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I ve definitely never been a huge super hero fan, but what a great, fun book I knew immediately I was going to like it Super Born Seduction of Being, by author Keith Kornell, revolves around a journalist who thinks that Scranton, PA is the home of superwomen based on an irregular radiation surge in the city.The journalist meets up with Dr Jones, who believes that women born during this surge were born with extraordinary powers that begin to develop through their life The funny thing is, only a woman that was born during the halftime of the Super Bowl, on 1 18 1976, have these powers Yes, it s an odd little anomaly, but it adds to the quirkiness of this story.The book is narrated and told from both the journalist perspective and also the Super Born s called the B.I.B , or b tch in black It chronicles how the journalist finds her as well as how she learns to disguise, but still utilize her superpowers to take down bad guys in the city.I don t know about you, but wouldn t it be cool to be a superwoman Mothers are superwomen anyway, but to have the ability to vacuum the house and cook dinner without lifting a finger Yep, I m there I truly enjoyed this book and it is an easy, light read that will have you laughing out loud As far as I m concerned, Kornell has a definitely hit with this one Warning this book can definitely be a bit crude in its humor, so if you don t enjoy this type of humor, you should steer away from it. First off let me say that this book cover is really sexy and eye catching Second, when I read the title for this book I was expecting it to be kind of like erotica Not that I have anything against erotica In fact I do enjoy reading these types of books You can imagine my surprise when this book was nothing like an erotica book There was minimal sex So don t let the title of this book turn you off from reading it Actually this book reads like a comic book So fans of comics, sci fi, or fantasy will enjoy this book This book made me think of the Will Smith movie, Hitchcock Only this book is better than the movie I like that the hero is a regular mom or B.I.B Yes, B.I.B is the new M.I.L.F While I did enjoy reading this book for the reasons I already mentioned, I did find that it did not hold my attention 100% of the time The energy of the story dropped at times and so than the story read slowly I even found myself skimming parts Still an enjoyable read. When I first saw this book cover I immediately thought it was about a blonde who fought against criminals My second thought after that was maybe it was about a girl who used masks and followed along the lines of 50 Shades of Grey This is the actual synopsis from An evolution in the female superhero, Super Born Seduction of Being is a romantic satire based on a quirky journalist s search for a reluctant Super Woman She is a single mother with thirty years of normal existence before super powers begin to show themselves and complicate her life As she searches for her new place in the world, a crowd of others search for her as well Told from both the journalist s and superhero s point of view, Super Born is a flowing unique read.Whew I love being right, well at least some part right I can not say enough how much I enjoyed this book Finally we have a superhero that is like a normal person The story really starts when a Doctor believes the woman who will be a Superhero lives in Scranton, PA.Side note, did you know that city workers in Scranton, PA had their pay cut to minimum wage Yes that includes firemen and police officers How can you even live on that It would take a week of working to fill my car up with gas, and I get than 26 mpg The city is obviously being crazy and obviously has no empathy for their workers Back to Super Born The perspectives of a journalist and of Super Born are used to tell us the story, in a diary type of format It goes from how the journalist first gets involved with the Doctor when he believes that their are superwomen located in Scranton due to the high surge of radiation during the Superbowl of 76 After the radiation exposure, the men go crazy and have a thing called RFD, while some women actually get super powers like Super Born She was catching criminals and preventing crimes, which in turn makes people jealous While on one side the journalist and everyone becoming her fans on a website love her, their are others like the not so successful superwomen and crime lords that despise her Be sure to check out the website at www.thebib.org The narrator of the story is a freelance journalist who ends up becoming involved with Dr Jones, who is convinced that Scranton, PA is home to superwomen due to a surge in episilon radiation Jones has a whole formula set up and has determined that those most likely to be superwomen were born on 1 18 1976, close to half time during the Super Bowl So, the narrator sets out to find a superwoman and becomes obsessed with one that he called B.I.B beeoyatch in black The B.I.B is responsible for taking down multiple villains and doing other good deeds, but will the journalist be able to find her It is sort of hard to describe the story I apologize if I ve given too many spoilers, but I wanted to give an idea of what this book is about It is written as a journal, with periodic inclusions that give the B.I.B s point of view Also, neither she nor the narrator are ever named in the story, which I found somewhat interesting I got a huge kick out of the story, frequently laughing out loud and reading sections to my husband There was, however, definitely a need for further editing there were a number of typos and lots of problems with punctuation Don t let that put you off, however this is a fun read and I can definitely recommend it, especially if you want a big laugh or two SUPER BORN Seduction of Being by Keith Kornell Harper Landmark Books, 2013.I m a pretty easy mark for ordinary person gets superpowers story This one, ehhh, sorry it had problems.There are several PoV characters They switch back and forth, frequently in the same chapter, with no clear demarcation between the switch That last is exacerbated by all the PoVs being 1st person viewpoints, all expressed in similar speech patterns and phraseology To try and make clear which character is speaking, some particular detail gets inserted into the first paragraph of each switch in PoV it felt like a forced and clumsy technique The prose is workmanlike, interrupted by the occasional clunk of a poorly written sentence or unnecessary phrase.None of the characters came across as sympathetic, or engaging, or as possessing any real depth They were all idiots and cartoons, to one extent or another To be fair, part of the plot is that men who live in Scranton, PA are, literally, idiots There s a reason for this, not just because, y know, Scranton I could never decide if the novel was supposed to be a straight story, or humor If the latter, I didn t laugh at the jokes The portions where the humor was based on self destructive behavior alcoholic blackouts, promiscuous sex, etc just made me feel sad I felt like I was watching an Adam Sandler movie There are people who would consider that last a positive attribute I am not one of those people I finished the book, but from a reviewer s obligation than the meager enjoyment I got from the experience I d give it two stars Other reviews mostly rate it higher, four or five stars That sort of thing is why I complain about the irrational exuberance of most ratings on , Goodreads, etc No one wants to be a meanie, so most reviewers over rank by at least one or two stars Five stars That s something I think should be given only to books that are extraordinarily good I don t like being a meanie, either, but I try to give criticism that will be useful to the writer as well as the reader. It took me a while to glance through this book I know others have said that the cover was great but I wasn t enthused It looked too much like a cheesy romance novel That finally put aside, the book is comical and an enjoyable read Switching between the characters for different first hand accounts was a good twist The book centers around one woman with super powers that is just trying to live her life and has all the same issues we all suffer from Throw into the mix super powers and hilarity and unbelievable stunts ensue. I knew as soon as read the first couple of pages that I was going to enjoy reading this book I m not a huge fantasy reader but I have been persuaded by this one Although I think a lot to do with my enjoyment of the book came from the authors writing style, a light hearted story, humorous, tongue in cheek in parts and weirdly or not slightly believable I also loved the way the book alternated between first hand accounts from both main characters.The two main characters were both down to earth, you had the single mum turned super hero alongside the day to day reporter journalist guy who loves his beer the other The story follows the after affects of epsilon radiation exposure in the town of Scranton, turning the men into morons known as RFD s, reduced functuality disorder and the opposite effect on the women, giving some of them super powers One woman in particular, dressed in black, started to gain a lot of interest after villain after villain were being captured, crime after crime were being prevented, rescue after rescue were becoming an everyday occurrence, all followed by the hero dress in black sightings.The reporter, who by now is besotted with the Super Born, teams up with a scientist try to find the identity of this particular Super Born , dressed all in black now known as the BIB From the scientists research narrowing this down to only eight women who were born during the Super Bowl, January 18th 1976 The BIB website was formed, quickly increasing its fans and sightings Unfortunately they were not the only ones to be hunting her down, villains, crime lords and jealous inferior super women wanted her found as well Who would find her first What would happen to her A really enjoyable and amusing read What I also love is the fact that the author has actually brought to life parts of the book, his website is bib.org the same as the book and he has also brought out the BIB t shirts, brilliant Fast paced and funny This book is both quirky and fast paced so it was a fun read that was easy to pick up and follow The narrative is at first from Allie the single mom who accidentally discovers her super powers jumping up to get a bowl off the shelfThe first clue came the day I innocently jumped to get a bowl off of a high shelf This was not a big leap, mind you, just a little hop But I found myself chest deep through the ceiling and into my upstairs neighbor s kitchen This seeming act of normalcy thrusts her through the ceiling of her apartment into her neighbors kitchen and a whole new destiny I loved that her first thought was not about her new found super strength but how her neighbors had gotten the landlord to put in new appliances This sums up the story about a woman struggling with a vastly new existence that has just opened up to her The story follows a lot of well loved tropes saving the city from the bad guys intrigue with mysterious other super heroes cold war experiments etc but winds it all up with the new twist of a very unusual super hero a single Mom The narrative moves to Logan a reporter who falls hard for Allie nicknamed the B.I.B B tch in Black and becomes obsessed with finding out who she is and also protecting her from her new found enemies He is a goofy and groan0 worthy character at times but comes across as likeable and you do want him to get the girl in the end Mash up Bridget Jones and Stephanie Plum with some Batman, Heroes TV show and a soup on of the Bourne Ultimatum and you have Super Born Recommended because its 1 fun 2 easy read 3 entertaining 4 with a new twist on the female super hero genre. Eight women born in Scranton, PA, on January 18, 1976, during the Super Bowl, all grow up to be superheroes What was going on in Scranton during that time And why only women A superhero comedy mystery with lots of laughs and sex In a word screwy Full review here `Download Pdf ⇲ Super Born ⇮ An Evolution In The Female Superhero, Super Born Seduction Of Being Is A Romantic Satire Based On A Quirky Journalist S Search For A Reluctant Super Woman She Is A Single Mother With Thirty Years Of Normal Existence Before Super Powers Begin To Show Themselves And Complicate Her Life As She Searches For Her New Place In The World, A Crowd Of Others Search For Her As Well Told From Both The Journalist S And Superhero S Point Of View, Super Born Is A Flowing Unique Read