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This was a great book to go back to read and relive my youth of pretending to be a gangster growing up in suburban New Jersey It still amazes me how much talent was on that label, and how they flushed it down the toilet The problem with this book is that I still feel it is a lot of one person saying one thing, and another person saying another It is mostly anti Suge but still parts of this I can t fully buy into because there isn t concrete proof Plus it isn t like some of these other individuals had clean records either, so why should I believe everything they say It is too bad that it cost rap music the life of one and possibly two of its grestest artists ever Man my impression of DJ Quik didn t improve after reading this either I will also now pay evenattention to what these artists are wearing on album covers and in their videos, too. I received this book as a birthday gift If you ve ever wondered what went on inside the infamous Death Row Records, this book is for you Ronin Ro goes into detail about the origins of notorious California WEST SIDE gangsta rap and Blood Crip affiliations, as well as chronicled incidents with our faves Dr Dre, Tupac, and Snoop Oh oh, wait a minute, hold up Did I mention this book gives us the dealio about Suge Knight If you ve ever been curious as to how one man struck fear inside CEOs and basically ran a major record label using members of the Crips, intimidation tactics, and corruption, this book is for you.The Rise and Fall of Death Row Records. Death Row Records, home to some of the biggest names in rap during the early to mid 1990 s, made it no secret that the company was founded with drug money, palled around with the Bloods, handed out beat downs and gang rapes for minor infractions, and hired people straight out of prison Have gun will travel is a frightening read, one that will keep you at the edge of your seat in sheer disbelief Death Row Records was a very violent entity, one modeled after the mob but too brazen to truly be like it. An unseen, and highly unknown aspect to early 90 s Hip Hop music from a label management perspective, and how trouble surrounded the label Death Row Records.For any fan of Hip Hop or as a fan of Death Row Records, this will be an interesting read, however Ronin Ro s bias is clear According to him 2Pac s recordings are classed as childish , despite having one of the most renowned and respected music catalogues in not just Music in general, but also the wider black culture, to a point Universities study his work There s nothing wrong with not liking his work and letting this be known not everyone likes Hip Hop, some don t like certain sub genre s of Hip Hop, and some wouldn t even need to, to get some kind of enjoyment from the book , but not when on the same breath, artists like Notorious B.I.G Snoop Dogg are gaining praise for their work, which arguably talkson sensitive topics in a glorified manner Just little things like these are evident throughout the book.After reading this book, and also knowing the history of music, black culture and of the label itself, it s clear that this book only provides a small serving on what could generate an entire volume of books to get a fuller insight Too much for any one author. This book is a prime example of why you need a good editor It s pretty clear this was rushed into print in the late 90s, but it s still surprising that a company like Doubleday would publish it in the shape it s in The stories are good though. A fascinating look into probably one of the most fraudulent record labels in the history of music There are two things that you CANNOT take away from Death Row Firstly, they released some of the best hip hop albums ever and they killed Tupac A great read |Download Book ⚈ Have Gun Will Travel: Spectacular Rise and Violent Fall of Death Row Records ♶ Death Row Records Is One Of The Most Successful Music Labels Of All Time From Its Inception In , It Exploded On The Rap Music Scene With Sales Climbing To TheMillion Mark In Just Four Years Even Noticeable Than The Label S Financial Success Is The Effect It Had On American Youth Culture, Making Gangsta Rap Popular With Suburban White Youth And MTV Viewers Than Traditional Rock Groups But Under The Guidance Of Six Foot Four Inch,Pound CEO Marion Suge Knight, Death Row Also Became The Most Controversial Record Label In History A Place Where Violence, Gang Feuds, Threats, Intimidation, And Brushes With Death Were Business As Usual Have Gun Will Travel Details The Spectacular Rise And Violent Fall Of A Music Label That Had At Its Heart A Ferocious Criminal Enterprise Cloaked Behind Corporate Facades That Gave It A Guise Of Legitimacy With Inside Access No Other Writer Can Claim, Ronin Ro, The Country S Preeminent Rap Journalist, Exposes The Facts Everyone Else Is Afraid To Divulge From The Initial Bankrolling Of Death Row By A Leader Of LA S Notorious Bloods Gang, To Links With New York S Genovese Crime Family Have Gun Will Travel Lays Bare The Full Story Behind This Influential Label, Including The Still Unsolved Murders Of Tupac Shakur And The Notorious BIG As Well As Suge Knight S Rise To Power, His Fights With East Coast Rap Titans Such As Sean Puffy Combs, And His Eventual Imprisonment The writing, stylistically, is pretty horrible The stories within are absolutely fascinating, especially if you re a hip hop fan, so you kind of forgive the bad writing no one could have messed this book up. Entertaining story of the rise and fall of Death Row Records a good read for those who were caught up in the heyday of gangsta rap or those who are interested in getting behind the scenes of the music industry. Fast paced, detailed account of the beginning and end of Death Row Records and gangsta rap, in general Every chapter is full of quotes and interviews with various rappers, industry figures, and gang members One of the best nonfiction books I ve read.