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#READ EPUB á Satans Rapper ⚣ Satan S Rapper Is The Story Of Upcoming Superstar Rapper Sykik, The Hot New MC On ENO Live Records, The Hip Hop Industry S Most Feared And Respected Record Label Sykik Is On The Fast Track To Riches And Finer Things, While Behind The Scenes, His Rise To Fame Is Fuelled By Dark Rituals, Black Magic And Sinister Mind Control Technology All Goes According To Plan, Until Disaster Strikes And Satan S Rapper Finds Himself Fighting For His Very SoulWill Sykik Regain Control And Escape The Evils He Unleashed Or Is It Already Too Late Written By Hip Hop Industry Insider Derek Washington, Satan S Rapper Exposes The Dark Secrets Behind ENO Live Records, Including Blood Sacrifice, Satanic Possession And S Ances To Connect With Spirits From The Realm Of The Dead The Story Is Carried By A Rich Cast Of Characters, Including Young Mixtape Sensation Sykik And His Fellow ENO Live Rappers Camo Rob, Butta Trax And Murda Mistress Under The Tutelage Of Label Owner Nero Salvadore Cashiro And With Help From The Mysterious Occult Spiritist Octavian The Crew Sets Out To Dominate The Rap Game With A Vengeance, And No Holds Barred The back covers states written by a hip hop industry insiderwho has studied ancient Egyptian traditions I m not sure whether the author is trying to imply any truths in this story as an insider however the story deals with some extreme violence and bloody satanic sacrifices in order to maintain success and riches.If this is a work of fiction I think it would have beenproductive particularly for younger impressionable readers to have had apositive example to end on i.e remorse regret learning a lesson and choosing apositive lifestyle rather than ending just as negatively as it started esp regarding Sykik s father and the friends who were waiting there for him at the end..the message in the book seemed to be that that the end justifies the means no morals attachedbut it s only a story at the end of the day. I must admit that one part of this book spooked me so bad one night I barely wanted to go to sleep I do wonder just how fiction the behind the scenes stuff really is..I d recommend this book