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I never fully connected with the story It felt rushed and empty I was hoping for of a Still Alice type of read I am a bit disappointed with the writer s inability to make this story interesting The recipes probably didn t help Losing someone you ve always felt you could never live without is difficult It doesn t matter whether you lose them unexpectedly or quickly or watch them slowly fade away Alex Witchel has given us a beautifully written, loving and heart wrenching memoir of her mothers life before and during her slowly progressing dementia.I actually enjoyed this book than I expected to Honestly, I half expected to find it dreary and depressing given the subject was something so close to my own heart,.Immediately after my Dad died in 1999, my mom became chronically ill I eventually moved in with her and my baby sister and was moms main caregiver until she passed in 2006 So it was very easy for me to relate to the author with her plight to seek out and provide the best care available for her mom I understood the need for numerous doctor visits, the back and forth discussions with siblings, continuously feeling overwhelmed and utterly responsible for every tiny nuance that affected my mom Like the author, my world orbited around my mom And even though I knew it was going to happen, eventually, I was still surprised and crushed when my sweet momma passed away Even still, there s rarely a day goes by that I don t think about her or wish we could talk and I truly miss the times we shared in the kitchen.As with Alex, many of the memories of my own mother go hand and hand with comfort food and family feasts, celebrations and holiday get togethers So while I related to and appreciated the honesty and rawness of her story, I especially loved the recipes she included at the end of each chapter for dishes mentioned in that chapter Good old fashioned, mother approved, yummy comfort food recipes or refreshments according to the cover By the way, I will be adding crumbled cornflakes to my next meatloaf as well as trying out the Potato Latkes recipe because they sound amazing I received this book in a GoodReads first read giveaway in exchange for my honest review Thank you Goodreads for offering the giveaway opportunity and Riverhead Penguin Group for supplying the book. [Download Ebook] ☪ All Gone ♂ A Daughter S Longing Love Letter To A Mother Who S Slipped Beyond Reach Just Past Seventy, Alex Witchel S Smart, Adoring, Ultracapable Mother Began To Exhibit Undeniable Signs Of Dementia Her Smart, Adoring, Ultracapable Daughter Reacted As She D Been Raised If Something Was Broken, They Would Fix It But As Medical Reality Undid That Hope, And Her Mother Continued The Torturous Process Of Disappearing In Plain Sight, Witchel Retreated To The Kitchen, Trying To Reclaim Her Mother At The Stove By Cooking The Comforting Foods Of Her Childhood Is There Any Contract Tighter Than A Family Recipe Reproducing The Perfect Meat Loaf Was No Panacea, But It Helped Witchel Come To Terms With Her Predicament, The Growing Phenomenon Of Ambiguous Loss Loss Of A Beloved One Who Lives On Gradually She Developed A Deeper Appreciation For All The Ways The Parent She Was Losing Lived On In Her, Starting With The Daily Commandment Tell Me Everything That Happened Today That Started A Future Reporter And Writer On Her Way And She Was Inspired To Turn Her Experience Into This Frank, Bittersweet, And Surprisingly Funny Account That Offers True Balm For An Increasingly Familiar Form Of Heartbreak I loved this book I could have lived without the recipes, though I get that s part of the whole shtick The story was very touching and real My heart goes out to Ms Witchel and her mom. A heartfelt book about a daughter, who was exceptionally close to her mother, and the mother who had sufffered a series of small strokes and whose memory was slowly eroding Hoping to help her mother, who had always taken pride in how she took care of her family, she began to cook with her hoping to spark her old memories Sad in parts, a very able woman slowly fading away and yet also very perceptive in reallizing that to help her mother she has to be willing to let her go My mom is still alive, thank the lord, in reasonable health, but so much of this book reminded me of my mother and I that at time is was very eerie. The second of two difficult mom books I read over the weekend Richard Russo s mom was mentally ill, Alex Witchel s mom develops dementia Both books were quite good, but I don t understand why there are recipes in this one What an odd marketing strategy nobody would buy it as a cookbook, would they Hey, enjoy this small collection of comfort food recipes, you can just ignore the parts with all the crying It also brings up interesting issues of money and class this particular family is able to afford the best doctors, a full time companion, and drop by physical therapists for their ailing mom, and her children have flexible jobs that allow them to drop everything and help It really makes me concerned about the 95% of Americans trying to deal with ill parents with none of these resources. This is both a heartfelt and stinging recollection of Witchel s relationship with her mother and father Witchel s rendering of her childhood, Nana, and Passaic will also stay with you Witchel expresses her feelings so openly I am hoping that she ll write a second memoir Her relationship with her sister, Phoebe, and her husband and stepsons seems so loving and worthy of sharing because of her depth of caring and not just because her husband is Frank Rich from the NYT Her story is authentic This memoir provides much to hold on to if you are caring for your parents or another loved one suffering with dementia and by way of refreshments will give you a few recipes to try. I won this through a First Reads giveaway.This book was very insightful into caring for a parent with dementia It makes you think about things that you normally would try to avoid I enjoyed the flashbacks to the author s childhood. How flagrantly and or promiscuously in your life have you tossed around the adjective Proustian as if it were a small, perfect ping pong ball, one whose whiteness can always be relied on to catch the light I m Proustian, you re Proustian, even the orchestra is Proustian.But ALL GONE truly is, at least by my standards definitions, not because it is as insanely fussed at, or endless, or so refined that it seems, at times, to have been written in invisible ink not, in other words, although other words are not needed, on the surface anything like the work of le Maitre lui meme, which is Yiddish for Big Marcel, his own self.It is Proustian because it uses sense memory in this case, taste, just as in Proust s hernia giver as a miner s light into the cave of a complex, puzzling, past, and in this case into the memories of the author s complex, puzzling mother, whom dementia has drained of at least most aspects of her essential self, who is, in a sense, here but All Gone.The miracle of this book is that she s not a parallel miracle Witchel has written the only book I know of that is at the same time mouth watering and harrowing The gone Barbara Witchel s daughter has searched for her, has not allowed her to be lost, has, using the lens of treasured recipes and meals, reconstituted her, summoned her flavor, not through nineteen years of therapy but from a recaptured recipe for baked chicken or a hot dog casserole made it delicious And easy ALL GONE says what was put before us, to nurture us, to please us madeleine or noodle pudding is always, in some essential way, still there, even after everything else is all gone. If you have a family member living with dementia, read this You ll no longer feel so alone, and you ll laugh and cryand also contemplate cooking a great meal.