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An interesting story that waned the last third The end was decent The story could have been better if Ellis had focused on the positive and less on the negative that contributed little if anything at all 6 of 10 stars [[ Free Epub ]] ☚ The Wrong Man ⇢ When Jason Kolarich Accepts The Case Of A Homeless Iraq War Veteran Accused Of Murdering A Young Paralegal, His Course Seems Clear To Mount An Insanity Defense For A Man Suffering So Badly From Post Traumatic Stress Disorder That He Has No Real Memory Of The Crime But As Kolarich Digs Deeper, He Realizes That, Unlikely As It Seems, His Client Is Probably Innocent Only Days Before Her Death, The Murdered Paralegal Had Stumbled On Something She Wasn T Supposed To Know Information That Someone Would Kill To Keep Secret Her Murder Was No Random Crime But A Targeted Hit, And The Wrong Man Was ChargedAs Jason Kolarich Races To Discover The Truth In Time To Save His Client, He Finds Himself Embroiled In A Mystery Involving The Mob, A Mysterious Assassin Known Only As Gin Rummy, And A Conspiracy Of Wealthy International Terrorists With Explosive Plans For His City With Thousands Of Lives At Stake, Kolarich Has On The Line Than Ever Before And Time Is Running Out Having just finished Defending Jacob by William Landay previously reviewed , which was a rather dark and disturbing book, I was looking for something fun to read and this book fit the bill perfectly You might not think that a book involving an army hero with PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome who is accused of murdering a young college student, a terrorist plot, and the mafia would be a fun read, but trust me, this one is The plot is so filled with twists, turns, and unlikely connections that it is impossible to take too seriously To add to the fun, the bad guys are such bumbling oafs that they seriously reminded me of the baddies in the movie Home Alone you remember the ones who were outsmarted by an 8 year old kid.The story begins with the shooting of a chemistry student, Kathy Rubinkowski, in a parking lot late one night Tom Stoller, once a lieutenant in the army, returned home from Iraq with PTSD and has been unable to function in society since, living as a homeless man on the streets of Chicago Whoever shot Ms Rubinkowski planted her purse, keys, and the gun in Tom s possession, framing him for the murder This is not a spoiler, as the reader doesn t seriously entertain the notion for than about 5 pages that Tom could possibly be the murderer What I found amazing was that an otherwise intelligent District Attorney was able to even get the case on the court docket It helped that the judge was an incredibly cantankerous and unyielding one aren t most judges in books and on television The judge threw out an insanity plea before the trial ever began and refused to allow mention of the defendant s PTSD, neither of which are believable scenarios but were necessary contrivances in order to take the story where the author wanted it to go And there are so many twists and turns in this plot that you will wonder if there are actually three separate plots going on here, but Mr Ellis ties everything up neatly by the end of the book.Of course, this is not great literature destined to be required reading in schools 100 years from now, nor is it likely to ever become a classic, but it is indeed a very fun read that kept me reading until after 3 00 a.m and had me laughing out loud than once. Started well but I thought it all became a little far fetched in the latter half. I love Jason Kolarich He takes on cases that speak to his heart Like here, defending a young veteran who s been arrested for murder of a young paralegal As Kolarich has been a prosecutor he has a particular understanding of how to proceed taking into account various scenarios of defense He s so savvy, he makes me smile The longer Jason digs into the case, the he realizes that his client, the homeless Iraq War vet Tom Stoller, is actually the wrong man being accused of this murder For Jason and his team, It s a race against the clock as they investigate the culpable group of men who are plotting an even bigger crime against human kind.Listening to the audio version of this book was rather enjoyable, although I don t like how narrator, Luke Daniels does female voices It s too sotto voce, it s irritating.Also I have to admit, I had my suspicions about who Gin Rummy was I don t want to give away spoilers As a legal read, this is definitively satisfying I give it a 3,5 stars. Good book with a major twist in the story in the last 5 pages. After young paralegal is murdered and robbed outside of her apartment, police find a homeless Mike Stoller with her purse and the gun When the Iraq war veteran is questioned, says he doesn t remember what happened and is otherwise unresponsive, the police believe they have their guy With only weeks before the trial Jason Kolarich agrees to take the case However, the judge bars him using a defense of post traumatic stress disorder that Stoller obviously suffers from Unwilling to give up on his obviously sick client, Kolarich tries to put some kind of defense together But soon he realizes his client is probably innocent and the paralegal was murdered to cover up a conspiracy Soon is he not only racing the clock to find out the truth before the trial convicts the wrong man, he is racing to keep himself and a lot of other people alive.David Ellis novel The Wrong Man begins as a legal who done it Jason Kolarich is a former prosecutor, who has flipped sides and now defends criminals while mourning the death of his wife and child Ellis does a nice job of bringing Kolarich to life, including his flaws of which there are many The writing is tight and visual The dialog is dynamic, giving the reader a real feel for the characters However, Ellis constantly jumps between first person and third person, and it is very distracting It is a bit of literary cheating that doesn t work for me It would have been better if Ellis would have stuck to third person if he wanted to show all of the moving parts of what eventually turns into a thriller.I say thriller because about halfway into the story, the courtroom drama becomes secondary to the high stakes conspiracy that Kolarich is unknowingly sucked into I really liked how Ellis let Kolarich discover things almost randomly He has no idea just how deep in the hole he is until he is looking to get out of it I thought it was a spot on treatment of how someone would react to the situation not omnipotent, but not clueless either The pace of the second half of the book ratchets up with each chapter and it is the best feature of the book It is too bad that the ending was rushed and became and wrapped up a little too easily The antagonists were clich d and their motivations were not well thought out Finally, the reveal in the last couple of pages was unnecessary and quite boorish Frankly, it ruined some of the lingering unknowns and was as subtle an ending as a 2x4 to the face Ultimately, The Wrong Man was a lustrous gem wrapped in a moldy fast food container There was so much to like about the story and the protagonist Unfortunately, it was plagued with just enough writing faux pas and annoying clich s to drag it down to the level of mediocrity If you want a fun thriller with an interesting protagonist and can ignore problems of both substance and style, you may enjoy this book If you are stickler for writing convention, have difficulty suspending your disbelief or want something with the least bit of subtlety, look elsewhere. The Wrong Man is the 3rd in the Jason Koraich series by David Ellis but the first I ve read This offering has convinced me to read the first two installments Jason Kolarich is an attorney who has a soft spot for a sob story and a crying relative He takes the case of a traumatized vet accused of a senseless murder but are there any other kind of a woman in a park during a robbery Tom Stoller, the homeless vet suffering from PTSD, doesn t remember what happened, doesn t answer any questions from his attorney, and, even worse from the lawyer standpoint, sort of confessed to the crime when arrested Add a new love interest, a cranky judge, a than competent prosecutor, and a trial setting just weeks away Then while Ellis weaves in an intricate conspiracy and a little of old school Mafia, the thrill ride begins The Wrong Man alternates between first person narrative Kolarich , which allows an insight into his life and his unraveling of the conspiracy while working on the murder case, and the traditional third person in which Ellis sets out the complex conspiracy and mob plot lines However, it is done so seamlessly that there is no problem keeping track of the who, what, when, and how involved in the three different sides of this multilayered novel The courtroom scenes are impressive David Ellis is a working lawyer currently special prosecutor in the Illinois senate, having handled the impeachment of Governor Blagojevich Not only does he accurately set out the essentials of a trial, he also portrays the strategy behind the trial a lost art since Erle Stanley Gardner perfected his craft with Perry Mason Ellis use of dialogue is impressive, his plotting intricate, and his character development strong There are some bumps along the way A couple of surprise moments are not that surprising In order to move his story along, Ellis requires Kolarich to act out of character In addition, the last pages seemed to tie up the loose ends a little quickly But not all pleasant rides have to be smooth the entire time And Ellis The Wrong Man is a joy ride worth taking I received a free advance copy from Goodreads in exchange for an honest review. David Ellis s latest book The Wrong Man is the third featuring recurring character Jason Kolarich Kolarich is a defense lawyer, with a penchant for taking on seemingly impossible cases This time he s asked by the family of homeless Iraq War vet Tom Stoller to defend him against murder charges It seems hopeless Tom was found with the victim s personal belongings and the murder weapon in his hand But Tom can t or won t defend himself he s suffering from severe PTSD and perhaps other mental illness It s up to Jason to speak for him The opening line of the prologue was written to catch and hold a reader Something bad is going to happen to Kathy Rubinowski tonight And this reader was captured from first page to last As Jason and his team I liked the supporting cast a lot dig further, they come up with an alternative scenario and what they uncover puts a target on Jason s back Kolarich is a big, imposing guy with a larger than life personality The courtroom scenes are interesting and I enjoyed the legal machinations But Kolarich is not your run of the mill defense attorney He s out chasing down leads with and without his investigator I did question his inclusion of a woman he s seeing as part of the team it just seemed odd As a lawyer, he skirts the law sometimes and others he outright ignores it all in the name of protecting his client He is now sure Tom is innocent The rules of ethics in my profession, last I checked, weren t optional when did I start treating them that way Ellis has crafted a really good thriller, combining courtroom drama, conspiracy and with the end result being a page turner of a read The plot was a little far fetched in places and I saw the end coming, but I enjoyed the ride Ellis has the thriller format down pat lots of action, danger and a compelling plot I ll definitely be picking up the next in the series This my introduction to David Ellis and his work I look forward to reading of his legal thrillers I found the book complex but at the same time easy to read and extremely difficult to put down It seems to be a story off of the evening news and is very believable in today s world.The story starts with the death of a paralegal on her way home and evolves into a terrorist threat Jason Kolarich becomes the attorney for an Iraqi veteran who has been accused of the crime and he does not communicate well with anyone since he suffers from flashbacks to his experiences in Iraq As Kolarich and his team search for a possible defense and have motion after motion denied by a strict judge they begin to wonder if there was something in the paralegal s past that may have led to the shooting, not the robbery that the veteran is accused of in what appears to be an open and shut case for the prosecution As the team works they begin to see that there is to the case then first meets the eye The book is full of twists and turns right up to the end and is a very good read I believe readers of this book will begin to look for others by David Ellis I know I will Very interesting and exciting to read.