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I could have enjoyed this book A lot But I had struggles with connecting with the characters, specially Elise Chase how old is she Though she was cool, stubborn, naive and loyal, I still felt like I was on the outside looking in when it comes it Elise Still not over the fact that she has the same as me He was the ghost you never saw coming, death breathing down your neck before you even realized you were in the crosshairs. Breed warrior Tegan than seven centuries of existence was sexy, cold, crude and a killer machine I like that, though even with him, I felt on the outside Also, I had that insane feeling of insta love I mean, sure, they met a few months back, but didn t know each other personally, but when they finally do getpersonal , it only lasted like a couple of days, or a week before I love you entered the picture Overall, this book reminded me of Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R Ward, still good, but not good enough for me, unfortunatelyI wasn t prepared for you, Elise Holy hell not even closeQuick basic facts Genre Adult Paranormal RomanceSeries Series, Book Three Love triangle view spoiler No hide spoiler This is one of those reviews where I have to eat my words I have to say that I really grew to like Elise I didn t think I would care for her as a heroine after the last book in the series, Kiss of Crimson But I found that I liked and respected her She has lost a lot, but rose like a phoenix from the ashes She made herself strong, even though she was raised like a delicate flower in the Chase family, told what to think, how to act, and what she should do with her life Elise suffers terribly when she is around humans, because her inborn psychic ability makes her hear their most violent, ugly, and dark thoughts Despite this, she goes out to hunt and kill Minions, which are the souless humans that have almost been bled dry by the vampires who have given themselves over to Bloodlust, called Rogues Some might view this behavior as TSTL, but I felt that a woman who lost her son to the evils of vampires and their minions would want to wreak vengeance on her enemies So she didn t come off that way to me.I liked Tegan a lot I hate to compare books, but I must say that I don t connect with him as a tortured hero as intensely that I have with some of the other heroes in various other paranormal series that I have read and loved Having said that, he definitely held his own in this book as a formidable warrior with a tortured past, but capable of complete tenderness and gentleness with Elise I think that is what made me like him, was the way the took care of Elise, and showed her respect He did tell her she was risking her life, and had some things to say about that in a very non political way, but I think he showed respect for her need to do something in the war against the rogue vampires I also loved that he was celibate for several centuries after the loss of his breedmate That s devotion I read one book where a hero who was supposed to be so in love with his lost love that he couldn t even wait less than five years before sleeping with some other women I was curious why Ms Adrian paired Tegan with Elise before I read this book, but it totally made sense when I read it On the surface, they seem different, as Elise is a pampered, delicate Breedmate who is a society maven in the Darkhaven communities in which the vampire civilians and their breedmates live , and Tegan is a fierce, rough warrior, seen as a conscienceless killer by many Yet they have a connection and can understand each other because of the losses they have suffered and how those losses changed their lives and their personalities There is a strong bond between Tegan and Elise that is emotional and sexual, that Ms Adrian does a great job of building on I liked that there wasn t the instant sex scene, but the tension builds between them until it explodes like C 4 in the love scenes that occur later in the book.I feel this series is building very well It has an interesting world, but, I admit I like a paranormal romance with creatures in it a little This one just has the offspring of the alien vampires that came to earth millenia ago, went on a bloodthirsty rampage, and sired offspring on human women Having said that, I think Ms Adrian really does a good job with this storyline and reveals layers with each book.The battles in this book are intense and violent There is always the chance that these warriors could die or get wounded The stakes are very high and you hold your breath waiting to see what s going to happen next The villain Marek is a completely despicable, morally bankrupt piece of work, and you want him taken down by the Breed This book kind of wraps up one storyline but leaves things open for the start of another one I definitely need to keep reading to see what s going to happen after this book Also because I am intrigued with the characters of Rio, Andreas Richen, Sterling Chase, Niko, and the new recruit brethren Kade and Brock, and I want to see who they get paired up with Another plus of this series is that there is some ethnic diversity This is another big reason I keep reading these books I will get off my soapbox in a moment I promise I just have to say it s nice to see people of different ethnicities in the paranormal romances Just saying Climbing off the soapbox now If you are looking to read a well written book with formidable warriors, intense action, and a great romance, and you re a fan of vampires, I d recommend the Midnight Breed series to add to your to be read pile. [Free Kindle] ♹ Midnight Awakening ♩ With A Dagger In Her Hand And Vengeance On Her Mind, Darkhaven Beauty Elise Chase Prowls Boston S Streets In Search Of Retribution Against The Rogue Vampires Who Took From Her Everything She Cherished Using An Extraordinary Psychic Gift, She Tracks Her Prey, Well Aware That The Power She Possesses Is Destroying Her She Must Learn To Harness This Gift, And For That She Can Turn To Only One Man The Deadliest Of The Breed Warriors, TeganNo Stranger To Loss, Tegan Knows Elise S Pain He Knows Fury, But When He Slays His Enemies It Is With Ice In His Veins He Is Perfect In His Self Control, Until Elise Seeks His Aid In Her Personal War An Unholy Alliance Is Forged A Bond That Will Link Them By Blood And Vow And Plunge Them Into A Tempest Of Danger, Desire, And The Darkest Passions Of The Heart Midnight Awakening by Lara AdrianGenres Adult, Mystery, Paranormal, Romance, Suspense5 solid starsCan t think of anything to change from my previous review.Although I think I enjoyed reading it even this time around.Review from March 20166 No 7 STARS Exquisitely well written Be prepared, because you will not be able to stop reading I find it amazing that each book in this series gets better than the one before it You will feel completely connected to Tegan and Elise The world building of The Midnight Breed advances in its complexity, all the characters development increase in growth The Order takes on new recruits improving their numbers to fight the Rogues, the suspense and danger accelerates and intensifies The Non stop action will keep you reading till your eyes go bleary and roll up into your head I am tingling with anticipation for what Book 4 has in store. I read the first two book in this series about a year ago, and then I picked back up with this one for a BR and I m glad I did Elise is the widow of an influential Darkhaven Enforcement Agency male who died 5 years ago to make matters worse, her son Camden was turned Rogue bad vamp by the drug crimson that has been circulated among the young vampire community for nefarious purposes when he turned on his mother 4 months ago, his uncle was forced to kill him Since then, Elise has made it her mission to destroy the Rogues responsible for the distribution of the deadly drug Though she is no match for a Rogue, she can definitely handle a minion humans who are under the control of a rogue vampire , so she stalks them and cuts them down headless of her own safety and sanity Elise has the ability to hear others thoughts, and when she ventures out to pursue evil ones, she is not only in danger from them, she is also overwhelmed by the volume of thoughts that run through her head nonstop Even though she is determined to carry out her mission, it takes a significant toll on her to the extent that she is often completely catatonic upon her return to the sketchy apartment complex where she currently resides among the human populous Tegan is one of the very few remaining first gen members of the Order that is tasked with patrolling and ridding the world of the Rogue vampires A first gen is the product of the first vampires who arrived on earth hundreds of years ago they are technically aliens and a human the first gens once sought to rid the world of their sires as they realized how deadly and destructive they were In those battles, many of the sons of the original vamps were killed and subsequently, others have died over the centuries or been lost as Rogues, but Tegan has persevered despite the loss of his Breedmate 500 years ago a loss he considers himself responsible for As such, Tegan is a loner when he fights as well as when he feeds never from females and he is one of the most lethal members of the Order He has locked away his feelings and focuses only on his missions until he encounters Elise on a mission of her own Once he learns that she is putting herself in danger, he is determined to protect her.As Tegan s and Elise s very different worlds collide, they are forced together in an effort to determine what their nemesis is hiding Can they work together in harmony What will happen when they are forced to confront their overwhelming attraction to one another Will either ever allow any one else into his her heart And will any of it matter if a villain capable of wiping out the Order and the Blackhaven rises What I liked Fast moving plot with solid action and mystery suspense The h was equal parts strong and feminine, and the H was the strong, silent, high testosterone level male that makes me lick my lips Steamy goodness What I didn t like as much Without giving away any spoilers, the ending was both satisfying and unsatisfying And anti climactic with respect to one of the villains I felt like the author could have laid a little groundwork for the next book in the installment I don t feel like I know as much about the H and h in that one bc the characters weren t very involved in this onePlot 4 5Main Characters 4.5 5Supporting Cast 3.5 5Steam Level 3.5 5Violence some but not too graphicLanguage not egregiousPOV 3rd Note that steam level is not a rating so much as a how hot was it 0 5 clean 1 5 mild 2 5 sensual but nothing descriptive 3 5 now we re getting somewhere 4 5 yes please 5 5 they did EVERYTHING in this one, y all 3 3 4 For the action Stars Slightly spoilerish view spoiler I absolutely loved the action and the progression the series made I think it s going in a very interesting direction with the villain However, I didn t love the romance in this one I d been looking forward to Tegan s book from he was first on page in book one I probably built him up a little too much before I even started I was disappointed in him He was such an ass and his reformation came after I was already too mad at him Elise was actually not bad She was very clever and kinda kickass I understood her, but she put up with a lot of jackassness from Tegan, so hide spoiler After my disappointment with the last book I read in Adrain s Breedmate series, I wasn t sure if I wanted to go on However, Tegan s character intrigued me from the get go so I couldn t let his book go unread.Elise Chase suffered remarkable loss in recent years The loss of her beloved mate hurt her tremendously but it was the loss of their son that devastated her Determined to avenge his death, she transforms herself from a sheltered aristocrat to an emotionless hunter who will stop at nothing to see the Breed responsible for killing her son dead even if it means destroying her sanity to do so.Tegan knows deep loss as well and something about Elise pulls at his heart a heart he thought long dead When he finds her laid low from her debilitating gift he decides to give her a hand in controlling it.Meanwhile, passion stirs between them and though she awakens something in him, he tries to stay far from it and her Until they are both drawn into a web of intrigue that leads them to the other side of the world and to the very center of the struggle between the rogue vampires out to destroy humankind and the group of warriors who have given their lives to stop them.Something dark and sinister is arising and its far worse than the evil Breed they once considered their arch nemesis.Tegan is the kind of sexy brooding hero that we ve come to love in paranormal romance, and Elise s transformation makes this novel a winner They re coming together is passionate and steamy but I think I enjoyed the intrigue just as much in this one Although still not as favored as some of the other paranormal romance series out there I enjoyed Midnight Awakening and am now anxious to get to the rest of the series Wow..just WOW Until now, if anyone asked, I would have said that Lara Adrien s Midnight Breed series was good but not great I would ve said that it paled in comparison to Ward s BDB I would ve said that it wasn t anything really special Now, I stand corrected Midnight Awakening was something really special and I couldn t put it down What made this book different from the previous two was the incredible off the charts chemistry between Tegan and Elise The previous books waited too long to develop the chemistry between the leads and I felt very disconnected to the characters Not so with these two I wasn t a fan of Elise in the previous book, but I definitely became a huge fan from the first chapter of this book She was an incredible character Fierce, determined, tough, honest, and committed to all the men in her life past and present I loved how she was portrayed and was cheering for her from the first page on.Although I became a fan of Elise.I fell in love with the character of Tegan He hit all my soft spots and all my hot spots I loved that he was such a loner and so removed from all connection with others, and how that gradually started to change as his love for Elise grew and grew I loved his ruthlessness I loved his tenderness I loved his intensity Everything about himworked for me I guess I can safely add him to the list of fictional characters that I wish were real This is a very violent series and the war is not over Many new characters are being introduced and I can t wait for Rio s story This book is a keeper and is my favorite of the seriesby far If I were a vampire, I would totally want to go around killing assholes It would be awesome to cure society s ills every time I wanted a snack Maybe I d even make some sort of spandex suit with a giant V on the front and be some sort of superhero vigilante That would be sweet.And, have you ever noticed how wealthy vampires in all these books seem to be They live in mansions, drive cars that cost than my house, wear designer everything and yet they don t have jobs What the hell But, with my luck, I would end up one of those vampires from Sookie Stackhouse and get stuck living in some shitty trailer park working the night shift at Walmart.If you don t know about Shane, the Walmart employee, you need to check it out He s my hero these vampires are the rich kind And, they don t kill for sport Boring In this book, we have Tegan, a totally badass warrior who lost his wife hundreds of years ago and is an emotionless hardened killer He really is my favorite of all of the guys Something about his cold, unsympathetic heart really makes me swoon.Tegan gets involved with Elise, a lady who lost her husband and son and is on a mission to kill as many minions as she can as revenge.Sorry, guys, you are too played out Time for you to die.They get thrown together because Elise stumbles upon information that will help the brotherhood order figure out what the bad guys are up to Bad guys always have nefarious schemes that include lots of paperwork and clues for the good guys to find It s convenient, really ever heard of going paperless, guys I like both of the main characters, and the story is still good fun I m looking forward to the next book. OH MY FREAKING GOD, I LOVED THIS BOOK It has the perfect mix of romance, action, and the paranormal world to make this a really brilliant read for me Rolling orange fire silhouetted him from behind, backlighting the warrior s broad shoulders and casual, long legged stride As he strolled away from the inferno, the ends of his loose black coat winged out behind him like a cape befitting the prince of darkness himself Holy hell, Brock murmured Tegan Holy hell, Tegan, indeed The third book in the Midnight Breed series gives us the story of the brutal, cold and closed off Gen one warrior who finds his life turned upside down by Elise, introduced in the previous book when her son went missing and turned rogue Well she s back, and hell bent on avenging her son s death When Tegan discovers what she is up to, he feels strangely drawn to protect her and the two of them form an unlikely, unwanted at least on Tegan s part and somewhat shocking alliance in order to uncover an age old secret and stop the bad guy God, I love Tegan and Elise together They seem to be such an unexpected pairing the big, violent, tough guy, and the well bred, sheltered socialite, and at the beginning of the book they seem to have a serious dislike of each other, but there is something between them that they have both felt for a while, but have ignored With both of them struggling with grief from their pasts, things progress slowly and cautiously between them As they both start to recognise what they are feeling, Elise opens up and follows her feelings, while Tegan tries hard to keep her at bay aggressively at first, but it doesn t take long for him to start to melt Their coming together was very natural and beautifully paced, with some serious steam and gorgeous swoony momentsI wasn t prepared for you, Elise Holy hell not even closeandDo I love you Yeah, God help you, but I do Seeing the big, tough guy fall, and fall hard, was awesomeI ll admit it to you now, and to anyone, anytime I need you, Elise I love you You are mine My woman, my mate, my beloved My everything HOLY FREAKING SWOON The Order has a few new recruits, including Sterling Chase, now officially on board, and we see a bit of the Butch Vishous relationship developing between him and Dante OK, that s the only BDB comparison I m going to make just because it s so freaking obvious And we get introduced to Andreas, an old friend of Tegan s who I note gets his own book later in the series very exciting I want to give a shout out to the women in this series They are all very strong, independent women who hook up with hugely Alpha vampires, but they still maintain an equal partnership with their guys They re not really a focus of the story, but as breedmates genetically able to be mated with a vampire , they each have an individual gift that allows them to contribute to the action, and I love that they are so involved With a storyline that takes us from Boston to Berlin and Prague, there is lots of action and intrigue in addition to the swoony romance There is also a nail biting climax that had me swearing loudly and frantically flipping pages, and leaves us with a clue to where the series goes from here and it looks really good This sneaky little series has taken me by surprise and firmly entrenched itself into my list of favourite PNRs Must have