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I bought this ebook only because I loved Guy Adams World House series It was written well and kept me interested which it has been a while since a book has done that I was disappointed that there weren t any huge twists in the story though. This book would have been a lot better if every single chapter hadn t been written in the first person Grost s diary extracts are the exception Most of the chapters described people dying from their point of view and in every new chapter it was confusing As for the plot, well it s a very typical and average Vampire hunting story in the Hammer horror series From now on, I m sticking to Dracula and Ann Rice. I enjoyed this book, although I think it has a big flaw Not enough horror Nearly no vampires I haven t seen the film in years so I am not sure if the failing belongs to the source material, but I am sure the author could have done to ramp up the mood, increase the tension The multiple narrators and points of view were a nice touch, and serve to flesh out the book which otherwise might not have held much interest. A quick fun read A nice adaptation of the film script It would love to see Guy Adams write a few original novels with Kronos, the James Bond of the Vampire Hunters. Horror, Adventure, Hammer Vampires a bloody good horror read from start to end. Page turner. Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter, was a Hammer film from 1974 containing everything Hammer was good at, action, blood, tongue in cheek humour and Caroline Munro Unfortunately for Hammer the likes of The Exorcist, The Wicker Man and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre were all released around the same time and had all pushed the genre in new and interesting ways It left Hammer looking old fashioned and outdated continuing a decline it never at least not yet recovered from What was originally planned as a series of movies or TV shows starring Kronos, ended up as a relatively obscure movie remembered with affection by many, including me That s why this novelisation at the hands of Guy Adams and under the Hammer imprint recently introduced by Arrow books had me excited, but let s see if it met my expectations.Captain Kronos is a fairly obscure, blonde locked, foreign accented, ex soldier who along with trusty sidekick Professor Grost, wander the countryside seeking out and dealing with vampires It s during one of these adventures that they meet the feisty Carla who joins them as they seek the cause of premature ageing in a small village Cue, scheming villagers, rich and mysterious landowners and several hired mercenaries who are set to stop Kronos and his gang.As a novelisation it sticks, as you would expect, pretty closely to the film storyline and that s no bad thing Brian Clemens, the original creator and who contributes a foreword to this book had invented an interesting take on the vampire mythos Here were vampires who had different strains of the disease meaning some could venture out in daylight, others couldn t be killed by staking, others didn t mind garlic..you get the idea That coupled with the mystery surrounding Kronos and Grost s history and the strong female character of Carla, contributed to an interesting plot which has been retained in all it s glory here We do get some added backstory which illuminates several characters and fills in some of the many blanks from the film which were presumably to be filled in with the sequels.My biggest problem with the book is the chapter structure used Each chapter is narrated by that chapters lead character a clever device which, not only provides the reader with multiple viewpoints but also lets us get into the minds of many of the characters The only problem is the character development is not strong enough to make these narrators particularly distinctive This just led to me frequently trying to remind myself which character was speaking, this was particularly noticeable with the minor characters where a lack of distinct voice was an issue.For those who haven t seen the film and have an interest in sword wielding heroes taking on vampires, then this is recommended For fans of the film it fills in some useful backstory, but I hope this is just a prelude to further adventures from Kronos and the gang, where hopefully a writer with Guy Adam s talent could spread his wings a bit and really explore the mythos Finally, Hammer seem determined to adorn these books with frankly soppy images suited to the paranormal romance shelves than the beating heart of gothic filmmaking, but ignore the boy band wanabbee on the cover and enjoy the book for the fun adventure it is. ^FREE EBOOK ☠ Kronos ☃ A New Novelization Of The Cult Classic Hammer Film Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter, With A New Foreword By Its Writer And Director Brian Clemens What Manner Of Monster Can Wreak Such Damage I Only Hope You Know How It Can Be StoppedThe Peace Of An English Village Is Shattered When A Young Girl Withers Before Her Friend S Eyes, Becoming But Dust And Bones Witnessing This Terrifying Transformation, Local Physician Dr Marcus Fears The Village Has Been Cursed By The Presence Of Evil He Immediately Summons His Old Army Friend, The Mysterious But Powerful Vampire Hunter, Kronos Together With The Help Of His Assistant Professor Grost, Kronos Has Dedicated His Whole Life To Destroying Vampires He Knows That With A Vampire Nothing Is Certain, Especially How One Might Be Able To Kill It As And Villagers Fall Prey To This Deadly Curse, Time Is Against Him And When It Comes Dangerously Close To Home, Kronos Is Faced With A Terrible Choice