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This is a short text from a Ted Talk the authors did It s really very short, and is a quick read The text of the book make several good points about eating meat and its negative effects but it was really nothing I hadn t heard before Being vegan, I found this book a little unsatisfying because I struggle with the concept of someone knowing all the negative effects of meat eating and still not giving it up because they like the taste I find that hard to deal with, honestly My own personal issues with that caused me to have a bit of a sour taste for this book, as that s really what the author is advocating However, I do appreciate someone stepping up to help people who want to make a difference for the animals and planet find some acceptable options Some of the recipes look tasty but many of them contain ingredients you wouldn t find in your typical pantry which I think would be a stumbling block for convincing people to try out this new diet Some of the ingredients I saw I wasn t even sure if I could find in my local grocery store I think if he s aiming to get people to try this out, simpler, and easier recipes may have been the way to go. I absolutely love this book It was a fast read Only takes a few hours, if you can read it in one sitting So informative, eye opening, and factual Graham Hill writes this book so simply and straightforward that you cannot help but feel inspired I think everyone needs to read this book, and at least give themselves a chance to try vegetarianism For the last two years, I have gone back to being a vegetarian and it is challenging, but I feel much better about myself my health Give it a read, folks You may surprise yourself Just listen to the TedTalk Same info.the book expands on the idea a very small bit and has a few recipes Nothing spectacular. This is one of the TED kindle singles and is a background to Graham Hill s TED talk I don t think you necessarily need to have watched the TED talk to get the most out of it It s a well put together collection of facts and thoughts about human health and planet health and the impact of meat consumption Quite a lot of the book is recipes for your first month of being a weekday vegetarian which I found quite unnecessary and I had hoped for some pages of facts or insight instead Also a very minor point but at the references section in the back there are lists of books As this is released as a Kindle single it would have made sense, to me at least, for these to be linked to a kindle version where it exists saving me having to search for them In summary a useful addition to the TED talk but seems a bit overpriced unless you make use of the recipes The main point of the book was do not eat meat for 5 days a week.Which I think is sensible, but all and all it is not consistent How about dairy, how about eggs, how about negative studies concerning the effects of soy This was a soapbox manifesto, but it hasn t changed my mind.If you re looking at good books read micheal pollan s or food inc There is some background information after which you will never ever will go to McDonalds, not even for the vegetarian food. I get the thrust of his argument, and there s enough disagreement between nutritionists that arguing we don t even need 50g of protein per day has some support in some quarters, but It s not that I don t agree that farming and feeding cheap meat to all of us is killing the environment It s not that I don t agree that we have weird sets of rules when it comes to what meats are okay and which are verboten I just wasn t that impressed by the book. .DOWNLOAD ♗ Weekday Vegetarian ☢ A Vegetarian Diet Can Markedly Improve Your Health And Fitness, But What If You Still Love Munching Into A Juicy Burger Every Now And Again Graham Hill Has A Powerful And Simple Solution Become A Weekday Vegetarian Eat No Meat From Monday Through Friday During The Weekends, You Re Back To Being A Carnivore Hill, Who Founded The Eco Blog Treehugger, Has Expanded The Popular Short Talk He Gave At TED With A Life Changing Digital Book That Explores The Personal, Economic, And Societal Benefits Of Moving Meat Out Of Your Diet Don T Fear That Vegetarian Dishes All Taste Like Sawdust Hill Includes Great Tasting Veggie Recipes To Get You Started Quick read, but verbose in parts It s a very short book with a meaningful message, but the point can be conveyed in a few sentences I give it three stars for the food recipes at the end, which may be quite useful. Quick, insightful read Mainly informative on the high risks associated with the SAD and the harm this diet has on the planet as a whole The recipes could have been better but you can find plenty of vegan or vegetarian meal plans online. Quick inspiring read I wasn t super impressed with the recipes though don t start there if you re a new vegetarian