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I really wanted to like this book I even paid extra on for it to order it from abroad It has a beautiful binding, and the author is a British fashion magazine editor I so wanted to like it It had all the components to be a book I would like, but I found I didn t care about the characters and that it was a slog to get through I think if I read it when I was not pregnant, and my brain was not being flooded with hormones, perhaps I would have liked it a little bit But it failed to hold my attention It did help me to realize that it s best to try to read books that I actually enjoy I had always tried to push through books, but I think the author, who seems like a wonderful woman, would agree that life is too short I appreciate what the author was trying to do, and it probably succeeded for other readers I also very much identified with the author s statement in a column I read of hers in a magazine that her great life s desire was to write a novel She took time off and wrote this book I respect and appreciate that, but the book itself didn t strike anything within me. I bought this book at the National Portrait Gallery in London where they had this whole vogue section as an exhibition was going to open I m glad I picked this one up even though it s not a favourite.At first I didn t quite understand the switching of points of view as it s not very clear and you just jump from one character to another I think it could ve been done smoothly.The end of the book for was not that great, I didn t feel like the story tied into anything.Otherwise the story was enjoyable and i m giving it 3 stars hesitating between 3 and 3.5.Voil I wanted to like it because there were parts that were outstanding but the plot floundered. I finished it because this is my last Book Club book and I was determined that I would Unfortunately I think I ve lost hours of my life I was so BORED And I only liked one character Kendra Really, pretty much everyone else was VERY unlikeable or just dull And no one, NO ONE should ever describe somebody s body as pneumatic I nearly threw the damn thing across the room Events were introduced and then never concluded or properly explained Were we ever supposed to find out what happened to Sal s mother Or did I miss that It quite possibly is an accurate reflection of people in London in the 1980s but I came away with the overwhelming feeling that pretty everyone was like the AWFUL 80s businessmen from A Bit of Fry and Laurie People say that millennials are self absorbed, but I don t think we re any self absorbed than most of the characters in this book Most of whom didn t really seem to experience a lot of character growth I found myself spending a lot of time flicking back to the covers to try and understand HOW the reviewers came to the conclusions they did I ve decided that they must all have been journalists in the 1980s and this was a GLORIOUS reflection of their lives And I m left feeling slightly sick I think the Daily Mail read a completely different book There were also a lot of clumsy sentences that reminded me of my own writing as a teenager, which I found quite jarring If only I cared enough to go and find some examples of them. Shows that 20 years later being young in London is just as thankless and simultaneously rewarding, great first novel from editor of UK Vogue. Did not enjoy this at all I read the first two chapters and was not engaged in the characters, their story or the author s writing style Instead of pushing through a bad read, I just returned it to the library. Nothing particularly special about this book I didn t hate it, but I can t pick out anything that I really enjoyed about it either. *Download ⇝ Can We Still Be Friends ⇺ It S The Summer Of And Best Friends, Salome, Annie And Kendra Have Left University To Embark On Adulthood Three Very Different Girls With Very Different Paths Ahead Sal, The Aspiring Journalist Whose Personal Demons Threaten To Destroy Everything She Has Achieved Annie, The Capable Domestic Beauty, Convinced That Marriage Will Give Her Everything She Wants Kendra, The Daughter Of Chic, Liberal Parents Who, Searching For Her Own Identity, Encounters A Life She Never Expected As They Navigate The Decade Of Ra Ra Skirts And Shoulder Pads, Duran Duran And Margaret Thatcher, They Discover That The Future Is What Happens To You, Not What You Plan Their Interwoven Tale Captures Brilliantly What It Is To Learn The Exhilarating And Painful Truths About Love, Work, Family And The Ties Of Friendship not my usual type and found it a little slow but was alright I have no strong feelings about this book The two dimensional characters plod along, their lives moving towards an inevitable challenge, and they emerge from their fairly ordinary crises superficially changed It all really just goes back to normal Efforts to make characters relatable and or likeable just made them bland even when they were facing awful personal tragedy, stints in rehab and family fractures I really wish the volume had been amped up it is set in the 80s after all.