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@Download Book Á Lion On The Prowl ó THE LEO MANThe Proud, Charismatic Leo Man Knows He S King Of The Jungle Only A Brave Woman Would Enter His Lair One Who S Willing To Tame The LionONE LEO MAN IN PARTICULARSophisticated Julia Sutherland Had The Courage To Marry Max Rafferty And The Audacity To Divorce Him Max Couldn T Believe She Dared Spurn Him And Waited For Julia To Realize Her Mistake After Five Years, He Was Getting A Little WorriedBut Then Max Discovered An Error A Clerical Error He And Julia Were Still Married STAR CROSSED LOVERSOR A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN Max Could Roar All He Wanted Julia Just Wasn T Listening It Wouldn T Be Easy To Resist That Leo Charm But Julia Was Determined Not To Be Easy Prey nice