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!Download Book ⚈ Number 13 (Lightmasters, #1) ♔ On Her Th Birthday, Jessica Is Lured Into The Forest By A Strange Spiral Light In The Woods She Encounters Three Mystical LIGHTMASTERS, Who Convince Her That She Has Magical Gifts Intrigued, Jessica Is Transported To Another Dimension Where She Is Tested For Her Courage And Strength Follow Jessica As She Conquers Her Fears And Helps Save The World From An Invisible Alien Enemy Who Hates Humans This book was recommended to me by a middle school teacher, who s a big fan of independent authors My 13 y o son and I enjoyed this unique, interesting story It was a real page turner and an out of the box kind of fantasy action adventure The numerous supporting characters were strange, humorous, disgusting and unusual I admired the main character, Jessica, who had to deal with a lot of horrific, amazing challenges as a 13 year old outcast Her eccentric Welsh grandparents were amusing and added much comedy and depth I enjoyed the themes of friendship, loyalty, family and personal empowerment This was a very fast, easy read and I look forward to reading from this author. A friend of mine gave me this book as a gift I truly enjoyed reading it and wish the author continues with a series because I want This was one of the most unique, amazing books I have read in quite some time This story really made me think about the magic of thoughts The LightMasters are an alliance of mystics from different cultures, who are guardians of Earth from evil, alien forces The LightMasters recruit Jessica, who discovers she has magic powers on her 13th birthday The LightMasters urge her to join their group, so they can defeat a nasty alien beast I enjoyed following Jessica on this most unique adventure She s a highly intelligent, but a sad young lass because she lost her parents in a car accident and is forced to live with her grandparents The cheeky Welsh grandparents are great characters and brought lots of humor to the story The other characters were all so different and varied in their cultures and races too The different way the characters spoke in this book was fun It was so exciting to read.I recommend this book to everyone It s a fast paced, action packed story It also falls into many categories like action, adventure, fantasy, mystery, sci fi and thriller The typesetting was also well spaced so it made it easy on me old eyes It s truly one of a kind. LightMasters Number 13, is a funny and exciting story.I really like all the characters too I felt like I was in Jessica s head while she took this amazing journey I was excited when reading the part when Jessica has to make her way through the magical Otherworld I really liked the book so much I read it twice and will probably read it again It was very different from most fantasy books I especially loved Jessica s nutty grandparents, who talk funny and make older people look really cool if you love fantasy, I recommend LightMasters Number 13 by M.G Wells It s a real unique book. took me a while to get into but when I did I really liked it My Girls LOVED This Book So Did I I have two young adult ladies, and they went wild over this book I m glad I found this book on GoodReads This story was lots of fun, had lots of action, mystery, awesome adventures and thankfully, no sparkly vampires They related to the main character, Jessica We really liked the grandparent characters because they were humorous and enhanced the story As a single dad, I appreciated the fact this book does not have any curse words, graphic sex or violence For parents looking for an interesting read, I highly recommend Lightmasters for kids of all ages Overall, a great story with lots of action, suspense and classic storytelling. Shortly after joining GoodReads, I was lucky to discover this lovely gem, LIGHTMASTERS Number 13 I particularly liked Jessica s southern way of speaking Her unusual slang words were not like anything I ve ever read before, and it helped me to relate to her as the main character of the story This story does not begin slow and easy, and it does not even reveal the year in which it is told It bursts right into the action and it pretty much keeps going throughout the entire story There are so many major themes throughout the book, I had a difficult time keeping track.Grandmother Grandfather Wyrd seemed so daft at first, then I realized they were two of the most relevant, characters to this intriguing tale At first, I assumed that they were simply ignorant, stupid and they are not I did my best to follow Jessica, since most of the tale is told from her point of view She s very angry, mindful of others, thoughtful and observant Jessica s does her very best to move on, despite the unresolved conflicts in her life.This is the kind of book I believe one consider taking the time to read because the story is so filled with strange people, adversity, a variety of odd language and blatant honesty The fragmented style of this book weaves an uneven tale of bizarre experiences and circumstances In my meager opinion, LightMasters Number 13 is a book that says so much and I want to see of these characters. After reading ALL the reviews, I took my time reading, LightMasters Number 13 I felt the readers who appreciated this book were most authentic in their perceptions This is not your standard lovey dovey romantic book I respected the author s message and loved the fact that it was not just another cookie cutter story about vampires or werewolfs Yes, it s a gritty story that follows the mind of a 13 year old girl, so those who simply crave romance, this is not the story for you I truly was mesmerized by Lightmasters It made me think, took me on many adventures and helped me realize life is a magnificent journey I don t relate to the reader who compared it to Labyrinth or the one the one who simply dismissed it as fluff I recommend this story for those readers whose imaginations are open minded and limitless. I read LightMasters twice and enjoyed it both times The book is definitely geared for younger readers ages around ages 8 14 or anyone who may resonate with this kind of story In my opinion so many YA books are like adult books these days, so I was pleased to discover this unique book on GoodReads Also, there were not a lot of distracting back stories which often make me lose interest in books The book is written in first person, so prepare yourself for entering the mind of a tormented young lady, who feels like an outcast and totally misunderstood I could relate to Jessica s angst about losing her parents and being forced to live with her elderly grandparents, who are the funniest characters in the book Her character was clearly defined and made sense since she was uprooted from her cozy life in Georgia to a small town in Upstate New York Through Jessica s eyes, the author pays great attention to detail of the setting It s obvious to me this new life is uncomfortable for her, and she just cannot adapt or relate to it Her intellect is above average, and she is lumped into a high school crowd that is too sophisticated for her She is somewhat of a tomboy and a loner who doesn t have the emotional skills to relate to the older kids Despite her internal rage, I found her a bold, likeable character The tale starts out on Jessica s 13th birthday She feels very sad that her grandparents and Georgian friends forgot her From her bedroom window she reflects briefly about her deceased parents, who were university professors When an unusual light suddenly appears, Jessica s interest is piqued and she goes outside to investigate Lured by the light, she finds herself in the forest adjacent to her grandparent s house, where she meets three magical beings who call themselves LIGHTMASTERS These mystical characters are well defined in appearance, yet remain mysterious in nature The lead Lightmaster explains to Jessica she has a special destiny Soon afterwards, she is transported to another dimension and does not understand why In this dimension, Jessica is faced with many unusual, life threatening encounters with strange, magical beings who challenge and irritate her The landscape of this dimension is so rich, I felt like I was transported there.When Jessica returns to back to her usual reality, she finds that she has changed She starts experiencing unusual dreams and physical sensations that frighten her At school she is horrified when people appear to her as hideous monsters This is where the story gets tricky Jessica s reality becomes so surreal even she doesn t understand what is happening to her The characters and setting of her school are well defined After many unsettling encounters with her older peers, teachers, and the alien monster, she panics Unable to deal, Jessica journeys to her home in Georgia, where she believes she will feel safe During this adventure, she meets up with amusing, scary and memorable characters After returning to her childhood home, she finally realizes she cannot escape her destiny and commits herself to the Lightmaster alliance, whose main goal is to get rid of the monster feeding off of the hate and fear of humanity In the finale, Jessica decides to embrace her light and does her part to force the alien menace to another dimension where it cannot harm anyone This was a fast paced read with an original plot and many interesting characters from an array of various cultures Ultimately, I feel the author is stressing the important of choosing love over fear It s a heady, clean read, which means no sex, vulgarity, or extreme violence I will admit the book is left wide open in certain areas and leaves many unanswered questions, which I liked Life is messy and this story emphasizes it to the extreme Ultimately, this book inspired me, and I hope to see a follow up I highly recommend Lightmasters Number 13 to anyone who enjoys a unique, exciting adventure that makes you think about the importance of embracing love over hate fear and that anything in life is possible. Lightmasters Number 13 is a novel aimed at pre teens and younger teenagers It is a fantasy, allowing author M G Wells to take them on a journey into their imaginations Various themes weave through the book good vs bad, positive thinking, and striving even when the going gets tough all wonderful ideas to have a younger reader ponder Much of the writing is good, capturing that magical essence that is important when writing for this age set Jessica aka Lucky Thirteen turns thirteen as the novel begins, unaware of the adventures that await She is a normal young teenager, at odds with yet loving her grandparents, dealing with bullies and friends at school, and getting into trouble with teachers The story is told in first person POV, so we are privy to all Jessica s thoughts Teenage angst wrestles with her desire to do what she thinks is right.The book stumbled a few times In a couple scenes, the author falls out of the POV and allows the tale to continue without its narrator There are also a few long, rambling scenes which ultimately don t seem to have a solid connection with the story, or a believable reason for introducing new characters to the reader Fortunately, there is enough action in the story to partially mask these issues, and the dialogue helps to keep the story moving Pre teens will probably love this, and some early teens will come along for the ride Teenagers are savvy today, and may choose to refuse to suspend disbelief with some storyline elements However, the positive messages contained in the plot are a breath of fresh air Definitely worth a read, and something to place in front of your young reader Three and a half stars.