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[[ Read Kindle ]] ð Nightingale (Bigtime, #4) ⚶ Anxious Brides Drunken Businessmen Panicked Partygoers As Bigtime, New York S Premiere Event Planner, Abby Appleby Is Capable Of Handling Almost Any Crisis, But Even She S Not Prepared When She Finds Herself In The Middle Of A Fight Between Superhero Talon And His Ubervillain Nemesis Bandit Abby Manages To Save Talon, But The Superhero Is Temporarily Blinded, So She Takes Him Back To Her Loft, Where The Two Wait Out A Snowstorm During A Blizzard That Shuts Down The City, Abby And Talon Grow Close, And He Starts Calling Her Nightingale Because Of Her Love Of Music And SingingBut Abby Is Afraid Of What Talon Will Think When He Can See The Real Her, So She Conceals Her Identity From The Sexy Superhero, And They Go Their Separate Ways However, Abby Discovers That Talon Is Looking For Nightingale, Looking For Her And So Is Bandit The Mercenary Ubervillain Thinks That Abby Has Information That Belongs To His Boss, The Mysterious Tycoon Abby Knows That She S In Serious Trouble And That Not Even Talon Or The Fearless Five May Be Able To Save Her Just a fun, easy read. How do you not love the Bigtime series With superheroes and ubervillians galore, and this one is no different with typical over the top fun, humor, and Easter eggs to find of references to her other series Event planner Abby feels invisible as she micromanages every event she plans for the rich patrons of Bigtime, New York Whether planning a birthday party, a wedding, or a funeral, she handles every crisis that comes her way with her handy dandy vest with pockets filled with everything from lipstick to tissues to designer drugs to condoms No superpowers for her except for perfectionism, anal retentiveness, and the ability to yell to get things accomplishedand oh yeah, because of an accident, she has super senses hearing, sight, smell, touch that drive her to distraction with migraines.After one such event, she saves a superhero, Talon, but in the process he is both shot and temporarily blinded Snowed in, she fixes his wounds, and then she and he get to know each otherbut neither really knows who the other one truly is She calls herself Wren a boring, brown bird he calls her Nightingale for her singing voice , and he is protected by his mask.She figures out his true identity, but hides herself away so that she won t be hurt Can the two work it out Could there be love between the two, or will hearts be broken All the favorites superheroes from the previous novels the Fearless Five, etc make cameo appearances, but it is ultimately Abby and Talon taking on some bad guys and finding love.Always fun readswith a few laughs, a few tears, and lots of Fiona Fine dresses. I had really mixed feelings about this one I have loved the Bigtime books so far, especially Karma Girl and Jinx, and there were so many things to love about this one too the silly comic book obliviousness to secret identities, the name alliteration, the outlandish schemes on the part of the ubervillains, they were all there I think the main reason I couldn t get into this one was Abby herself It s really hard to like a character who runs around screaming at people all the time, and while I don t have a problem with characters who are insecure, as I believe most of us are insecure, when it s your insecurity vs giving up a flash drive that could save the city, you re just going to have to be insecure, babe She was so wrapped up in her own insecurities, it frequently came off as self aborbed, especially once she realized the flash drive needed to be returned.One of my other issues with some of the Bigtime books is the lack of screen time the characters get as a couple I get that Abby and Talon spent time together in her apartment when he was blinded, but after that, I think they had only a couple of meaningful scenes together and I was suddenly supposed to believe not only that Abby loved him, but that he loved her too I didn t get it I didn t feel it.Then again, these books are sort of like spoofs of comic books, so I almost wonder if that s a conscious choice on Jennifer Estep s part After all, comic book characters frequently fall for each other without knowing who is behind the mask Suddenly thinking of Black Canary and Batman hooking up in one of Frank Miller s comics, with Batman narrating We keep the masks on It s better that way. Snicker.Anyway, for the record, I do enjoy the crap out of the Bigtime books and I m hoping, since Estep s Frost series seems to be wrapping up has the last book come out yet I want to say it is, and if not then the release date has been announced at least , that she ll give us a Kyle Quicke Piper Perez story before she wraps up the Bigtime world Then again, I m in no hurry to lose the Bigtime world, so if she wants to keep writing after that, it will be okay by me. Check out all my reviews on My BlogThe 4th book in the Bigtime series Abby Appleby is the premier event planner in Bigtime and she prides herself on being prepared for any contingency during those events but what she wasn t prepared for was seeing Talon going head to head with Bandit in the alley on her way home from an event She manages to save Talon but his eyesight has been compromised and he was shot but since she can t take him to the hospital since it would endanger everyone there, she takes him home to nurse him back to health It s just the sort of thing she is perfectly capable of but she doesn t count on falling in love with the superhero while he s there She figures he is a millionaire and not someone who would ever be interested in a mere event planner like her so before he is fully healed, she drops him off where he ll be found but before he can figure out who she really is All he really knows when he wakes up is that he was nursed back to health by his Nightingale who sings with a beautiful voice and loves music and he desperately wants to find her but no one seems to have the faintest idea who she might be When Abby figures out who Talon really is and that he is looking for her, will she come clean Basic romance story but again we have a lot of repetitive, and many times destructive, inner monologuing I got the series cheaply so I finished it but I don t think I ll be racing to the bookstore to buy in the series should they ever come out The world is interesting and fun but I m not a fan of her way of dealing with the romances in this world I will say I did get a little chuckle out of the characters here ordering food all the way from The Pork Pit in Ashland which is a nod to her Elemental Assassin series.