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This was fun, for the most part The part that started to drag was Julia getting lectured and chastened by both her husband and father I know it s appropriate to the time period, but still Yes, she s reckless No, she never listens to any advice But why should marrying Brisbane have changed any of that Isn t it time to come to terms with this and find a suitable compromise I believe it s driven the plots as far as it can.Thankfully, the last part of the book moved beyond this tired conflict to the mystery at hand I did feel that the mystery was only haphazardly explored throughout, but that did leave a surprise or two at the end I ve decided I don t really read this series for a tight, convoluted mystery, though None of the sequels have been able to match up to the first book on that score, but I enjoy them nonetheless This isabout Julia and Brisbane s relationship which we get to see plenty of in this one , the scrapes Julia gets herself into by being impetuous, the rescuing Brisbane has to do, and the other relationships to both of them Julia s siblings, the gypsies, etc I love all the characters, including the minor ones and the villains well, except for when they re being completely exasperating And of course I love the Victorian setting, which Raybourn brings to life wonderfully That s what I love to read this series for So I m looking forward to the next one The last couple of pages made it clear there will be another, and I ll be watching for it. 3.5 5Amateur lady sleuth professional dude sleuth Victorian society, murder romance I read all five of them, so obviously it s a pretty good series Even if I wanted to knock the protagonists heads together sometimes. BOOK ☪ The Dark Enquiry ☤ Partners Now In Marriage And In Trade, Lady Julia And Nicholas Brisbane Have Finally Returned From Abroad To Set Up Housekeeping In London But Merging Their Respective Collections Of Gadgets, Pets And Servants Leaves Little Room For The Harried Newlyweds Themselves, Let Alone Brisbane S Private Enquiry BusinessAmong The Unlikely Clients Julia S Very Proper Brother, Lord Bellmont, Who Swears Brisbane To Secrecy About His Case Not About To Be Left Out Of Anything Concerning Her Beloved If Eccentric Family, Spirited Julia Soon Picks Up The Trail Of The InvestigationIt Leads To The Exclusive Ghost Club, Where The Alluring Madame S Raphine Holds Evening S Ances And Not A Few Powerful Gentlemen In Thrall From This Eerie Enclave Unfolds A Lurid Tangle Of Dark Deeds, Whose Tendrils Crush Reputations And Throttle TrustShocked To Find Their Investigation Spun Into Salacious Newspaper Headlines, Bristling At The Tension It Causes Between Them, The Brisbanes Find They Must Unite Or Fall For Bellmont S Sake And They Ll Face Myriad Dangers Born Of Dark Secrets, The Kind Men Kill To Keep The Dark Enquiry is the fifth book in the Lady Julia Grey series Brisbane and Lady Julia have returned to London, and Brisbane resumes his private enquiry business Lady Julia would desperately like to be an equal partner in his business, and she feels she has much to offer in the way of detective skills Brisbane, on the other hand, views her as a complication, an irresistible but exasperating complication In trying to prove herself a worthy partner, Lady Julia unexpectedly discovers that her older brother, the proper and disapproving Bellmont, has secretly hired Brisbane s services She is determined to learn the reason why, and her sleuthing leads her to The Ghost Club and to Madame Seraphine, a mysterious woman whose seances are popular with the powerful, the well connected, and those with secrets to keep It s certain now that I read too many of these too close together Lady Julia s antics were not charming so much as annoying I expected her to have learned some skills and subtlety, but she goes traipsing around London in a fake moustache That s only when she s not blowing out the windows of the house with her ultra explosive magic disappearing powder No joke The mystery was really kind of absurd, and I hated the supernatural deus ex machina conclusion And yet..despite all my whiiiiining, I ll probably still read the next one in the series I guess that s a testament to how much I like these characters Even when they annoy me, I keep coming back for . Deanna Raybourn, Lady Julia, and her yummy husband, Brisbane, just keep getting better I loved this addition to the series Raybourn is an expert at creating setting and the way that she reveals her characters to the reader just leaves us wanting to knowespecially about the wonderful, Nicholas Brisbane The dialogue is witty without being absurd, and the sparks fly between the two main characters I read these stories for the characters, but the mysteries are nicely plotted and have a Gothic feel Oh, how I loved Gothic mysteries as a young reader In this particular installment, Raybourn peels a fewlayers of the mysterious Brisbane and readers are given another glimpse of his gypsy family In addition, there areinteractions with members of Julia s large family her indomitable father, the Earl March her stuffy older brother Belmont her recently bereaved sister, Portia the colorful Plum, and the youngest brother Valerius These interactions only add to the marvelous complexity of the main characters This novel made me laugh and cry out loud and that is always a sign to me of time well spent. The Dark Enquiry4 StarsMarriage to a private enquiry agent has become a frustrating enterprise for Lady Julia as her husband still strives to protect her from his professional life just as she longs to become a full partner in his endeavors Julia gets her wish after following Brisbane to a clandestine meeting and witnessing what appears to be the murder of a psychic medium As Julia and Brisbane investigate the strange death, they must learn to work together or lose everything, for the foe they face is willing to sacrifice anyone and anything for their ultimate goal.While not quite my favorite installment in the series that is reserved for Silent on the Moor , The Dark Enquiry is certainly one of theintense and exciting additions and I am sad that it is also the final full length novel.The highlight of the story is the development of Brisbane and Julia s relationship as they finally begin working together both in and outside of the marriage bed Brisbane comes to accept that he cannot protect Julia from every danger and that the best he can do is provide her with the necessary tools and information for her to deal with the darker and seedier side of his work Likewise, Julia comes to realize not only the very real risks involved in being Brisbane s partner, but also the extent of his love for her and the lengths he will got to in order to keep her safe.They mystery is interesting with several compelling twists and turns and one particularly enigmatic character who could Raybourn could do well to give his own series if she were so inclined The villain came as a surprise although, in hindsight, there are plenty of clues to the ultimate explanation.The secondary characters are well written and add depth and nuance to the story Julia is introduced to additional members of Brisbane s gypsy family and there are also developments in the lives of her own siblings Portia is settling into motherhood Bellmont finds himself in a sticky situation, and Plum may finally have met his match.All in all, a solid addition to the series although there are one or two developments that were disappointing such as view spoiler Julia s miscarriage and inability to conceive another child as well as Plum s devastating love life hide spoiler I was really disappointed by this installment of the Lady Julia series I am not easily offended and I appreciate sick humor but there were a few things that I had difficulty with and was surprised that Deanna Raybourn included in this story.I didn t care for the view of Julia as somewhat flakey and I hate to say it but this story reminded me of Tahsa Alexander s Lady Emily books.I have always been a huge fan of Deanna Raybourn and I feel like I am being disloyal by posting this unfavorable review but I have to be honest, I was really disappointed by this installment I hope the next one will be better but maybe this series has fizzled out. This might have been my favorite of the series I loved the team effort between Julia and Brisbane, the moments with her eccentric family, and even some sadness in the characters lives that had me a bit emotional It s clear by the ending that Deanna never intended this to be the final book and yeah, I know, a few novellas remain but I will continue to hope she ll one day get back to this series. 4 5 Estrellas, pero como me ha dejado muy satisfecha, y me ha recordado a los primeros libros de la serie, me siento generosa y le doy las 5.En sta entrega Julia y Brisbane han vuelto a Londres, a una c moda rutina en la que han conseguido una casa para su nueva vida, mientras que mantienen la casa de soltero de Brisbane como oficina y despacho para los nuevos casos de Brisbane Una vez en casa, y acomod ndose a su nueva vida tras una larga luna de miel Qu m s podr a pasarles Un nuevo caso, sta vez muy cercano a ellos Bellmont, el hermano mayor de Julia est pasando por serias dificultades que podr an poner en peligro su carrera pol tica y su vida social, y precisa la ayuda de Brisbane para que sus secretos no salgan a la luz.En ste libro encontraremos un poco de todo con sus dosis justas un misterio referente a unas cartas perdidas, una medium que es m s de lo que parece y de mucha importancia en la trama, y espionaje que puede poner en peligro al Imperio Brit nico Todo ello muy bien ambientado, con el estilo nico de sta escritora, y que en cada libro nos recuerda que se ha basado en Sherlock Holmes para crear a Brisbane Sin ser tan truculento como otros libros anteriores, en Tiempos de claroscuro , encontramos una trama m s sustanciosa, y m s veros mil Adem s que se nota el trabajo detectivesco que ha creado Deanna Raybourn, dejando peque os rastros en cada cap tulo hasta que llegas al final para descubrir al probable asesino esp a chantajista, si es que en realidad lo hay.En los libros anteriores podr a haber tramas, cap tulos o historias que no interesaran para la investigaci n principal, pero sta novela te mete desde el principio en lo que ser el libro, y me ha dejado muy muy satisfecha, pues hasta el final no pod as saber realmente qu iba a ocurrir Si soy sincera en los ltimos cap tulos descubr al sospechoso, pero eso es muy personal para cada lector.En lo que ata e a Julia y Brisbane, en los primeros cap tulos estaba algo cabreada, sobre todo con Julia, que en libros anteriores demostraba menos sensatez que un cr o de cinco a os, y parec a que en sta novela ser a igual Que s , que puedo entender que quiere ser de ayuda a Brisbane, pero mientras l ha tenido treinta a os de experiencia para llegar a ser el detective que es, ella no es m s que una aficionada Por si fuera poco, Brisbane sabe lo que hace y por qu , y teniendo la relaci n que tienen no me cab a en la cabeza que entre ellos hubiera tantos secretos y desconfianza que es lo que me decepcion en el libro anterior As que agradezco que en ste libro la escritora haya sabido llevar mejor su relaci n y romance, pues Julia acaba mostrando algo de sensatez y Brisbane sabe que si no quiere ponerla en peligro, tiene que llevarla con l.A pesar de que la trama acaba bastante cerrada, el final me ha dejado con la impresi n de que habr m s, pero no he visto que la escritora haya escrito m s libros de sta pareja, s lo relatos cortos entre medias y alguno despu s De ser as , agradecer a a la editorial que nos publicaran todos los relatos de la serie en una antolog a para desvelar algunas cosas que han quedado sin cerrar, o por lo menos un buen ep logo de la serie. If you haven t read the Lady Julia Grey series, then I must ask youWHY NOT Though I shouldn t scold you I only picked up the first book this past February But I fell in love while reading Silent in the Grave, and I went out and got all of the other books in the series and read them back to back they re that good I won t delve too much into the plot because I don t want to let any spoilers slip, but I will tell you why I thought this book was another fantastic addition to a fantastic series Julia and Brisbane are so much fun to read about In fact, they made my list of the top ten love stories in literature With each new novel I feel like I m picking up with an old friend a clever, witty, stylish, outrageous friend and her hubba hubba hot husband In this latest installment the Brisbanes are back in London after their exotic and exciting honeymoon voyage to Egypt and India After Brisbane s initial rejection of Julia s involvement and Julia s hilarious attempt at undercover detection, Julia s uptight brother Bellmont becomes their first official case together And Monty s been a naughty boy, indeed The Brisbanes are pulled into a sinister tale of blackmail, spiritualism, espionage, and murder This case is much darker anddangerous than their previous exploits With national security threatened and the stakes higher than ever, Julia s life is in danger, and Brisbane s protective instincts are kicked into overdrive.In the previous book, Dark Road to Darjeeling, the Brisbanes experienced some growing pains as they tried to adjust to married life It was very realistic, but it was also sad to see two people who loved each other so much have such a hard time of it I m happy to say that in The Dark Enquiry, the Brisbanes are able to resolve their differences and work together as a true team I loved every minute of watching these two together investigating, collaborating, bantering, and quarrellingand trying to keep their hands off each other They even spend some time in the gypsy camp, which turned out to be one of my favorite parts of the story, because I love to see Brisbane embrace that part of his heritage, and I m hungry for every little truth revealed about that intensely private and mysterious man.Julia s eccentric family is all present and accounted for, with Plum playing his part as Brisbane s new employee Julia also gains an intriguing new family member who has an important part in the story and lends eveninsight into Brisbane s past The mystery culminates in a heartpounding climactic scene in which I did not figure out whodunit before it was revealed, and in which, in a tragic twist, Julia experiences a devastating loss that tore my heart out Fans of this delightfully entertaining and beautifully written series will not be disappointed, and this fan is already counting the days to book number six