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So far I m loving this book Review forthcoming on received a copy of Forsaken Protector as a part of the Holding Out For a Superhero box set in exchange for my review.Symone has lived away from the people she cares about because of her power Touching someone gives them a shock to the point where they ll most likely die That is until she meets Garrett Sent to track her down and drag her back to Peter Reeser, the man responsible for her powers, Garrett can t help but feel that something is off with his job Thinking that working with Symone rather than Reeser will help his brother , Garrett sets them down a path that makes Symone see that she can touch people, and when she touches Garrett the chemistry between them explodes.I really enjoyed Forsaken Protector and it made me wish that I d heard of Nana Malone s books before and that I had a smaller TBR list so that I could read them I thought that Malone really dragged you into her world and it was hard not to get involved with the characters and their stories.The chemistry and relationship between Garrett and Symone was intense, and it didn t seem to just be because Symone could touch him In fact it almost came across as if they were a predestined pair and were just coming together I thought that their relationship worked, though Symone did get over her insecurities a tad quickly about admitting that she cared for Garrett but I didn t think that was that bad.Forsaken Protector is book 2 of a series, and I m not too sure how I feel about that in a box set though Agent M4 Riordan by Joni Hahn is also a sequel but I d already read it along with books 1 3 of the series so it is slightly different I don t think I lost anything reading Forsaken Protector as a stand alone, but I think that knowing the background from the other books would help.However I did get a good idea of what and how the powers of the characters were created and how they manifested within people I thought that that did work well in the story and was certainly interesting to consider that not all the people who have superpowers actually have them voluntarily.This was a good read, and I hope that at some point fairly soon I ll be able to read from the author @EBOOK Á Forsaken Protector (Protectors, #2) Á The Enemy Of Her Enemy Is Her Friend Almost One Year After Escaping Gentech Facilities, Symone Jackson Lives In The Shadows With Her Nightmares Thanks To Horrible Genetics Experiments At The Hand Of Peter Reeser, Her Mere Touch Is Lethal It May Be Safer To Stay In The Darkness, But Despite The Monster She Has Become, She Wants To Be The Hero And Only One Man Can Help Her Garrett Hunter Thought He Was One Of The Good Guys, But On Routine Surveillance Of A Suspected Terrorist, He Discovers The Awful Truth He S Not The Only Super Human Around When Peter Reeser Gave Him The Opportunity To Beat A Debilitating Illness He Jumped At The Chance But His Decision To Save The Enemy Symone Jackson Will Endanger The Only Family He Has The Way To Salvation Is With Garrett S Help Can Symone Overcome Her Mistrust And Stop Living In The Shadows Or Will Her Nightmares Become Reality It s been a year since Gentech Facilities went down Symone Jackson has been dealing with the repercussions of the experiments Peter Reeser conducted upon her Her touch renders anyone she touches unconscious and, in some instances, it s been known to kill Afraid of getting close to someone, she s decided to live on her own in hopes of keeping those she loves safe and out of harm s way.While out one day, she comes to another girl s rescue who s caught in throes of a gang war where it s either do as they tell you or suffer the consequences Symone knows she should have left well enough alone, but the mother hen in her will not allow her to rest until she makes sure the girl is safe Her actions, unfortunately, have dire consequences when a mercenary locks on to her trail with the intent on capturing her, once and for all It s then that Symone realizes there s at stake than she ever knew.Against his better judgment, Garret Hunter keeps tabs on his target wherever she goes Granted, she eludes him whenever possible, but it s only a matter of time until he finds out her exact location Observing her every move, her every action goes against what he s been told She s kind and considerate and does her best to protect those she thinks need protection.Ever since he can remember, he s been told she s a terrorist that needs to be taken down Deep inside, though, he knows it s not true Symone Jackson is nothing like the person she s been painted to be Her goodness and her beauty draw him to her, inciting his inner urges to know exactly what she feels like.Clashing with the enemy, Symone is startled to find that he s immune to her powers To some extent, anyway She wants to believe he s the bad guy, but her instincts tell her he s far from that Most especially when he does his best to show her he s not there to hurt her It s only then that his actions go farther than words can say.Banding together in hopes of taking Peter down, once and for all, she, Garret, and the others are prepared for anything Cassie s brother throws their way At least, that s what they want to believe When others are caught in the crossfire, they soon realize Peter s intentions are far sinister than they gave him credit for.This was such an awesome continuation of the Reluctant Protector I think Nana Malone has written such a wonderful series, one that will draw you in from the moment you begin reading If you haven t given this series a chance, you should It s like X Men but with a deeper and satisfying twist I definitely recommend it. This book is so Dark Angel meets Heroes I loved the first one in the series and looked forward to the sequel for months It didn t disappoint Again, Miss Malone delivered on action, romance and steam Symone is a tough cookie She reminds me of Mira on Terra Nova The love story with Garrett is layered and complex I hope I don t have to wait too long for the next in the series. I stayed up to read this I have no patience so the moment I snapped it Up, I got to reading Which was problematic for my husband as he wasted to chit chat last night.Okay, so first the good The plot was tight It was a seamless transition from the first book to this book I had wondered where she would take it.The action as always with Miss Malone was fantastic You know that thing you do where you sit forward when you get to a suspenseful action part That was me Symone and Garrett have some great fight scenes The first time they meet was awesome The heat level spicy, though I think maybe it was a little toned down with this book in the series Either way, it was still hot We got a glimpse into new characters and perhaps the direction for the new series Now the bad not enough Cassie and Seth Honestly that s what kept me from giving this a five They made there cameos and you got to see where they were in their life, but the scenes with them were too short I wanted Though, I do understand, it s a series and everyone needs their turn, I wanted to reminisce with old friends.Other than that, this was a blast Can t what for the next one. well done, can t wait for a sequel. Holding Out for a Superhero A Multi Author Box Set CR TICAConclu a leitura de Forsaken Protector a 26 de junho de 2012 Tal como ao primeiro volume da s rie, dou lhe quatro estrelas.N o tenho muito a acrescentar entre este livro e o primeiro da saga Embora este seja a continua o do primeiro, ambos muito semelhantes no que diz respeito linha condutora da hist ria h algu m com poderes, apaixonam se inexplicavelmente, passam momentos t rridos de paix o O que quero destacar ent o este ltimo ponto A autora descreve cenas muito gr ficas sobre o relacionamento entre as personagens Creio que as cenas est o muito bem conseguidas, pois Nana Malone n o se co be de escrever o que acha que aconteceria se aquele fosse um acontecimento real, recorrendo a imagens expl citas e ao tipo de linguagem que cr que seria utilizado Acho que eu n o seria capaz de escrever cenas como essas sou demasiado p dica, lol REVIEWI finished reading Forsaken Protector on June 26, 2012 Like the first volume of the series, I rate it four stars.I don t have much to add to this book after the first of the saga Although this is the continuation of the first one, both are both very similar in what comes to the conductive line of the story there is someone with powers, inexplicably they fall in love, they spend torrid moments of passionWhat I want to stress this last point is then The author describes very graphic scenes about the relationship between the characters I think the scenes are very well achieved, as Nana Malone does not shy away from writing what she thinks would happen if this were an actual event, using graphic images and the kind of language that she believes would be used I think I wouldn t be able to write scenes like these I m too prudish, lol Originally published at Reading RealityForsaken Protector is superhero romance than paranormal romance, with a little bit maybe a lot of science fiction by way of genetic manipulation thrown in for very good measure And it so works.Gentech Labs has been shut down for a year when Forsaken Protector begins For that story, get Reluctant Protector It s good and it s free But the young men and women that Peter Reeser used in his genetic experiments have been altered for life, against their wills and without their permission They just have to live with the powerful, unpredictable and sometimes awful results.Symone Jackson received one of the awful results Enhanced strength and speed, the ability to heal herself, and one nasty side effect Anyone she touches gets an electric shock A potentially lethal electric jolt Sort of like one of the X Men, Storm, but with way less control over her powers Symone can t touch anyone without barriers No hugs, no kisses, no lovers She can t lose control Ever.Symone is being watched Garrett Hunter has a mission to capture the computer hacker terrorist Symone Jackson Only problem is that none of his target s behavior matches that of a terrorist She works at a youth center, counseling teens to stay off the streets, she feeds stray cats, she goes to the library But when she stops a gang of street toughs from assaulting a girl, Garrett knows for certain he s been lied to Terrorists don t stop would be rapists And no one else besides his unit is supposed to have the same kind of powers that he has Powers that he s just watched Symone demonstrate in no uncertain terms.Among his powers, Garrett is an empath He hates liars And his mission just went totally pear shaped.Garrett knows about the genetic experimentation He went to Symcore Industries and asked to be part of a new military program His career in the military was ending, and not by his choice he was in the beginning stages of ALS, Lou Gehrig s disease The super soldier program didn t just cure him it made him stronger, faster, and gave him X Men type powers like empathy But he d been told that his unit was the first group in the experiment Now he knew something was off He just wondered how much.And Symcore had his kid brother, Michael Their family has a history of the disease Garrett went into the program, not just to save himself, but also in the hope that Symcore could find a cure for Michael before the disease got him, too But Garrett knows that if there is one lie, there are usually He has to talk with Symone, and find out if anything he was told is the truth.And as soon as they try to communicate all hell break loose He knows she s telling the truth He can feel it And Symone knows that he s been altered, just like she has And that the experiments are still going on.And one thing Whatever form the power has taken in Garrett, Symone can touch him All over And isn t that a complication she didn t need when a whole set of super soldiers is chasing after her.Except now she has one on her side If she can bring herself to trust him If she can afford to let herself care.And if Garrett s former buddies don t get them both killed before they can get to safety If there is any safety left.Escape Rating B Think of Nana Malone s Protectors series as the X Men with romance instead of philosophy, and you ve got a good picture Or maybe Lora Leigh s Breed series, substituting superpowers for shapeshifting Or mix well and stir.But definitely those two things tossed together to make a delicious and hot and steamy story The genetic experiment gets superpowers, and the kids were unwilling lab rats, and tortured That s from Reluctant Protector Peter Reeser was a psychopath sociopath, a couple of other paths, but brilliant.Anytime you have a military contractor looking to make super soldiers, something always gets out of control, and that s where Symcore comes in Garrett signs up willingly, but it doesn t end there And that whole need to know covers a lot of sins Once he starts asking questions, he gets burned.There s a bit of the fated mate trope hinted at I m not sure whether they are, or it just feels like it Whether anyone from the program could have helped Symone figure out how to control her powers, or whether it had to be Garrett Maybe we ll find out in later stories.Overall, both books in the series have been tremendous fun.