ND IT WILL COME BACK TO EARTH AND BLOW IT UP BUT SADLY IT WILL NOT LAND ON TAO WHO WANTS AN ASTEROID TO HIT EARTH AND THEN HE S THE ONLY PERSON ALIVE, HE JUST TRANSITIONS ONTO THE NEW ASTEROID PLANET WITH TAIPEI AT THE CORE OF THE PLANETSAD BUT TRUETHANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND CPNSIDERATOON IT IS TIME FOR ME TO LEAVE THE BATHTUB NOW IT IS VERY OBVIOUS BY NOW This was the longest Erowid report I ve ever read.