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A totally enjoyable, intriguing, cute bookthe only real problem is how short it is There s supposed to be a sequel, but I haven t be able to find it I m really interested in this story, but it feels like it barely got going before the book ended It felt like a great first 5 chapters of a much longer book.I m really falling in love with Sarah s books They re the type of books I ve always wanted However, they do still feel a little rough, like they could have used another draft or another edit Much stronger than a lot of manuscripts I ve read, but still not fully polished Not quite I can t wait to see how she grows as an author She s so prolific that I m sure she ll grow by leaps and bounds in the next few years. From my blog, Reviews of independent and small press publications.Sugar Moon is the engaging beginning to Sarah Diemer s new Maja Trilogy, a thrilling mix of dark fantasy and romance Diemer is an up and coming new independent author whose last work, The Dark Wife, was 2 on the LGBT Top Ten list Her lush writing style and use of sensory imagery create an immersive sense of place Within a few pages, the reader has a fairly good sense of the world, making it easy to be drawn into the story and commit to the characters.The characters themselves are likeable and fun My favourite so far is Bael, a Hedgewic who specialises in death magic Sadly, she is introduced at the very end of this novella, but I hope to see of her in future installments The main character, Elise, is passionate and inspiring, but at times she seems a bit two dimensional Part of this is due to the pacing of a story, which is a little fast and could benefit from some down time to show aspects of the characters rather than simply tell the reader about them in passing The other contributing factor is the romance side of the story, which I find also a little fast paced and a bit heavy handed This is largely a matter of taste, except where it overwhelms the primary plot.We get only a glimpse of that plot in this first book, but it promises to be a thrilling ride All in all this is a quick, fun read by an author who is definitely one to follow The next installment of The Maja Trilogy is due out in September. [Read Ebook] ⚇ Sugar Moon ⚆ Love Is MagicElise Sells Magic, Charms And Dreams Out The Back Door Of Her Brightly Painted Wagon A Witch And Daughter Of The Maja, She Believes That Everything Happens For A Reason, But She Has Never Quite Understood Why There Is A Hollow Feeling In The Place Where Her Heart Should BeOne Night, At The Fabled Moon Market, She Meets A Beautiful Stranger The Mysterious Woman S Name Is Via, And Elise Is Drawn To Her, Body, Heart And Soul But Elise S Past And Via S Secret May Tear The Two Women Apart Is True Love Possible, Or Is It Only A Fairy Tale Ed Note Sugar Moon A Novella Was Originally Published Under The Pen Name Sarah Diemer In It Was Unpublished Shortly Thereafter This Is The New, Reworked Version I picked up Sugar Moon by Sarah Diemer because it sounded like something a lovely pagan, such as myself, should read While I love witchy tales including Harry Potter, The Hollows, and the Caster Chronicles , there is a distinct lack of witchy tales that are true to the Pagan religion Most are about waving wands and reciting incantations And don t get me wrong, I enjoy that, but it isn t what paganism is about So, perhaps, I should call this pagan fiction Not witchy fiction.The main character, Elise, lives her life traveling in a bandyloo to the right is a picture of what I imagined it looking like which is pulled by her sweet pony, Matilda Whenever she comes to a Keep she leaves offerings for her goddess But the evil which killed her mother is back The Fevered The Maja ask her to be their representative among a group of magical races to figure out how to defeat the Fevered once and for all There are five other magical races Virtue, Elemental, Austere, Shifter, and Hedgewic They all come together at a Kindred House which are traditionally tended to by the Maja But this one has long been abandoned and is in disrepair Elise is very independent, and she loves the open road, traveling further than most Maja The idea of tending a Kindred House is something she can t fathom, but she agrees nonetheless She s young and single and not really interested in love Until she meets Via She falls hard and fast, even knowing that she may only have one night with her I loved this book, so much so, that I recently re read it I m still looking forward to reading Marrow Moon, when it s available, as well as some of Sarah Diemer s other stuff. Read as part of the PopSugar Reading Challenge 2019, to fill 10 A book with pop , sugar , or challenge in the title.This was cute Not really my genre, and a bit flowery for my tastes, but it was fine. Sugar Moon is a novella There s enough story and world building here for a whole novel, so I m very happy about the prospect of two stories in this world not least because the story ends without resolving the main plot line, of course It s a light read it felt like it took no time at all to read but with plenty of room to expand.The central relationship is ostensibly that of Elise and Via, but I didn t feel that as much as I felt the sibling relationship between Elise and her brother I m hoping to see of him, though of course I want to see Elise and Via s relationship grow as well The soulmate idea is nice, but it d be good to see it backed up with further development in the next book I m looking forward to seeing of the other characters and their magic and ways of life, too.In conclusion I liked it, but it definitely left me wanting. Great start to a trilogy now if only the author would put out the second book. EDITED Review 08 15 17 Rounded up to 4 Let me start by saying there is no plot to this cute little story.It doesn t even feel like the prologue to a story, ending right where the plot should pick up It feels like a portion of a novel, probably about 2 3 s in was plucked out and set down on its own As if there was portion of the story we should have seen, needed to have seen, and were expected to know in order to really have this story hit where it needed, as well as for the adventure about to start.But we get none of that It feels like a teaser.And while I appreciate the author writing this story and continuing to write her works, I really would recommend she read a few books in order to polish her writing, since of the ones I ve read all have the same weaknesses, like lack of real plot, 2 D villains, relationships that seem steeped in physical attraction rather than a person s character of heart, etc That sounds harsh, but isn t meant as such I enjoy the author s works, but I see where she could really push them from casual reader enjoyment to something greater I almost feel like the author holds back and doesn t push on the characters at all, and that alone bothers me when reading.I did enjoy this short story, but as with THE DARK WIFE, I wish there were , and I wish she had a beta reader or editor that had pointed these weaknesses out to her so that she could push her work farther. 4.5 starsOh, I did love this little f f romance It had a fairytale feeling, with beautiful narration and a compelling protagonist and a soft moonlit romance The only problem I had with it was that the reveal was set up too overtly view spoiler what with Via constantly growling hide spoiler A group of travellers wanderers who um wander, are named the Maja One of them, Elise, is heading towards the place where the Maja meet up with each other once every month.Along the way she feels like she s being watched, flees, stops by a lake, strips naked and floats in cold lake water, is almost drowned by the ghost of her mother who whispers things about listen meets another woman who seems incapable of saying anything but listen okay, not really, but she also says it repeatedly and other stuff happen.Also there are wolves and werewolves.Rating 3.88November 22 2017