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Wait! WTH??? This isn't out yet?? I went to download this and NO!. Not out.

*Veruca Salt style tantrum taking place. "I want it NOW!"

**off to find Veruca Salt gif **
UPD: July 3 2014??? Is it a joke??? 20 fucking 14???? nonononononono(((((

Three weeks till my next Terrible fix!!!
 photo tumblrm56toazfzd1qht847zps86433b50.gif [Read Epub] ♌ Unholy Luck ♓ Book Six In The Downside Ghosts Series

"YES, DownsideIs Happening, And I Am Working On It Carpal Tunnel Has Been Limiting My Worktimewordcount A Bit, But I’m Doing Better" ~ Stacia Kane Jan

There Is No Book Release Date Dear Stacia,

You and this series are not forgotten! As a matter of fact I keep checking if maybe, just maybe, this book is already out!

Waiting breathlessly, Aury.

I cannot wait... Expected July 3rd, 2014... This is too long away!

I need Chess and Terrible, like now. More Chess and, more importantly, Terrible!

*happy dance* Posted on Stacia Kane's blog on April 21st (2016):

"And guys, I am working on Downside 6, okay? I will announce news about it as soon as I have some." I think it’s very sad when authors don’t finish their series’. ☹️I really liked Chess and Terrible, I was hoping she’d get clean and they’d live happily ever after. Oh well, on to the next Update July 2018There is something pretty incredible about the simple fact that I still think about these characters. Stacia, girl, you got this!

Update December 2017Well, I see there is a new publish date of December 2018. I've waited four years, what's one more?

Update June 2014"According to S. Kane's blog of 6/9/14, there is no set release date for book 6, which she is still working on."


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I know Ishouldn't bebut I'm entirely too upset about this.

July 2014 release date but no title, cover or synopsis yet?

 photo anigifenhancedbuzz25432139448237333zpsb23b4eee.gif Thud. My heart just stopped.

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