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A First Class Thriller filled with lots of suspense.The storyline filled with lots of suspense,twists and turns pulled me through the book.This book is recommended for those who love Christian romantic suspense. This is one of those books that really pulls you in and doesn t let go The characters are superb examples of what I look for in a Christian romance characters that walk by their faith even when they feel less than able to do what is asked of them Most amazing is a body guard that seems real and a situation of guarding a person doesn t seem a farce Without any spoilers the end of the situation is a little fabricated Overall a first rate read. [Free Pdf] ☨ The Last Target ☳ The Paper Found In A Terrorist S Pocket Holds Six Names And Single Mom Rachel Reynolds Is The Only One On The List Who S Still Alive Private Security Contractor Jack Sergeant Wants To Ensure She Stays That Way, But First He Must Convince Rachel The Danger Is RealRachel Can T Believe That Someone S After Her Until She S Grazed By A Shooter S Bullet She Won T Take Chances With Her Son S Life But She Doesn T Want Jack Getting Too Close Yet As Jack Comes To Care For Both Mother And Son, The Target He S After Is A Family To Love And Protect For A Lifetime Imagine, your at a park with your child and suddenly you hear a pop and feel a burn on your arm, then your tackled, and ordered to stay down What would you think Would you be inclined to trust the man who tackled you It really doesn t feel like she has much choice, the agent, Jack Sargeant is a private security owner and he whisks Rachel Reynolds and her son Aiden off to his compound explaining that her uncle has hired his firm to protect her Someone has a hit list and everyone on it is dead, but Rachel It seems each day brings worse news, from her office being bombed, to a friend being killed, her apartment ransacked, and finally her location has been discovered and they have to run All of this close contact between Rachel and Jack have them both struggling with their emotions This was a great book Lots of action, tons of suspense and suspicion I was cluing on to who the bad guy was, but the story had lots of twists I enjoyed this book a lot, and definitely would share it with my friends who love mystery and suspense books 217 pages US 5.50 4 starsThis book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review. Security for our country is holding.Christ s talents for sculpting crime and redemption continue to remain new with each new novel I have read all, or at least, most all of her books and she is still able to surprise me Toward the end, I was surprised at how long I could be held in suspense for something I was certain was going to happen I was finely blessed when she provided relief You will enjoy being a fan as you reach the finale This one has a single mom and her young son who are suddenly shot at while at a public playground The good guys swoop in and save her and continue trying to do so while being attacked at every turn in super sneaky ways I suspected who was the ultimate leak, but was super surprised as to the why although it was good news for her And everything turns out alright at the end Phew WOW This was an awesome book It had so much intriaue and mystery Terrorists are pure evil I fully believe that there are men who are just like Jack, who would and have given their lives for the purpose of defeating the evil that would like to destroy the freedoms that we have. Exciting, riveting story from page one Another romantic suspense story that captures you with realistic characters rushing through unbelievable situations Well worth the read and very hard to put down. This was an excellent read Quite the page turner to see what would happen next I had suspicions on the bad guys but there were enough questions to keep me guessing for most of the book Definitely worth reading if you re a mystery lover This Love Inspired Suspense piqued my interest from the very first chapter, I thought it was well written with many twists turns, and kept me guessing til the end