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Finally, a popular science book that was interesting, informative, and well written As someone who enjoys science, but doesn t have much of a scientific education, I found the explanations in this book perfectly easy to understand I especially appreciated the discussions on physics and why certain pseudo scientific ideas can t be right unless all of understood physics are wrong I thought the sections on homeopathic medicine and EMF radiation were especially effectively written.The one thing that stood out as kind of odd to me is the chapter on space and space exploration It doesn t seem to fit into the flow of the rest of the book, and reads like it was jammed in as an afterthought It s a good chapter, explaining why the billions of dollars that have been spent on various space programs have not returned enough scientific results to be worth it However, a better fit with the topic of the book, in my opinion, would have been an examination of something like the moon hoax theories and why they re wrong I hadn t thought about the lack of results from the money spent on manned missions to space, so I appreciated that, but the chapter lacked coherence with the rest of the book.Overall, a great popular science book, especially for people interested in physics and crank and pseudo scientists involved with cold fusion and perpetual motion machines.Because I read the paper edition of this book, I am including my highlights here I came to realize that many people choose scientific beliefs the same way they choose to be Methodists, or Democrats, or Chicago Cubs fans They judge science by how well it agrees with the way they want the world to be p ix The most common of all follies, wrote H.L Mencken, is to believe passionately in the palpably untrue p 31People will work every bit as hard to fool themselves as they will to fool others which makes it very difficult to tell just where the line between foolishness and rad is located p 31It is not so much knowledge of science that the public needs as a scientific worldview an understanding that we live in an orderly universe, governed by physical laws that cannot be circumvented p 40Simplistic arguments and homespun humor are effective in such a debate than citing the laws of thermodynamics Debate has a way of seeming to elevate a controversy into an argument between scientific equals It is an arena made for voodoo science p 42 3 Re homeopathic medicine To be precise, at a dilution of 30X you would have to drink 7,574 gallons of the solution to expect to get just one molecule of the medicine p 53Few scientists or inventors set out to commit fraud In the beginning, most believe they have made a great discovery But what happens when they finally realize that things are not behaving as they believed p 104It is ingrained in the American character to believe that a simple, virtuous man can accomplish things that are beyond the reach of closed minded, so called experts p 108it never pays to underestimate the human capacity for self deception p 122The officials at the utility companies who were responsible for venture capital investments mistrusted the authority of science That s not the same as mistrusting scientists You should mistrust scientists all sorts of outrageous claims are made by people who represent themselves as scientists p 135Whether electromagnetic radiation is ionizing is independent of the intensity, or number, of photons it depends only on the energy of the individual photons Breaking a chemical bond with a photon is like throwing stones at something on the other side of a river If you can t throw that far, it won t matter how many stones you throw p 147It is a general rule in epidemiology that if a better measure of a suspected agent results in a lower risk, there is almost certainly an unidentified confounding factor p 156That depends, of course, on what you mean by possible Richard Wilson, a Harvard physicist who had researched the problem, illustrated possible this way Suppose someone tells you a dog is running down the center of Fifth Avenue You might think it unusual, but it s certainly possible, and you would have no reason to doubt the story If the claim is that it s a lion running down Fifth Avenue, it s still possible, but you would probably want some sort of supporting evidence perhaps a report of a lion escaping from the Bronx Zoo But if someone tells you a stegosaurus is running down Fifth Avenue, you would assume that he s mistaken In some sense it might be possible the he s seen a stegosaurus, but it s far likely that he saw a fog and thought it was a stegosaurus Indeed, most reasonable people would agree that the possibility that there could really be a stegosaurus running down Fifth Avenue is too small to even bother checking out p 160 161In the long run, however, episodes like Roswell leave the government almost powerless to reassure its citizens in the face of far fetched conspiracy theories and pseudoscientific hogwash p 181Galaxies collided, stars exploded, worlds were obliterated Humans were powerless before such forces But terror mingled with wonder Wonder that fragile, self replicating specks of matter, trapped on a tiny planet for a few dozen orbits about an undistinguished star among countless other stars in one of billions of galaxies, have managed to figure all this out That is perhaps the strangest thing about the universe Strange and very wonderful p 213 A MUST read SERIOUSLY.Very much a fan of his explanations on homeopathic medicine and energy field cleansing, not to mention how the media dumbs down society in terms of actual scientific logic, findings and theory Some of it was a little heady for me because I am NOT strong personally in science, so I had to backtrack a little when I realized my comprehension was down EMBARAAAASSING.I liked that he explained WHY we want to believe in voodoo pseudo junk science though his personal lack of belief in God was apparent and he didn t give ANY credence to believe he wasn t in your face about it, but stated it as fact that there ISN T a god which to me, it very much IS NOT fact He exists Was glad to be brought up to date on how the judicial system effects all this.SERIOUSLY READ THIS BOOK. [Free Epub] ☭ Voodoo Science: The Road from Foolishness to Fraud ♪ In A Time Of Dazzling Scientific Progress, How Can We Separate Genuine Breakthroughs From The Noisy Gaggle Of False Claims From Deepak Chopra S Quantum Alternative To Growing Old To Unwarranted Hype Surrounding The International Space Station, Robert Park Leads Us Down The Back Alleys Of Fringe Science, Through The Gleaming Corridors Of Washington Power And Even Into Our Evolutionary Past To Search Out The Origins Of Voodoo Science Along The Way, He Offers Simple And Engaging Science Lessons, Proving That You Don T Have To Be A Scientist To Spot The Fraudulent Science That Swirls Around Us While Remaining Highly Humorous, This Hard Hitting Account Also Tallies The Cost The Billions Spent On Worthless Therapies, The Tax Dollars Squandered On Government Projects That Are Doomed To Fail, The Investors Bilked By Schemes That Violate The Most Fundamental Laws Of Nature But The Greatest Cost Is Human Fear Of Imaginary Dangers, Reliance On Magical Cures, And Above All, A Mistaken View Of How The World Works To Expose The Forces That Sustain Voodoo Science, Park Examines The Role Of The Media, The Courts, Bureaucrats And Politicians, As Well As The Scientific Community Scientists Argue That The Cure Is To Raise General Scientific Literacy But What Exactly Should A Scientifically Literate Society Know Park Argues That The Public Does Not Need A Specific Knowledge Of Science So Much As A Scientific World View An Understanding That We Live In An Orderly Universe Governed By Natural Laws That Cannot Be Circumvented Science Is there anything it can t do Voodoo Science offered an in depth look into the pseudoscience the plagues the National conscious The book examined some of the popular aspects of pseudoscience i.e perpetual motion machines, homeopathy, Roswell, etc and the reasons why such claims are inherently false Throughout the book a nod is given to the scientific method, as well as a sobering account of why such a method is importance.Scientists are not cast as infallible, but rather as humble and logical and not beyond corruption If they are wrong, they step down, pseudoscience occurs when they do not The logic of the book was what attracted me, and the patience with which it viewed those who step outside of the scientific bounds Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone who is searching for an explanation of why scientists should be respected, and why their work is as important as it is. This book is written not so much for scientists but for anyone with an interest in scientific misconduct fraud Robert Park writes in Voodoo Science that voodoo science has a way of evolving from self delusion to fraud He uses the term voodoo science to cover them all pathological science, junk science, pseudoscience, and fraudulent science In pathological science, scientists fool themselves Junk science refers to scientists who use their expertise to befuddle and mislead others one example lawyers Pseudoscience has the trappings of science without any evidence Fraudulent science is old fashioned lying.Well written entertaining chapters cover everything from cold fusion to homeopathy A chapter on Star Wars explores junk science that often hides behind official secrecy in the armed forces Written before the 2003 shuttle accident, Park also argues that space science would be most efficiently accomplished using space robots Politicians and the American public love astronauts, so we waste billions of dollars on manned space missions.And what would a book on scientific fraud be without a chapter on perpetual motion Recommended very entertaining read.My rating 4.5 5 Voodoo Science pathological science, junk science, pseudoscience, fraudulent science Cold fusion. There is a part which mentions pseudosymmetry, which is a term coined Christopher Toumey in Conjuring Science This is the illusion that scientists are equally divided on claims that may have little or no scientific support Even in strength training, so much simpler than physics, I am always telling people, There is no debate here, in regards to ridiculous claims and ideas for which people imagine there are two sides, equal in expertise and number, arguing about it Fun read. Voodooscience. This highly readable book is an excellent discussion of how the lack of scientific literacy in America affects all of us Physicist Robert Park begins this wide survey of bad science with a discussion of how the media is helping to confuse Americans by regularly covering stories of exciting, but highly improbable, scientific claims In a detailed discussion of the cold fusion disaster of 1989, he then goes on to look at basic human nature and how wishful thinking on the part of a scientist can lead from self delusion to fraud with remarkable speed.Though Park discusses some of the usual suspects such as homeopathy, astrology, and Deepak Chopra s quantum stretches, he also spends a lot of time looking at conventional scientific issues such as the manned space program Park eloquently explains how politics, national pride and emotion have contributed to the wasting billions of dollars on a program that is from a scientific standpoint totally not worth it.The chapter that I enjoyed the most is the one in which Park did a detailed breakdown of the EMF scare that began when a seriously flawed study showed a correlation between rates of childhood leukemia and the proximity of power lines Park explains how that one flawed study, combined with an overzealous reporter trying to sell books, kept that fear alive for decades, causing great suffering to both parents and those with houses near suspect power lines, not to mention the diversion of enormous amounts of money to numerous follow up studies that ultimately showed that there was absolutely no connection.Despite the findings of solid science on the EMF cancer connection, the fear may well have been kept alive by hungry lawyers looking for the next big tort payday had it not been for some positive developments in how the courts relate to matters of science Strong precedent has now been set requiring any science testimony admitted to an argument to be based on sound, accepted principles and not simply on some fringe scientists willingness to say that anything might cause cancer in exchange for a paycheck Despite this very positive step, Park s book makes it clear that the public s lack of basic scientific literacy allows people to be exploited and manipulated in unacceptable ways Though parts of the book go into scientific detail than I generally find interesting, Park s argument is so compelling I made a point of re reading these sections, making sure I understood them, so that I hopefully will no longer be part of the problem. In 1983, Robert Park, then chairman of the Department of Physics at the University of Maryland, agreed to set up and direct a Washington office of public affairs for the American Physics Society This book evolved as a result of his continuing efforts in that role for the next 16 years, synthesizing material from weekly bulletins, op ed columns and various articles in the popular press Park is refreshingly clear that he is not writing for other scientists His target audience is the general, non specialist, reader and one of the many appealing qualities of this book is his skill in writing at an appropriate level for that target readership I liked this book a lot It lacks the stridency and tone of superiority that mar Damian Thompson s Counterknowledge , and the writing is disciplined than that in Shermer s Why People Believe Weird Things Although it covers similar ground, Park s book has of a hard science focus than the other two, possibly reflecting his background as a physicist Other welcome features in the book, traceable to the author s role as public affairs liaison, are a discussion of the role of bad science reporting in promulgating scientific nonsense and consideration of the interface between science and public policy The material in Voodoo Science is thus a useful complement to Shermer s book I don t really recommend Counterknowledge Thompson does an adequate job, but his supercilious tone throughout makes him insufferable To give an idea of the scope of Voodoo Science , it seems easiest to give the chapter headings 1 It s not news, it s entertainment science coverage in the media, with particular attention given to cold fusion 2 The belief gene science as a strategy for sorting out the truth 3 Placebos have side effects homeopathy, natural medicine , and other bogus remedies 4 The virtual astronaut public policy and space exploration 5 There ought to be a law in which congress seeks to repeal the laws of thermodynamics 6 Perpetuum mobile 7 Currents of fear power lines, electromagnetic fields, and cancer 8 Judgment day the courts confront junk science 9 Only mushrooms grow in the dark how official secrecy can protect voodoo science 10 How strange is the universe ancient superstitions reappear as pseudoscience Homeopathy, cold fusion, healing magnets, Deepak Chopra s quantum alternative to growing old , extra sensory perception, the Strategic Defense Initiative Star Wars , government coverups of alien autopsies, X ray lasers, spurious cancer clusters , Belgian sniffer planes alleged to be able to detect oilfields from on high , and a dazzling array of perpetual motion machines they re all here in this amusing, well written book.