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Overall I liked the story There were just some things that I did not particularly agree with For thing our main girl does not seem to have really grown in all this time, she wants things to be all cut and died when they are not I expected quite a bit action from this book as well since the last one ended on such a dramatic note and it was kind of humdrum with no real action and a lot of obvious plot twists, at least to me It s worth the read but don t expect much. 150 nook pages..seriously There is no way this is a full length book I ve read novella s with nearly this many pages Then I find out, from H.P s Facebook that Dulcie isn t pronounced Dulchay ,but Dool see Unbelievable, who else has been saying it wrong MALICE IN WONDERLAND accomplished nothing It started where WUTHERING FRIGHTS took off, with Dulcie joining the Resistance and ended with Knight and Dulcie declaring war I m so irritated with this book that I can t really put into words the disappointment Here is the book in a nutshell Dulcie arrives at the Resistance compounds She s brought into the meetings bidding time to start war Mad at Knight for believing involved with father and for SUV romp Dulcie and Knight nearly killed Dulcie sent to Bram s for protection Bram leads her to clues, where she learns her father is drugging Christina.o The Resistance leader Calls Knight, makes up with Knight because he s always solid and been there Now Knight is the leader Dulcie second in command Declare war THE ENDYep, that s MALICE IN WONDERLAND in a nutshell and is just about as long as the actual book is. [Kindle] ♀ Malice In Wonderland (Dulcie ONeil, #5) ☪ A Broken Relationship, Tarnished With Lies And Deceit,A Father Who Wants Her Dead,And A Shocking Surprise That Could Rock The Very Foundation Of Everything She Believes InFairy And Law Enforcement Agent, Dulcie O Neil, Has To Face The Fact That Her Father, The Head Of The Netherworld, Is Also Public Enemy Number One In Joining A Group Of Rebels Who Would See Her Father Dethroned, Dulcie Will Realize Just What It Means To Go Against Her Own Blood Throw In Her Tattered Relationship With Knight Vander And The Shock Of A Lifetime And Dulcie S Life Just Went From Bad To Worse Dulcie must decide whether to forgive the man she lusts after, whether to trust the vampire who apparently lusts after her, plus support the man she once lusted after but who betrayed her and the paranormal race on earth by working for her sociopathic father, the ruler of Netherworld.That s the story in a nutshell really There is no progression from book four Malice is a boring, convoluted journey through a bimbo s musings about the men in her life, despite the fact that horrendously potent, illegal drugs are on the market including a few thanks to her own efforts and the paranormal populations of Netherworld and earth are set on a course to war.Oh, and a resistance movement has developed, who everyone appears to belong to except her Judging by Dulcie s skills in this book, I m not really surprised her friends have failed to mention their recruitment and left her to bounce on in following her arrest This book could have been shortened to one or two chapters added to book four and there would have been no loss I have enjoyed the series up until now, despite the cliff hanger endings requiring the purchase of the next book in order to read the next paragraph of the chapter in the last book What a shame. Today s review is on Malice in Wonderland by H.P MalloryAfter reading all of Mallory s books in this series I have come to a few conclusions First and foremost, this girl can write Secondly, she has an uncanny way of make me want to scream at the end of each installment because of the amazing cliffhangers This time being the loudest scream Each installment has a unique challenge facing Dulcie and her friends while still following the major plot that is the background of the series This, in my opinion, shows Mallory s exceptional writing talent Her ability to draw you in and make you fall in love with her characters is unparalleled My only complaint I hate waiting for.5 of 5 starsAvailable at I believe you were created merely to tempt me Best line from the book and of course it was delivered by the one and only Bram I have read all the Dulcie O Neil books and find them very entertaining But sadly this was not one of my favorites I felt there was a big portion of the book the dealt with an internal struggle with Dulcie trying to understand her situation with Knight However, as the story developed and unraveled it was very interesting to see how events unfolded I was hoping the character Bram had scenes, his portion in the books are great and extremely enjoyable I enjoyed his involvement in the final plots and hope the next books goes a bit deeper with him He s definitely the most alluring character of the series Overall good easy read. DNF.This is where we part ways Ms Mallory Dulcie started off dumb but reasonably competent allegedly , migrated to risk taking and completely falling off the rails What you ve done to her in this book however is beyond poor taste How it s even possible that Dulcie could still be toying with Knight is beyond me He was the only thing in the books worth reading for, after all Dulcie is an unlikable nitwit and Knight at least was honourable and just, until the end of the last book that is Throwing the victim shaming into this story was beyond revolting, it s triggering for people who have been raped and was completely uncalled for, it didn t even add anything useful to the plot and should have been scrapped by the editor before it ever saw the light of day Shame on you. I have read all of the Dulcie O Neil series and I was really looking forward to this fifth bookbut I was disappointed in it It seemed much shorter than the other books and the fourth left the reader on such a cliffI was impatiently awaiting this fifth installmentbut it left me flat It felt like the story only proceeded a small amount and the end left me feeling like either this normally very entertaining author was tired of writing this series or that she didn t give herself enough time to flush it out. I generally really like the Dulcie series, but this latest installment was just disappointing It was extremely short, and hardly anything actually happened I don t know if it was just this book or if I never noticed it before, but both Knight and Bram seemed extremely obnoxious yes, we get it, you re both in love with lusting after Dulcie Don t be a jerk about it.Speaking of Dulcie, I thought she seemed out of sorts, as well Her internal debates were repetitive and verging on whiny The whole fog man dream episode seemed like a big deal and then just, what, gets swept away I would think that she would have pushed harder to figure out what had happened who would have a dream like that and wake up with a libidinous vampire hovering over them and be ok with it, after a few coy assurances that he had nothing to do with it It was creepy in a bad way.I don t know It was short, for the most part uneventful, and most of the secondary characters were relegated to the peanut gallery Everything that seems important to the movement of the story could easily have been incorporated into the previous and or next books I really hope the next book is better. H.P Mallory s 5th novel of the Dulcie series, Malice in Wonderland, is an exciting read featuring all the usual characters Though her friends are awesome, I m all about the sexy men that Dulcie has, unwittingly, wrapped around her fairy dusted little finger I m still unsure about Quinn, though, like Dulcie, I want to trust his friendly character and, of course, I m anxious to see where his loyalties really are The sexual tension between Knight and Dulcie is so tangent that it overshadows Bram s obsessive lust for the beautiful fairy The centries old vampire is up to his usual drama, along with some rather unusual business in this episode Speaking of unusual, I m not sure how H.P Mallory makes fog such a tangent and sensual object, but I promise you, she has done it insert blush and face fanning here As always, I m super excited for the next book in the Dulcie series to see where the beautifully sassy fairy and all her smitten admirers will end up Keep em coming H.P D