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Uno de los mejores libros infantiles que he le do en mi vida adulta Qu peque a maravilla monstruosa. (((FREE PDF))) ☈ The Day Louis Got Eaten ✘ When Louis Gets Eaten Up By A Gulper, His Big Sister Sarah Knows She Has To Act Fast, And Sets Off In Hot Pursuit But Rescuing A Boy From A Gulper S Tummy Isn T So Simple Especially When Other Strange And Scary Creatures Are Looking For Their Dinner Too Imaginative monsters, creative bike modifications, reciprocal sibling heroism, and an awesome picture of crawling into a series of stomachs What doesn t this book have I read it for storytime, and it went well, but it would go even better as a book to read at home because the illustrations have lots of things you can talk about that aren t written down I like that the girl is the main hero of the book, but her brother also gets his chance to step up and save her That way, it s about siblings looking out for each other than it is about a heroic boy or girl, and both boys and girls can identify with a same gender hero in the book Normally I wouldn t give a crap about kids having a same gender hero, but and kids I talk to are giving boy or girl labels to what I thought were unisex stories, so I appreciate that this story has a hero for boy and girl listeners I m not doing it justice by analyzing it so hard It s a fun, silly story with lots of adventure and ingenuity One of the first books to be taken out after reading it at storytime. I m a big fan of picture books where someone gets eaten I m also a big fan of picture books with monsters with silly names This one is excellent on both counts The 3.5 years old little man at home LOVED this book We have not read anything else for the last three weeks And he brought it with him to bed, and to breakfast, and talks about it quite a lot, and have now learned all the names of the different monsters And whats not to love Nice cartoonish drawings of monsters with a lot of details to discuss, quick paced, pageturners on most pages and so on and so forth An easy five star book for the Young rewier. Fun and silly It reminds me of the nursery rhyme There was an old woman who swallowed a flea I liked the different inventions and Miss 4 liked tracing the path to Louis through all the swallowed creatures.Miss 4 and I like to explore different books and authors at the library, sometimes around particular topics or themes We try to get different ones out every week or so it s fun for both of us to have the variety and to look at a mix of new favourite authors. This adventurous tale is a cumulative story Louis got swallowed whole, the creature that swallowed him got eaten up, and so on Funny story in which Louis s clever sister sets out to save him The fun illustrations are reminiscent of Seuss s work. Da leggere e rileggere notando ogni volta nuovi dettagli ad ogni mostro una nuova sorpresa, una nuova modifica al mezzo di trasporto per inseguirlo, un nuovo indizio per immaginare il successivo, fino alla resa dei conti finale e subito pronti per ricominciare This is sort of an older version of the hungry hungry Caterpillar A monster eats a monster who eats a monster Prob a good book for little kids who like sort of gross stuff, and for parents who like reading nonsense words. A fun book about a boy eaten by monsters, and is brave inventive sister who comes to his rescue