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!Free ⚖ Lacanian Psychotherapy with Children: The Broken Piano (The Lacanian Clinical Field) (The Lacanian Clinical Field) ♻ In A Groundbreaking Integration Of The Work Of Lacan, Winnicott, And Tustin, Catherine Mathelin Reveals How A Child S Symptoms Can Be A Striking Reflection Of Its Parents Unresolved Conflicts She Shows How Her Patients Art, Much Of It Reproduced Here, Can Communicate Both Initial Anguish And Progress In Treatment, And Draws On Her Experience Of Working On A Neonatal Unit To Argue Compellingly That A Child S Mental Health Can Be Endangered Even Before Birth This Is A Book Hard To Put Down, Filled With The Most Fascinating Brief Case Vignettes Of Parents And Children Who Live In Worlds Disconnected From Each Other, Hoping For Experts To Heal Their Suffering Anni Bergman, Coauthor Of The Psychological Birth Of The Human Infant things left unsaid, relegated to silence, can create things permanently silenced murdered inside the child, and how these appear in the form of symptoms. The Broken Piano is a wonderful book that doesn t spell out technique in psychoanalysis as much as it does provide detailed case studies in a wide range of circumstances I found the notes to be helpful in clarifying Lacanian concepts and the text to be a valuable resource as I build my clinical mind. This is one of those books that gets better the further you read The initial chapters are often extremely short case vignettes that sometimes don t have much clinical or theoretical utility These early chapters function as interesting anecdotes, although when technical terms are introduced Mathelin has a succinct and relatable way of conveying their meaning The later and longer chapters are much rewarding Here clinical and theoretical nuance can be found The groundwork is well established and technique expressed to the reader as vignettes are discussed It is in these longer pieces that the underpinnings of the work seem to come to light Finally, it is important to say that this is not a primer on Lacanian psychotherapy with children by any means In one light it is a description of what the work might look like In another light it is a manifesto against popularized psychoanalysis and against the inappropriate application of oversimplified analytic ideas.