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lots of helpful tips and ideas that I want to try out. DOWNLOAD ☮ Don't Keep Me A Secret: Proven Tactics to Get Referrals and Introductions ♚ Create An Army Of Advocates For You And Your BusinessWord Of Mouth, Person To Person Connections Matter To Your Success Than All The Hard Sell Strategies In The World This Ingenious Self Marketing Guide By America S Referral Guru Reveals Surefire Secrets That Will Help You To Identify, And Successfully Meet, Hundreds Of High Quality Referrals Without Spending A Dime, You Can Shorten Your Sales Cycle, Increase Your Profits, And Expand Your Network Of Friends And Contacts By Giving Them Something To Talk About You Will DiscoverThe Deadly Referral Mistakes And How To Avoid Them Ways To Get Great Prospects Calling You Social Prospecting Ideas That Generate Referrals Tactics For Stronger IntroductionsPLUS The Point VIPS MethodTM For Asking For ReferralsWhether You Re A Small Business Owner, Self Employed Worker, Or Company Salesperson, Referrals Are The Most Inexpensive And Effective Way To Drum Up Business With Cates Techniques, You Can Establish A Real Name For Yourself By Making Connections, And Money, Than You Ever Thought Possible I Dare You To Read This Book And Not Come Away With A Dozen Or Ideas You Can Put To Use Immediately Gerhard Gschwandtner, Publisher, Selling Power Magazine If your in the professional services business this is a good read for developing a referral business Bill Cates created this book which is an additional resource to Get More Referrals Now Both books are essential to helping you achieve the full potential of all of your clients There hasn t really been any system put down into a book before this Instead of stating that you must ask for referrals these books SHOW you how to put methods into place to get referrals Easy, fun, and game changing This is a great quick read Because I am new to network marketing I am reading everything that I can find Repetition is welcomed Some things I needed to see and read again I have stumbled but want to stand and be successful I know I have to market better This quick read gave some great tips It truly helps me to embrace that a closed mouth doesn t get fed Some things discussed are Tactics and strategies to employ to get referrals i.e social prospecting , and planting referral seeds now and reaping later not forgetting the importance of positioning and timing I will be purchasing this book through.