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!Kindle ♿ Fireman Dad ⚐ Mommy, I Want To Be A Fireman Widowed Mother Marissa Hawthorne S Little Boy Wants To Be Like His New Hero Firefighter Jacob Greene But Marissa And Her Son Lost Too Much To The Profession Of Firefighting Already She Can T Possibly Let Either Of Them Get Close To The Man, No Matter How Noble He Is Especially Because Her Own Father Is Jacob S Boss But When Jacob Hires Her To Plan A Special Birthday Party For His Niece, Marissa Soon Learns That Jacob Is A Hero In Many Ways And That Taking Risks For Love Is What Life And Faith Are Truly About Mommy, I want to be a Fireman Normally a mom would smile and say that s nice, darling but Marissa Hawthorne has a different take She has sacrificed enough for the brotherhood of firefighting She is a single mother because of it She will never become involved with another fireman.Jacob Greene wants to hire Marissa to through a birthday party for his niece At first Marissa says no because she is organizing the Fireman Festival for some fireman that the town laid off He works a deal with Marissa that will benefit the both of them Jacob and Marissa start to fall for each other The only problem Jacob is a fireman.I actually really liked this story because it had a nice ending When I read a book, I want a happy ending Otherwise, what s the point Enjoyed this story about a widowed young mother and a fireman Funny how sometimes God gives us exactly what we don t wantand it turns out to be exactly what we need. Marissa is a widow raising her young son on her own Her husband was a firefighter and died in a fire Marissa also grew up with her dad as the town s fire chief and felt like he was never there for her as he always prioritized work When Marissa meets Jacob, she is immediately attracted to him and begins to wonder if maybe there could be romance in her future But when she finds out that he s a firefighter, she s determined to not get at involved with him, as she s sworn off of firefighters forever.Honestly, this book aggravated me quite a bit as Marissa was just a tad too ridiculous She was so bitter and obnoxious about her dad, and I kept wondering that if the whole firefighters work too much thing bothered her so much, why did she marry one the first time around She s completely unreasonable on the subject, and when her son, who is in kindergarten or first grade, I can t remember, talks about wanting to be a firefighter, she basically flips out Hello He s six How many of us have followed our six year old dreams or even remember them I skimmed through large portions of this story hoping that Marissa would become less aggravating, but she really didn t A 2.5 5, and another book off my shelves and off to someone else s OK, so I guess I m chewing trough these Love Inspired books again Marissa doesn t learn that Jacob is a fireman until her heart is already starting to get tangled She is a widow of one fireman and the daughter of the chief She does not want to be involved with another at all Her son Owen continues to play with his firetruck though. Marissa has been burned by firemen before Her father always chose his job over his family, and Marissa grew up longing for a relationship with him Her late husband lost his life fighting a fire So when she meets Jake, a firefighter, she is determined to ignore her growing feelings for him As they plan a fundraiser for firefighters who lost their jobs together, will they be able to get over their differences to find a common ground love Betsy St Amant knows the world of firefighting since her husband is one, and it shows in this book The characters and their character growth is realistic and compelling The added mystery of threats to the fire department adds a little spice to this sweet romance Fans of Christian romance will enjoy this book. A good story about second chances, facing your fears, and letting go of the past Marissa is a wonderful mother with a heavy load of past baggage Handsome Jacob Greene offers everything but the security she craves The characters are real and engaging and the story keeps you turning the pages Recommended for any age. really good Fireman Dad, by Betsy St Amant, is a fantastic read Sweet romance from the very beginning I love macho firemen and Jacob Greene is definitely that and much Sparks fly between him and Marissa Hawthorne, enough to ignite a blazing fire But she keeps her distance from him, and he has no idea why or what is holding her back since she seems to care for him too His questions are soon answered when he discovers several major obstacles obstacles that may force him to stop their fiery romance from ever igniting Want to know what they are Nope Not tellin Read the book to find out.Against her better judgment, Marissa takes on client Jacob Something about him lures her to him and for the first time in years she s ready to start dating But when she finds out what he does for a living, she quickly douses the flames of romance between them Doesn t matter how good looking and kind hearted he is One dead fireman was enough.Will Jacob and his cookie bouquet be able to tear down the fortress wall Marissa has built around her heart Sorry Not tellin Read the book to find out It will be money WELL spent.