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|Download Epub ⚸ The Notebook ⚸ A Man With A Faded, Well Worn Notebook Open In His Lap A Woman Experiencing A Morning Ritual She Doesn T Understand Until He Begins To Read To Her An Achingly Tender Story About The Enduring Power Of LoveA Man With A Faded, Well Worn Notebook Open In His Lap A Woman Experiencing A Morning Ritual She Doesn T Understand Until He Begins To Read To Her The Notebook Is An Achingly Tender Story About The Enduring Power Of Love, A Story Of Miracles That Will Stay With You Forever Set Amid The Austere Beauty Of Coastal North Carolina In , The Notebook Begins With The Story Of Noah Calhoun, A Rural Southerner Returned Home From World War II Noah, Thirty One, Is Restoring A Plantation Home To Its Former Glory, And He Is Haunted By Images Of The Beautiful Girl He Met Fourteen Years Earlier, A Girl He Loved Like No Other Unable To Find Her, Yet Unwilling To Forget The Summer They Spent Together, Noah Is Content To Live With Only Memoriesuntil She Unexpectedly Returns To His Town To See Him Once Again Allie Nelson, Twenty Nine, Is Now Engaged To Another Man, But Realizes That The Original Passion She Felt For Noah Has Not Dimmed With The Passage Of Time Still, The Obstacles That Once Ended Their Previous Relationship Remain, And The Gulf Between Their Worlds Is Too Vast To Ignore With Her Impending Marriage Only Weeks Away, Allie Is Forced To Confront Her Hopes And Dreams For The Future, A Future That Only She Can Shape Like A Puzzle Within A Puzzle, The Story Of Noah And Allie Is Just The Beginning As It Unfolds, Their Tale Miraculously Becomes Something Different, With Much Higher Stakes The Result Is A Deeply Moving Portrait Of Love Itself, The Tender Moments And The Fundamental Changes That Affect Us All Shining With A Beauty That Is Rarely Found In Current Literature, The Notebook Establishes Nicholas Sparks As A Classic Storyteller With A Unique Insight Into The Only Emotion That Really Matters I Am Nothing Special, Of This I Am Sure I Am A Common Man With Common Thoughts And I Ve Led A Common Life There Are No Monuments Dedicated To Me And My Name Will Soon Be Forgotten, But I Ve Loved Another With All My Heart And Soul, And To Me, This Has Always Been Enough And So Begins One Of The Most Poignant And Compelling Love Stories You Will Ever ReadThe Notebook image error I love the movie, but if you think that was sappy, do not pick up this book I heard Nicholas Sparks had a knack for sap, but I almost drowned in it and felt no spark at all The book was so frustratingly simple and obvious and laid out The dialoque droned I ll come back and add a real quote, but it was something like this Do you want to stay for dinner he asked, wondering what she would say Okay, she said, and than asked, What should we eat Crabs, he said She never had crabs They began to cook the crabs etc There is a quiver in his loins when he sees her in her transparent white dress as well Oh and the two become one when they make love.And then she is forced to leave when her fiance pays a surprise visit to down and she struggles to drive through her tears, but fights through the blurry vision because she is a strong woman like her mother lalalalala Could the book be any contrived and gimicky Who rated this above a one And please enlighten me.Gag, gag, awful writing, what a frustrating bore He left nothing to the imagination Unless you like getting dumber by the minute, don t pick this one up. I read this book on a train from Italy to somewhere else in Europe after graduating from college I was unfortunate enough to be forced to buy it because there were no other English Language novels to choose from.I know this is a beloved book, by a beloved author, but if I could give it any sort of negative rating, I would The Gag me with a spoon category is almost too kind My apologies to any one who likes Nicholas Sparks if you re able to find the genius in his writing, power to you When I heard the plot an old man is reliving his personal history with the love of his life as she suffers from dementia I had much hope for a touching story Esh I was sorely disappointed.My favorite memory is reading the scene between the two young and I m assuming attractive loversthey are in a boat on a lake, romantic setting, yes It starts to rain She s wearing a white dress We have to get you inside where it s warmbetter remove those wet clothes, you ll catch a cold Commence eye rolling now.After reading the book, I passed it on to my now husband, who was also on the train Keep in mind, there were no other English options He starts to comment, Oh, they re on the lake in a boatokay, it s rainingoh geeze, why do you girls read this crap And that s what I think about this bookwhy would anyone read this unless there were no other choices I m just gonna say it I expected less.Not being inexperienced in the reading of Nicholas Sparks novels, I somewhat knew this book would contain tons and tons of corny and cheesy replies and gestures But NOT in every single paragraph I m not one to discard the idea of soul mates, after all the young adult readings that I have done, but when something is too wonderful and perfect, it s annoying than cute So there is too much of that.Also, the plot is so weirdly shaped It starts with Noah as an elderly, in the first person, then it continues in the 3rd person with Noah in his thirties, and it finally ends with elderly Noah in the first person again I know why the author did that and it s pretty ingenious when you globally think about it but reading it is a different story The 3rd person part of the story is cut at the most decisive moment and that is utterly outraging Moreover, when Noah sees Allie again, she is engaged to a super rich attorney That super rich attorney, to whom I forgot the name of, is madly stressed out when he discovers that Allie has been with Noah the whole time she claimed to needing time to make some purchases in a specific city So what does he do He runs to her and tries to win her back But does he ever turn against Noah Bah Noah is an angel, how can anyone despise him And finally, the mother Allie s mother She disapproved of them as a couple when they were in their teen years, but now than a dozen years later she doesn t even blink when she learns Allie has gone back to Noah and never tries to talk Allie into going back to her super rich attorney So not realistic Basically, this book is made of rainbows and sunshine Not my favorite combination I expected less of that.Sigh.