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The author organizes the information really well to be able to understand But you have to wonder if he isn t a bit biased to one side. #FREE EBOOK õ A Problem of Evidence: How the Prosecution Freed O.J. Simpson ⛓ A Startling, Fresh Look At What Happened On The Night Nicole Brown Simpson And Ronald Goldman Were Killed And How It Led To A Terrible Miscarriage Of Justice Veteran Journalist Bosco Explains How And Why The Police And The Prosecutors Covered Up And Altered The Evidence He Believes Was Found At The Scene Of The Simpson Goldman MurdersPhotos this book was all over the placein the end, it did provide a good example of how bad of a job the prosecution did, but it took a while to get there. This is the only book you need to read if you re wondering HOW the prosecution could blow the OJ case Seeing the recent miniseries on the O.J Simpson murder case spurred me to read, and in some cases re read, a number of the books written about the trial This book, published in 1996, was one that I had not seen before The author presents an interesting and sometimes confusing mix of theories and conclusions for example, although he thinks O.J probably committed the murders, he also thinks it s possible that the LAPD could have done all that elaborate planting of evidence as well additionally, he joins the chorus of other authors who criticize the prosecutors for the many mistakes and errors in judgment that they made It was an interesting book because of the opinions expressed in a way very different from any of the dozen or so other books that I have read about the case On the other hand, I found myself wishing the author would just pick a side and stick to it 41 of 120 books pledged to read review during 2016