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@E-pub ⚹ The Insights Advantage Ø PRAISE FOR THE INSIGHTS ADVANTAGE This Important Work Will Provide The CEO With A Blueprint On How To Compete With Smarter Insights Thomas Harrison, Chairman And CEO Of Diversi Ed Agency Services DAS , An Omnicom Group Inc Division Data And Analytics Are Great, But Only Insofar As They Yield Insights If You Re Serious About Insight Driven Marketing And Sales, You Ll Read This Book And Apply Its Lessons It S Your Rst Step Toward Decisions Based On Valid And Unique Insights About Your Customers Thomas H Davenport, President S Distinguished Professor, Babson College Coauthor Of Competing On Analytics And Analytics At Work Marco Vriens Writes With Authority And Personal Experience On The Strategic Advantage Of Validated Insights This Approach Will Help The Bottom Line For Businesses And Business Units Of All Sizes Christine Betts, General Manager For Microsoft In This Period Of Innovation Anemia And Marketing Data Overload, Marco Vriens Skillfully Written Book Shows Marketers The Necessity And Manner Of Organizing Corporate Business Insights, Which Are Currently All Too Often Hidden In Plain Sight Read The Book, Adopt The Approach, And Prosper Simon Kooiman, CEO Of Knowledge Networks Marco Vriens Lays Out A Blueprint For Generating Business Di Erentiating Insights And How To Pro T From Those Insights This Unique Book Should Be Preferred Reading For Business Decision Makers Sandra Miller, Chief Marketing O Cer Of Health Travel Technologies Companies Are Literally Swimming In Data, But Data Without Insight Or Action Is Just Overhead Marco Vriens Unlocks Some Of The Mysteries Of How Companies Can Turn Raw Data Into Insight For Nancial Gain The Principles In This Book Can Bring A Big Advantage To Your Company Tom Markert, Senior Vice President Of Marketing For The Home Depot Finally, Someone Who Possesses Deep Insight On Insight Has Created A Framework To Help Businesses Extract, Capture And Manage Insights The Insights Advantage Is The Essential Primer On Business Insight Daryl Travis, CEO Of BrandTrust