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I love this series so much I can t get enough of Gail Carriger Also Lord Akledama 3 3 3 This review stands for the first two volumes in what I hope will be a continuing and concluding manga series that adapts five original novels.I think this story made a better manga than it did a novel For one thing, manga plots usually are deeply goofy and don t make a whole lot of linear sense, so this slots right in to the expectations of the form Some of the overfill viz genre blending in the novels seemed to drop out in the simplifications needed to change media, and the artwork generally was delightful.It took me a while, back when I was first exploring graphic media, to realize that comics are rather like movies on paper than they are like illustrated written fiction They have the strengths of the visual media, of immediate apprehension of scene and visual detail, but miss the main potential strength of written fiction of getting directly and deeply inside characters heads From books whose characters mainly had shallows in that department, what was lost in the transition had less impact than what was added in immediacy Also, the change somehow punched up the deadpan humor, all to the good The main character, Alexia, has no sense of humor that the F.B.I can detect, mind you This is not actually a problem in maintaining humor in the story Quite the reverse I am a bit handicapped in judging this example as a stand alone due to having read the original novels all five of em first There is alas no way to rerun the test the other way around with one brain, but I mean to foist these first two volumes on a friend for a blind tasting and see how they work for her If one likes manga, one would probably enjoy this example if one has never read a manga, this seems like a fine one to jump in with.If one is still deeply suspicious of the graphic media generally, it might not be a bad idea to start with Scott McCloud s elegant classic Understanding Comics Which everyone should read anyway, just for cultural literacy.I bought both extant volumes at once, and shot through them in one interrupted day I do hope they sell well enough to get the ensuing three parts into print, since my favorite minor character, the urbane werewolf Professor Lyall, gets screen time later in the tales I did my part, anyway This would make a fun anime as well, but many are called, few are chosen for that apotheosis, so I won t hold my breath.Ta, L. 5 Words Steampunk, vampires, werewolves, family, attraction.Soulless is one of my favourite books, and I actually loved this manga take on the story.I think my love for this had a lot to do with the fact that I had already read the book A lot of the characters didn t look how I imagined, but now I can t imagine them any other way. This is a graphic novel based on one of my favorite novels I liked it exceptwell, the characters were drawn kinda wrong Our heroine is supposed to be a bit plain, not the adorable girl in this book Our hero is supposed to be larger And side characters are drawn to look adorable but sloppy The art was nice, but it missed the characters. Hehehehehe, what silly entertaining risque fun I absolutely loved Soulless The Manga which surprised me as I have tried to read the original novel but I just couldn t get into it I m not sure whether it was the writing style or the humour but something failed to translate for me Anyway, the manga version is brilliant The illustrations are superb if a little raunchy at times and the banter is hilarious and had me chuckling throughout Talking about the illustrationswhat is up with Alexia s breasts They are HUGE Like two inflatable balloons And in every scene, they re practically spilling out of each garment she wears I shouldn t complain thoughwe also get treated to a naked Lord Conall Maccon There s lots of werewolves, vampires and automatons along the way too A right enjoyable romp Now for volume 2 Dayum I love the artwork in this book Heck, I feel like I need to go back and re read Soulless my thoughts because I think I might have been way too hard on the original book version now after enjoying this so much I linked my review for the book because I m not going to refresh my review for the storythe manga graphics are a condensed reworked version of the original, so my thoughts about the story itself are in my review for the print book Seriously I wish that I could share some of the artwork with you but trying to take pics of the artwork on my reader was not working out so well, so I m going to be lazy and nab some online renderings that I found from the graphic What was up with Alexia having such a nice rack Kickass Maybe it was to distract from the big nose which wasn t really highlighted in the artwork Anyway, I unashamedly hotlinked from Ms Carriger s site Hope she doesn t come hunt me down and kick my virtual butt for not hosting my own pics.Cover image error As an adaptation, this is excellent All the text is verbatim from the book, but the art and dress styles give it a unique flair that really emphasizes the steampunk elements that felt glossed over in the book and brought the humor to the forefront In a few places, I found myself filling in gaps with information I knew from the novel, so I m not entirely certain how effective the plotting would be for a new reader You might want to read at least the first novel first Highly recommended nonetheless. 3.5 3.75ish stars A quick, fun, easy read tbh much like I remember the novel being The art is super clean and crisp and lovely, which always helps to bolster up my rating whenever I read manga graphic novels A much needed breath of fresh air as I trudge my way through The Stand. {Free Epub} î Soulless: The Manga, Vol. 1 ð The Life Of A Spinster In Victorian London Isn T An Easy One On The Best Of Days, But Such A Life Becomes Infinitely Complicated When Said Spinster Is Soulless A Preternatural Bridging The Gap Between The Natural And Supernatural Worlds Miss Alexia Tarabotti Has This Unique Distinction, And When She Is Assailed At A Formal Gathering By A Rove Vampire, An Encounter That Results In The Death Of The Half Starved Creature, Her Circumstances Become Exponentially Complicated Indeed Now Caught Up In An Intrigue With Life Or Death Stakes, Alexia Must Rely On All Her Talents To Outmatch The Forces Conspiring Against Her, But It May Be The Man Who Has Caught Her Eye Lord Conall Maccon And Their Budding Flirtation That Truly Drives Her To Her Wit S End 5 Stars I loved the artwork and it made me giggle like crazy