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@Download Book ß The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse é In This Revised Edition Of His Best Selling Book, The Amazing Liver And Gallbladder Cleanse, Andreas Moritz Addresses The Most Common But Rarely Recognized Cause Of Illness Gallstones Congesting The Liver Twenty Million Americans Suffer From Attacks Of Gallstones Every Year In Many Cases, Treatment Merely Consists Of Removing The Gallbladder, At The Cost OfBillion A Year But This Purely Symptom Oriented Approach Does Not Eliminate The Cause Of The Illness, And In Many Cases, Sets The Stage For Even Serious Conditions Most Adults Living In The Industrialized World, And Especially Those Suffering A Chronic Illness Such As Heart Disease, Arthritis, MS, Cancer, Or Diabetes, Have Hundreds If Not Thousands Of Gallstones Mainly Clumps Of Hardened Bile Blocking The Bile Ducts Of Their Liver This Book Provides A Thorough Understanding Of What Causes Gallstones In The Liver And Gallbladder And Why These Stones Can Be Held Responsible For The Most Common Diseases So Prevalent In The World Today It Provides The Reader With The Knowledge Needed To Recognize The Stones And Gives The Necessary, Do It Yourself Instructions To Painlessly Remove Them In The Comfort Of One S Home It Also Gives Practical Guidelines On How To Prevent New Gallstones From Being Formed The Widespread Success Of The Amazing Liver And Gallbladder Cleanse Is A Testimony To The Power And Effectiveness Of The Cleanse Itself The Liver Cleanse Has Led To Extraordinary Improvements In Health And Wellness Among Thousands Of People Who Have Already Given Themselves The Precious Gift Of A Strong, Clean, Revitalized Liver Great book and it opened my perspective to the method of cleansing and one strategy on how to cleanse better The cleanse was difficult for me because the Epson salt drink tastes like nail polish remover so it was hard to drink especially while fasting when my taste buds were craving any sort of calories I plan to do a cleanse like this again but I will probably modify it according to the other liver and gallbladder cleanse you can find online.