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DOWNLOAD ♃ Wildflower Ranch ♾ Alyssa Bradburn Has A Difficult Life, And After Her Mom S Disappearance It Does Not Get Any Easier Alyssa S Autistic Brother, Ethan, Is Her Greatest Joy, And When They Are Separated, She Is Devastated Even Worse, She Has An Uneasy Feeling About His New Home With Everything Falling Apart Around Her, Is There Anyone She Can Trust This is a well written story for both children and adults The intriguing story makes a quick read I am eager to readof Stefani s work The story is about a young girl and her 7 year older brother who is autistic, and their struggle to stay together after their mother abandoned them It s a really lovely story and it s nice that the religious overtones do not beat you over the head The story is short but it did not feel rushed or cut too short, it was the perfect length to tell the story it needed to tell. I received this book in a goodreads giveaway I think that this book would really appeal to younger readers who can identify with the main character It was a heart warming story with a happy ending The book was about God without brow beating the message Overall an enjoyable read.