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~FREE ☮ Love Anthony ♋ From The Award Winning New York Times Bestselling Author Of Still Alice And Left Neglected, Comes A Heartfelt Novel About An Accidental Friendship That Gives A Grieving Mother A Priceless Gift The Ability To Understand The Thoughts Of Her Eight Year Old Autistic Son And Make Sense Of His Brief LifeTwo Women, Each Cast Adrift By Unforseen Events In Their Lives, Meet By Accident On A Nantucket Beach And Are Drawn Into A FriendshipOlivia Is A Young Mother Whose Eight Year Old Severely Autistic Son Has Recently Died Her Marriage Badly Frayed By Years Of Stress, She Comes To The Island In A Trial Separation To Try And Make Sense Of The Tragedy Of Her Anthony S Short LifeBeth, A Stay At Home Mother Of Three, Is Also Recently Separated After Discovering Her Husband S Long Term Infidelity In An Attempt To Recapture A Sense Of Her Pre Married Life, She Rekindles Her Passion For Writing, Determined To Find Her Own Voice Again But Surprisingly, As She Does So, Beth Also Find Herself Channeling The Voice Of An Unknown Boy, Exuberant In His Perceptions Of The World Around Him If Autistic In His Expression A Voice She Can Share With Olivia Is It Anthony That Brings Comfort And Meaning To Them Both Back in September of 2011 I reviewed two books by amazing author, Lisa Genova I have just finished her third book, Love Anthony Let me just jump right in and say this wasn t my favorite of the three by any means I will tell you why, but first let me tell you about the book Love Anthony takes place on Nantucket Island, where it s busy with tourists and people with summer homes during the warm months and empty but for the locals who live their year long during the cold winter months Olivia and her husband David purchased an investment home which they visited during the summer with their son Anthony, who at the age of 3 was diagnosed with autism When he was 8 Anthony died quite tragically, and two years later Olivia and David decided to separate She moved to the Nantucket home to figure out the whys Why was Anthony autistic Why couldn t he communicate with her, tell her he loved her, allow a change in schedule Why couldn t he look her in the eye She spent her summer photographing families on the beach and filling in her time with reading the journals she kept while Anthony was alive.Beth is a long timer on the island, where she has been living year round with her husband Jimmy and their three daughters One afternoon her perfect life and marriage is ruined when she finds out Jimmy has been cheating on her For a long time With a co worker She kicks him out that day In the months to follow, to busy her brain, Beth picks up something she hasn t worked on for many, many years a book Every day she finds solace in going to the library, sitting in her spot and writing her book, usually in long hand but occasionally on her daughter s tablet.Here s the part of Love Anthony that bothered me Beth writes about a boy named Anthony who has autism She writes it from his perspective, as if we are able to read his thoughts He describes what it is like, how his mind works, why he does what he does It s actually quite fascinating were it not for the fact that everything about Anthony is identical to Olivia s Anthony His favorite things, what he eats, how he eats and basically how he compartmentalized Absolutely everything.As if she channeled him.I won t tell you the rest of the book although most of it really is just filler and unnecessary background plots, because the book is worth reading if only to see Lisa Genova s interpretation of the mind of an autistic boy It makes sense, the way she explains it In fact, it s amazing how she describes autism from the perspective of the autistic without ever being able to really know.So Do I recommend this book Yes and No Yes for the Anthony pages which are really only a few, though amazing, but No for the rest of the content, which is a disappointment after Lisa s first two books which were so amazing.Love Anthony First, I just want to say thank you to Ms Genova for writing a book about autism Regardless if this is a book of fiction, I found myself re living daily episodes from the past 19 years with my own son The author really did her research well It just gave me a sense of peace that I haven t felt in a long time I could relate to the main character, Olivia who constantly questions Why my son , Why my family , Was it something I did wrong while I was pregnant , and Will we ever find out the true answer Every day in this world we are faced with destruction, chaos, and tragedy just trying to pick up the pieces for a life gone wrong But autism does not come from life s hard knock choices It comes from the unknown a force yet to be reckoned with So how do we live through the challenges of not knowing what s in store with our innocent trusting children Day by day, that s how knowing and hoping that you re making the right choices for them because that is all they have in their corner you This book didn t just deal so much with the medical and scholastic aspects of autism It dealt a lot with the feelings that come with having a child diagnosed with this life long tragedy It was beautiful, heartfelt, and meaningful Now some people have criticized the author s novel for having too many unnecessary details that were not needed to enrich the story Well I, for one, thought that the details were important and necessary It made the storybelievablebecause, after all, we all have a life to live I have three other children, and life couldn t behectic I had to learn to spread myself pretty thin when they were young, and my husband held a job that was very demanding and time consuming Now, life is a little easier because my kids are 21, 19, 17, and 16 Without those extra details present in the book, it wouldn t have shown how autism can have a huge impact on anyone who comes in contact with the disability, not just family members For example in my experience, I have had people not be able to talk to me or look me in the eye when they first found out about what my son was dealing with, and other times, people wanted to know everything they were just so interested and supportive People s reactions were weird at times Some people treated my son like any other child, not drawing unwanted critical attention to him, and other people looked like they were scared to death, and didn t know how to treat him You never knew what people were going to think or blame you for when they didn t really know what was really going on I had people scream at me to take him home when he was having a episode in public, and other people offering their help I was always surprised one way or the other And, that s exactly how Olivia is portrayed in the book when faced with awkward situations from her son, Anthony.I absolutely loved the book within a book idea The other main character, Beth, writes a novella told by Anthony, while also living through her ownintimate family crisis It s written from his point of view It was simply magical After reading numerous books and looking up things on the internet for years, it just gave me a different incite as to how these children think and learn What s in their head is such a mystery One minute you think you know what they are thinking because of a past episode, and the next minute, you re scratching your head saying, How can that be It wasn t like that the last time It definitely always keeps you on your toes and constantly keeping your brain in working order There s never a dull moment It s not all about the tough times, though It s also about the happy ones seeing progress right before your very eyes when looking back through the years The first word spoken years later than a normal child, but spoken nonetheless The first time they actually look in your eyes not very often, but when it does happen, you re so excited that just maybe you re getting through that barrier built from the inside out And, of course, the first hug perhaps they will feel, just a smidge, how much they re loved.On that note, I just want to acknowledge to Ms Genova how much I enjoyed her novel It was inspiring and moving It was beautiful and mesmerizing But most of all, for me it was home.This is the life that my son lives each and every day Every morning he gets up and takes on the same routine something that feels comfortable and calming to him You never know what that particular day will be like good or bad But I do know this, whatever it takes, he can count on us to do our finest whatever he needs, we will provide it the most superb way we can and, whatever makes him happy, we will always have his best interests at heart As the reader, you will probably need a few tissues to get you through the sad parts, but hopefully it will give you a better understanding of just what a child and a family goes through when autism is present in their everyday lives It s not easy, but you do it because you re all your child has I do believe that someday there will be a cure to unlock the mysteries surrounding this spectrum disorder that affects 1 in 88 children autism Until then, we just have to practice patience and understanding for these children who are just simply extraordinary in every way possible.5 9 18 Just an update Autism affects 1 in 68 children and 1 in 42 boys according to Autism Speaks when will they find a cause for this heartbreaking disorder Well, after waiting over a year for my beloved author Lisa Genova to write another book equal to Still Alice and Left neglected, I have to say I am severely disappointed This book did not have what ever it was those books had I felt for the two mothers wives who were the main characters There just wasn t enough character development I didn t feel I knew them After not writing for years, Beth sits down and this novel just comes to her Yes, it s supposed to be magical but it didn t feel like that The mother of Anthony was grieving but I never felt her grief The only person I did feel for was Anthony but that wasn t till close to the end From the synopsis I thought I was going to read a novel about two women who were grieving and they deeply connected with each other I never felt a connection between them at all In fact the story of Beth was never even drawn to a conclusion and Olivia didn t have much of one.I apologize for my lack of a good review but I am reeling from confusion and disappointment over a book I so looked forward to reading I am just sad and unfulfilled. 3.5 stars All I knew about this book before was that it s about an autistic boy or boy with autism, whichever you prefer , and that was it I didn t even know much about autism I now feel I have a much better understanding of it, or at least of one way in which it might present itself so Mission accomplished, Ms Genova, as usual.But I feel that wasn t her only mission This was also about the amazing sisterhood of women, about rocky marriages, grief, feeling interminably isolated, and what it takes to make us feel wanted, happy, secure, and loved.I usually don t care much for stories within stories and here there are two Pieces of Beth s novel about autism and Olivia s journal of her autistic son Anthony The two women s lives and souls are about to collide, and this was cleverly done despite the unfathomable coincidences Others may instead call it destiny Either way there were things I really disliked here, and then things that were utterly amazing, like the Epilogue, which I cried through Love this author, but thought her other three books better. This one made me cry I am not a crier Given, I was sitting in ICU shortly after my husband had brain surgery so there may be a excuse Or a correlation Lisa Genova possesses a brilliant resume She is a scientist with many letters following her name She must think pragmatically so I struggle to reconcile the other part of her, the one I forgot Her beautiful writing style as she empathetically takes the reader through a neurological experience so profound and so emotional, I cried I haven t read Genova s Still Alice I will I read Left Neglected which was amazing and flawless So I raved about the book to my friends I love the way her titles have double meaning This book was no exception It can be read as Love, Anthony or Love Anthony Anthony being on the far end of the PDD spectrum Yet subtly, the book is also drawing similarities between Anthony who is autistic and Beth who is normal What is the purpose of each life Was Anthony truly flawed Was broken Did he need to be fixed Did he need to be understood Or was Anthony perfect just the way he was Was his purpose to learn or to teach So I must reiterate what I love about Genova s writing Yes, she gives an accurate depiction of one Autistic boy She provides a little neurological background in layman s terms On the other hand, her brain can somehow possess the calculated mind of a scientist and the creativity of master artist in the medium of words.It is so very blatantly a book club book. Genova went completely round the bend with this one Most of the book is trashy chick lit And the end is just cheesy I mean one big cheese puff view spoiler We find out that the ghost of Anthony the autistic boy has been telling the aspiring novelist what to put in her book so that it will be about him And everyone is so flabbergasted and blown away that she knew all this stuff about Anthony, because she never met him Tender GAG hide spoiler I won, I won, I won, I won, I won picture the happy dance the Old Man does in A Christmas Story upon learning of his Major Award and that s me all over I WON a copy of Love Anthony from a goodreads giveaway Can t wait for it to get here DSo, obviously, I received a copy of this through goodreads first reads from Gallery Books And it still makes me happy dance just to think about it Thank you About a year ago I totally blasted Unlocked by Karen Kingsbury As the mother of a 14 year old boy with autism, or 14 year old autistic boy if you prefer, it just didn t scan well for me There were a number of reasons Love Anthony sounds like it might beof the same but somehow I found it so SO much better If you have already read Lisa Genova, are interested in autism and can embrace or even just overlook the belief that the spirit or spiritual presence of a deceased child could guide an author s writing then jump right in, you will not be disappointed Four and a half stars.Oh, disclaimer, this is a long one Can t seem to sum it up.This is overall a book about relationships, healing, accepting and moving on and not particularly in that order I have read a truck load of books about autism, fact and fiction, it has been a central theme of my life after all, and somehow this one really captured something for me Genova has captured so many of the feelings I have struggled with, wallowed in and even rejoiced in throughout our personal journey with autism They are legion and range all over the place and I was so pleased to see them expressed so well through Olivia s journal and memories.Much to my surprise I also enjoyed Anthony s voice I had fears it would be just a little too precious but somehow it worked We too have often wondered, in serious, deep moments of questioning, and the crazy making, frantic what does he need just to shut up and be calm for a minute moments and in lighthearted, joking moments, just what IS going on inside the head of our boy We ve come a very long way in our ability to understand the Language of Stims and Acting Out as well as the Language of Significant Looks and sometimes it is truly comical to see the expressions on his face they are so typically teen he has truly mastered the Really, Mom look But he is completely non verbal and resists all other forms of communication PECS, sign language, even his iTouch so we mostly are just guessing, always guessing One of the hardest things about autism is accepting that the life you expected is not going to happen There will be some improvements, some delightful surprises but there will disappointments and set backs too Once we had the diagnosis we too set about trying to help our boy progress Some things are better than we imagined back in those first weeks and months Some things we hoped for, still hope for, still work towards, have not happened A couple times each year I bang my head up against my own personal wall of expectations and spend a week or so feeling not quite but getting close to hopeless as some new behavior manifests and I realize that words like stimming and perseverating it s a fancy word for obsessing are now a permanent part of my vocabulary That I really am going to have to go to another meeting about my child, my formerly sweet, passive, compliant child attacking one of the para educators at school Or exposing himself on the school bus That we may never achieve independent toileting and that it s quite possible I m not going to get a Mom, I love you, even in ASL without someone else making him do it I know in my head that my kiddo loves me and appreciates me but, but But It s been a long road to realizing, really accepting this particular limitation and becoming grateful that autism has truly taught me something about what it takes to love unconditionally, without expectation I thought when I fell in love with my spouse that I had an inkling of what that meant and when I gave birth to my three typical children that I really and truly understood unconditional love Not so but I m getting there We re getting there.My thanks to Lisa Genova for providing another little piece of the getting there and another window into the world of autism Excellent read. I did like this book but not as much as Genova s first two books Still Alice and Left Neglected , which I loved I found the parallel story channeling aspect of the book a peculiar way to tell the story of an autistic boy though it did allow us to see a parent s experience as well as the boy s experience I found the voicing of the boy who couldn t speak rather unconvincing I didn t experience it as what an autistic boy would actually be thinking, but always as what an author is imagining his thinking to be.Further, adding in the marital issue with its parallels to the autism story did not enhance the book, to my mind.The writing seemedsuited to a young adult novel than a full adult novel.I thought perhaps Genova was stretching to find a third neurological condition to write about and it wasn t one at the centre of her focus, as Alzheimer s was, in Still Alice In sum if this were the first of her books I had read, it would have been the last whereas the first two convinced me to read everything she writes Hopefully the next one will come back to that standard. I ve never beenexcited about a book, than this one.I waited for its release date and purchased it the minute it went on sale.I thought the story line of the book as promised in the synopsis was ingenius.I had read blog posts by the author whose writing I just knew I would love, even though I had not yet had time to try her other books.The story pulled at my heartstrings as Olivia s story begins to unfoldas we meet Anthony through her eyes, it is obvious to conclude the author has a solid knowledge of autism and probably even intimately knows a child much like Anthony.but Olivia s story was interspersed with Beth s story struggling to cope with a cheating husband and suddenly becoming single a story that, to me, did not deserve so much attention and drama In only a few chapters I did not like Beth could not connect with her at all, especially her immaturity I don t feel like I need to be in love with every character in order for the book to be good, but Beth s connection to Olivia as the book moves on is integral and I think if I had liked Beth, this coming together of two characters might have hadimpact.Instead I found Beth s part of the book unmoving, dramatic, irritating, and unnecessary in moving the story forward to the point where the women connectI found myself wanting to skip over the chapters involving her to get to Olivia s story.instead we spent way too much time with Beth getting dressed or eating I feel like the point at which the two women s stories connect could have happened much sooner and allowed forAnthony,emotion But once the two women did meet, Beth admittedly did seem to grow from the experience.Overall I enjoyed the book, but there were two parts of the book that may very well be life changing for me. one was the very last chapter, the epilogue of Beth s book With every line of that last letter as written from Anthony, I wept harderMy heart, my chest, my throat, my face, my eyes pulsated with something so painful, yet so beautiful and happy at the same time.This letter can stand on its ownit did not need to be part of a book.and if there is one thing every Mom with a child of Autism should know, it s the perspective written within that letter.I finished this book on the way to see family, in the car as my husband was driving.my son my version of Anthony was not with ushe could not have coped with the outing we were making today.I ve never longed for him so much as I did after reading this book And the secondAs a Mom of 3 children with autism, I m always trying to figure out what my children are thinking, trying to understand their thought process.I think I ve come up with some good theories, but I believe the passage about Anthony s brain being made up of different rooms is the best I ve ever read and one I could never have contrived myselfThis passage, several paragraphs long is a solid 5 stars Thank you Lisa for your book, but mostly, thank you for the last chapter, for the perspective I needed to hearthan any other It is a letter I will read over and over again