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This is a lovely story of Kate and Alex, and everything that they do for their family and community.They both help to take of a Inn while Alex s sister is on her honeymoon.I like the small town feeling of this story Kate likes to help people while also running her Cafe.A lovely romance story I plan to readof this series. SOOOO very happy that this book was back on track Yes, I m working my way thru the Mirror Lake series And mostly I m loving them As much as an ex Christian who can t stand it when her Savior is called by that incorrect de Hebrewed moniker, Jee zus, can I deal, for the sake of the story, but bristle, every time.This is Kate and Alex s story both of whom have been in all of the previous Mirror Lake books Kate is the feisty red headed cafe owner who is a whirling dervish, a woman who takes care of everyone and everything Alex is a micro managing, mega rich hotel chain owner from Chicago come to town to watch his sister s business while she s on her honeymoon Throw two Type A personalities together, and it s a FUN book ANOTHER one I loved it I loved the sandcastle contest And the tree house plans And the ladder debacle And the sticky note verses although I am KJV All these new fangled versions I don t know what the heck verse you re referencing, CGM ers It s a watered down, paraphrased, cheapened MESS Again, I deal, but c mon With this book, there are some things that aren t believable If you suspend reality, you ll be okay, but If Kate is there for the town, has the cafe, and does her business with the people where they are, she would NOT drop it all to go out and cook at the bed n breakfast for two weeks, straight If Alex were going to bring in help from Chicago, he d have it at his sister s BNB, not at the cafe so Kate could come out there The whole thing was kinda wonky but for the sake of the story, I also let that go I seem to be letting a LOT go for the sake of Ms Springer because I want very much to believe she s close to the Truth Or GOT close to the Truth, for a while.Anyhow, books 1,2, and 4 Fantastic Book three Meh But I have two Longing for Home is the fourth book in Kathryn Springer s Mirror Lake series Alex and Kate clashed I mean met for the first time at the end of A Place to Call Home, the first book in the series Right away, I thought they should get their own story.I love when an author takes a character I can t stand, shows me what makes him tick, and makes me love him Alex Porter is one such character To this point in the series, he is the rich city boy who thinks he knows better than everyone about everything and has no use for the small town where his sister has chosen to settle Not exactly a likable guy.Kate Nichols is the rare small town girl who never wanted to be anything else Her town, her diner, and her church are her life, and she s happy with things as they are Alex s dismissive attitude regarding all those things infuriates her The resulting fireworks are certainly a sight to behold.In Longing for Home, we see behind Alex s icy facade to the big brother who only wants to protect himself and his sister from the hurts of life When those protective instincts rise up and encompass Kate and the two children she s fostering, she can t help opening up to him as well.Just when you think they ve got it made, a final speed bump slows them down and makes them think it over one last time Their road to Happily Ever After is by no means smooth, but in the end it s definitely worth the trip.This book is my favorite in the series so far I give it 5 brightly shining stars. Although this book stood on its own, I think I would have enjoyed itif I had read some of the previous books in the series A lot of characters kept popping up who were clearly from other books Most of the Love Inspired books that I have enjoyed werespiritual than overtly religious as this book was Still an enjoyable read. Longing for Home is a very good, clean, romance story I enjoyed getting to know the main characters, Kate Nichols and Alex Porter I enjoyed their arguments, Kate s spunky spirit, and Alex s arrogance It was fun to watch as Alex changed his priorities and fell in love.My parents own a Bed Breakfast establishment, so I could relate to that part of the storyline I loved the small town setting near a lake This was a fun story and I was disappointed to finish reading it I didn t want the adventure to end Now I need to read the other books in this series. So far a very typical romance, which is starting to annoy me The two characters are both gorgeous, they have a physical attraction, but seemingly incompatible values and they get on each other s nerves They ll fall in love against their better judgement, which everyone around them sees, but they are currently denying I suspect there s going to be at least one major confrontation between them after they have accepted that they are in love which is typical for stories like that Meh I don t know why I still try reading romance genre sometimes I guess I hope to be surprised.Here s something non typical on page 87Lord, You always have a purpose There must be a reason why You brought Alex here show him that You re real and that You love him.For the first time, Kate found herself praying for the man himself, rather than an extra measure of patience to deal with him So even though she doesn t like him and doesn t want to like him, she prays for him This is good.Ah I was right And the romance was evenlightning fast than I m used to I should have expected that from such a short little book. Alex Porter is a hotel mogul and he ends up running his sister s bed and breakfast while she honeymoons for 2 weeks He can t cook so Abby has her best friend do the cooking and the sparks fly.Kate and Alex cannot be in the same room without an argument He thinks Kate lets people take advantage of her not realizing she loves to help people Read to see if she can help Alex understand the concept of drive him away. *DOWNLOAD KINDLE ⇲ Longing for Home ☠ It Seems Like The Perfect Solution Hotel Mogul Alex Porter Will Manage His Sister S Small Town Bed And Breakfast While She Honeymoons But He Gets Than He Bargained For When He Finds Himself Clashing With Feisty Caf Owner Kate Nichols Suddenly He S Organizing Church Outings And Playing Surrogate Dad To The Foster Children Kate Takes In Alex Is Used To Taking Charge But Not Like This If He Isn T Careful, This Big City Executive Just Might Lose His Heart To Mirror Lake S Favorite Hometown Girl 4.5 this should have been 5 stars but the editing was horrendous I was thoroughly annoyed however, this was by far my favorite story in the series I just adored Alex and Kate, and I thought their interactions with each other were real and witty I was rooting for them the entire time And my favorite the way God was shown in this novel sometimes subtlety works on the heart the most LOVED THIS COUPLE. Alex Porter is in Mirror Lake to give his sister away and ends up staying to help during her absence with the honeymoon Kate Nichols runs a cafe in town and will help out in the kitchen of Abby s BB during her honeymoon.