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This was pretty awesome You don t see many comics dealing with hip hop or urban culture, and of those that exist, few are any good So color me surprised that I was totally captivated by this Now, I m predisposed to liking this, because I m a hip hop head, and it was neat for me to see how Percy s MF s life Rosencrantz and Guildensterned through a lot of hip hop history More than that though, this was an interesting story, because MF has lead an eventful life.That s all well and good, but this wouldn t have worked half as well as it did without the exceptional art of Wimberly I never heard of him before, but his art was perfect It was like a cross between Aaron McGruder, the painting from the beginning of Good Times, and Kungg Fu movies That doesn t make sense now, but it might if you read the book.The only thing I can say bad about this book, is towards the end if felt like if fell into the and then this happened, and then this happened, and then that happened trap Still, this is a great comic gem. The art was perfect for the story and I m always interested in the life of rappers the ones that make it, the one s that don t and the ones that do a bit of both like in this case However, it felt like he was leaving a lot of the story out It seemed as if he didn t want to look weak or vulnerable and THAT weakened the story The story lacked a certain honesty However, I wasn t surprised Most rappers spend their entire careers trying not to look vulnerable, weak or unsure When it comes to storytelling, that makes the story frustrating, hard to believe and less interesting. @Free E-pub ⚠ Sentences: The Life of MF Grimm ⚡ Underground Hip Hop Icon Percy Carey, Aka MF Grimm, Tells The True Story Of His Life In The Game, From Dizzying Heights To Heartbreaking Losses, In This Raw, Brutally Honest Graphic Novel Memoir In SENTENCES, Carey Chronicles His Life In The Sometimes Glamorous, Often Violent World Of Hip Hop, From The First Time He Picked Up A Microphone A Ta Block Party To The Day He Lost The Use Of His Legs To Gang Violence, From His Incarceration To His Rise To The Top Of His Game As A Hip Hop Grandmaster No Questions Are Left Unanswered And No Apologies Are Made, Resulting In A Truly Groundbreaking Graphic Novel Excellent stuff Ron Wimberley s art is expressive and adept at depicting a wide range of everyday folks, even if some of the likenesses of famous hip hop musicians wavers somewhat The story is worth reading, just an interesting tale of this dude s life between crime and music related matter of factly and without melodrama Worth checking out And it was cool to see the intersection of his life with hip hop lore I already knew about. MF Grimm aka Percy Carey is a rap singer and music producer who had a pretty rough time growing up Although his mother and grandmother made sure he was educated and literate, he spent a lot of time running around with gangs and thugs, getting into trouble, selling drugs, and cutting school He was often successful in his business enterprises selling drugs for him was just like being any other kind of entrepreneur businessman What he most wanted, though, was to work in the music industry as an emcee rapper Just as he was offered a record deal, he and his close friend were caught in a shoot out and Percy wound up in the hospital paralyzed from the waist down After his recovery, he went back to dealing drugs, and eventually wound up in prison While he was there, he studied law as related to his particular case and was able to get himself out on a reduced sentence He also helped other inmates he read them their letters, penned replies, and helped them research their own cases When he was released, Carey vowed to be a better person, and has since played straight He wrote this graphic novel to let people know a little bit about what his life has been like He hopes that others will read it and see it not as a model, but as a warning about how not to live their lives This was a really fine autobiography, and it lends itself well to the graphic novel format Ronald Wimberly s style is heavy and dark and expressive, and his drawings really complement Percy Carey s incredibly articulate story he s probably the most articulate former drug dealer I ve ever read He understands why he did the things he did, and how much they wound up hurting him and other people around him His insight into these things makes him that muchinteresting and his story that muchimportant One of the reasons that I didn t like Reymundo Sanchez s My Bloody Life is that he s repetitive and doesn t seem to have the same kind of breakthroughs So often he falls back on excuses I don t know why I did it, I just did And there s a certain horror to that Percy Carey steps up and takes responsibility for himself and his actions he wants to do be better, and he makes it happen I wish there werestories like this that are so well written made, and that really have something to say and show. I am not one for writing reviews so, I will say great bio on MF Grimm I enjoyed the graphic style of Ronald Wimberly It s a cautionary tale with a positive message. I really enjoyed this book While I certainly don t agree that Carey leaves no questions unanswered as the back cover states, I found Sentences to be a really captivating read I liked the art a lot, and I found the graphic novel format to be a great fit for the story The art reminded me a little of Boondocks at times, which is a good thing There s a nice variety of techniques used throughout, from pencil sketches, to zipitone, to silouhette a favorite of mine The dialogue seemed realistic lots of slang, but it didn t feel forced, as it often does in comics Inter relationships between characters were palpable, and I always found myself rooting for Percy, despite his poor judgment again and again.While portions of Percy s life were admittedly incomplete like he says we ve really just glossed the surface here I found the biggest gap to be the lack of any mention of romatic relationships There s a great section about his mama, but other than thatwhere re the ladies Maybe 128 or so pages just isn t enough for THAT story.In any case, I enjoyed the book so much that I ll probably read it again, and I want to check out MF Grimm s music, too, since I wasn t familiar with him before reading the book. I avoided this book for too long, because it looked like it was going to be dense and high horsey It was neither The illustration style was dynamic, and filled up every page, but managed to be neither tedious, nor overstuffed, nor chaotic It was surprising And there were some surprising images it started out with after an initial gun battle Carey s childhood experience of being on Sesame Street, and that Caroll guy in half of the Big Bird Costume wandering around backstage was a pretty weird start to a book that I thought was going to be about gangsters and prison It was also about those things, but it did a great job of setting the groundwork of childhood family, friends and school crews, and building the life of a rapper drug dealer other stuff up slowly so you could see how his probs were a combination of choices and bad luck I liked how he didn t apologize for his choices, but did realize his errors, and redeemed himself by hard work and determination And kept rapping Basically I thought this book was good because it didn t dip into a predictable story, but it wasn t trying to be too weird either It was just sort of..true Yep. I don t know much read anything about hip hop culture and was a little skeptical of this book based on the cover The cover of this edition doesn t reflect at all how well written and drawn it is I was surprised at how much I actually enjoyed the read, despite knowing none of the background information Now I have to readabout MF Grimm Any book that makes me want to readbooks is a good book. Started off giving this three stars, but I can t stop thinking about it, so it s one of those books that is better than I thought it was, in that it s having an effect on me I m grateful for this story being told it seems like the comic format mostly works really well for Carey s story, but it still remains difficult to convey the pleasure of music through comics, and that holds this one back just a bit.