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Book, you have one message from me NOPE.I want to start off by saying that this book could ve been really good, but I think I d be lying The whole premise has been done already, and with better results I m glad I got this at a library book sale where it cost be about 25 cents.To recap the story Luna, who is supposed to be a 14 year old girl who sounds anywhere from 10 to 35 but never actually 14 , is enlisting the help of dreamy Oliver another elitist kid with daddy issues and a cheater s conscience to solve the mystery of her mother s death view spoiler It was an accident just like it said at the beginning SURPRISE hide spoiler About twenty pages into this book, I realized it wasn t what I thought it was I rarely purchase books, especially hardcover, except for releases from authors that I follow John Gren s TFioS, for example My impulse decision to buy this book was completely wrong As a fourteen year old girl who loves mystery stories, I thought that a book focused around another fourteen year old girl trying to solve the mystery of her mother s death was intriguing, and bought the book at Barnes and Noble without a second thought The inside cover advertised secrets and mystery, all with the help of her dreamy neighbor Oliver If you re looking at this book thinking that it s going to be just that a book of secrets and mystery and a dreamy neighbor named Oliver, you re wrong.First off, I had a lot of problems with the narrator s voice If you took out the numbers for her age, I would have guessed she was twelve in the beginning, then turned thirteen after her birthday which was pretty early on in the book She was really fourteen, then turned fifteen Her voice in general seemed a bit immature to me She even says not to call her a tween although I think that the whole tween thing ends around age thirteen The fact that she doesn t really have a lot of friends doesn t add to the realism at all She has one friend, Janine, who has maybe four scenes in the entire book Then there s Oliver, the boy across the street Quickly, though, Luna becomes friends with a model named Daria, who s probably in her late twenties or so How exactly does a fourteen year old girl become BFFs with a twenty year old I know, I know, suspension of disbelief and all that But there was no suspension Just a lot of disbelief Luna seemed incredibly whiny through her voice and the whole book seemed to be her own personal pity party However, when she spoke only to authority figures like her dad, though she was rather sarcastic, which completely blew me away It didn t fit with the voice she used to narrate at all When she first said damn I was even shocked, because of the incompatibility with the immaturity of her voice.I think some of these problems are linked to the fact that it s an adult male author writing from a teenage girl s POV, but some authors have pulled it off before Mark Peter Hughes did it well in I Am The Wallpaper Even John Green could do it in The Fault In Our Stars I think that when an author tries to do this, it s either hit or miss, and this one was on the miss side.When she talks to Oliver, she says that her skin feels like it s on fire As I said, I m fourteen, and I m pretty socially awkward, but when I talk to boys I really don t feel like my skin is on fire I get being nervous and all, but I really just wanted to roll my eyes at that part Within the same paragraph, she talks about Oliver s violet lips which threw me off a lot Maybe she meant they had a violet hue, but I kept imagining him having these neon purple lips when she said that which was unfortunately than once While on the topic of Oliver, I felt like he was an unbelievable character, and when I say unbelievable I mean I really couldn t believe him He seemed kinda cheesy, and their relationship really lacked chemistry and he lacked personality in general The few lines they exchanged weren t really that, you know deep or personal and Luna always feels nervous talking to him I don t know, but that just seems like it s not a great relationship For the whole first love story I guess the awkwardness works, but most first loves end pretty quickly, but instead, view spoiler the end of this book showcased a truly almost gag worthy scene between the two of them, almost insuring that there will be of this relationship to come hide spoiler Read my full review with GIFs on Lauren Reads YA.If I had to describe this book in one word, it would be NOPE If you like rage reviews, this post is for you.I expected a fun, quick read and got something that was all over the place and total shit The mystery was solved in less than a hundred pages and for the rest of the book she just kind of sat there being whiny about not knowing every aspect of her parents life.I m all for male authors writing female characters and female authors writing male characters, but you can definitely tell that Luna was written by a male author She was an incredibly annoying character to read from she was immature, whiny, a bit arrogant at times It felt like the author took all the things he knew of as stereotypically teenage girl things and put them into this one character.I also find it hard to believe all the opportunities Luna gets, even with how privileged she is daughter of a model and a director, lives in NYC Her own gallery show Basically BFFs with a twenty something thirty maybe supermodel Casually goes on a trip to Italy and Paris Had one conversation with Drew Barry and then she came to her photography show Orlando Bloom stayed at her house for weeks because he is besties with her dad Yeah, no.The love interest idea was cute, but could ve been done so much better Boy next door Oliver lacked personality and depth The conflict between our main character and the love interest was stupid and made no sense Oh, and did I mention that she loooooves him Even when she barely knows two things about him I am 200% DONE with this book.Because it was so terrible, I wasted THREE AND A HALF DAYS on it That s a lot of time wasted when you re doing a read a thon Fuck this book. I enjoyed the first fifty pages or so, then I came on GoodReads I saw all the negative reviews of this book and I thought to myself what could really be that badThen it was like a light bulb flickered on in my head YHSM definitely has a unique premise If you take a detached look at the plot and where it goes, it s extremely promising The shame of it is that the plot is completely drawn out the book could have ended in half the amount of pages, and it was anticlimactic as well It tried to be an emotional journey, but it was just as stunted in the end as it had been in the beginning The characters were all shells for whom I feel nothing For the hardship that had overtaken Luna and her family, everything certainly came easy for them The message that YHSM kept pushing was hypocritical, as I will point out later in this review I will begin with the characters If it gives you an idea of what they were like, a new one would be introduced one page, mentioned briefly sixty pages later, and I d still be confused example who is Levi, again I ll focus on Luna and Oliver because I was fairly impressed by the characterization of Luna s mother, father, and Cole Luna did nothing for me I was rolling my eyes at her dialogue by the end of the book At first, I shrugged off her judgmental attitude as well, she s only fourteen turned fifteen I m only a few years older and I can be like that too But here s the thing, she never developed. The fact that this book was written by an adult male also threw me for a loop multiple times It added another level of falsities I am NOT saying that men cannot write from the POVs of women, but when little sexist digs are thrown in from a fifteen year old girl s perspective, I am going to be skeptical I bookmarked four examples of bits that really bothered me in this book, but believe me, there were Here are a few aspects of the little sexist digs, that well maybe, just maybe, I could be overthinking, but if you had to read this book, you d be writing the longest review of your life too Time never stops Girls aren t supposed to think about death, but it feels like a heavy backpack I have to carry with me everywhere I go 164, paperback I didn t know I wasn t supposed to think about death, ever, somebody should tell Emily Dickinson My mother would not have fixed the toilet She would stencil the wall, or fill the bath with rose petals, but you d never catch her with a wrench Besides, she always wore dresses 190 Didn t know dresses incapacitated you to the point of not being able to deal with a ten year old breaking the john Back to the judgmental nature of Luna, she just tore her ex best friends, The Rachels yes, two of them, down time after time She called them Barbies in a derogatory manner, said that Rachel One or Two, but from my memory I don t think Two was ever even in the novel made Luna s mother s death about herself, and so many things I couldn t hate the Rachels because of how flat their manner was They existed to ruin Luna s life in the weakest ways possible, and I sincerely blamed Lewis, not them If you don t want to be spoiled for this book I hope you don t have to read, skip to the next paragraph Offhandedly, it is revealed that the Rachels made a bet to steal Oliver from Luna He willingly obliges, kisses One, has a thing with her that appears to have lasted for than the one kiss Luna witnesses, but is forgiven immediately while One is further victimized Oliver s excuse was that he d always had a crush on One, and that s why he did it Sure hope my future spouse doesn t leave me if he sees the high school girl he had a crush on when he was in middle school This, in a nutshell, is why I don t care about Oliver either Luna and Oliver are facades of characters that seem like they belong in a first draft, not a finished copy They re in love, supposedly, but I am certainly not.About things coming too easily for Luna Daria was such a deus ex machina character that it turned a positive female character into just another annoying aspect of this book And there were a creepy amount of inclusions about her being naked often and extremely beautiful Guess that s all that matters, right Also, I m so happy that Luna is the best photographer of her generation, friends with Drew Barry and Orlando Bloom, and her boyfriend may head off to Oxford Hope she had a nice time sojourning in Italy, because her passive life got too intense and she needed a breather Another problematic quote for you As I bite into a moist chunk of potato, I m so thankful that my mother never imposed any phobias on me Rachel One will probably always have issues with food, and it won t be pretty So many girls and women suffer from eating disorders, and to me it seems so useless Why spend so much energy on making yourself look like an airbrushed waif in a magazine There s nothing sadder than hearing the tenth graders at my school throwing up on the girls room Try losing your mother, I often think That will give you something to throw up about 138 What I m getting from this 1 Eating disorders are the fault of a girl s mother2 Eating disorders are useless and inconsequential, not actual diseases that should be treated seriously3 We should also look down on the airbrushed waifs not the actual person doing the airbrushing, I guess this one I especially don t understand as her mother was a model and nobody escapes Photoshop not even her holiness 4 Eating disorders are totally comparable to a death of a close loved one and aren t horrible in different ways Also, no mention of how eating disorders affect all genders, just women And this gem proves the hypocritical nature of YHSM I cannot believe what a bad rap she got, when she has a bigger heart than half the people at school It s stereotyping My uncle s first boyfriend was a mechanic who only worked on big trucks Not every gay guy wears frilly scarves and prances around There is so much we can t know by merely grazing the surface We have to reach farther in. 183 A very nice sentiment Luna, I d like to see you try I will not be reading anything else from this author I started off YHSM thinking that I d give it a solid three stars, it dropped to two by the second half, and the end sealed it with a kiss of one star Go read Sharon Creech s Walk Two Moons instead. At first, I was totally into it Feeling Luna s pain, sympathizing with her family.Then it just gotwelljuvenile.There were scores of misplaced exclamation marks, Luna really started to get on my nerves, and the believability took a nose dive She s fifteen In grade nine And she thinks she s in love And she goes unsupervised to Paris What That doesn t happen in the real world, daughter of a film maker or not.I seriously disliked Oliver towards the end Bleh Then we started divulging into open relationships and variations of marriage and I was like what does this have to do with seven unheard messages Tile was cute at first, but then he got crazy annoying and the cheesiness was on full blast The narration jumped from mature to whiny to seriously irritating within a few chapters.I set such a high standard for it, and it just let me down.References to famous celebrities like Drew Barry and Orlando Bloom felt entirely fake.The whole book itself lacked that essential spark So yeah, I d rate this book as meh, go find another book. Where do I start I loved this book I read it too fast, I never wanted it to end From the beginning to the end, there was something I wanted to know the answer to When I first started reading this book I didn t know what to expect I decided to read this book because I thought the title was cool, and judged the book by its cover, but there is so much Mystery and romance and everything in between My favorite part of the book was when the mystery began, I had so many questions and wanted to know the answers I liked the way the author kept my full attention throughout every page and how engaging it was I completely agree with the authors message on how even the closest people in your life have secrets, and you can never have someone s complete trust My favorite character was Luna, I was so attached to her and wanted everything between her and Oliver to work out, for her to become a photographer, and for her to be happy I am so pleased with how the book ended I would recommend this book to anyone It was outstanding Well, let me start of by saying, this was in the tough stuff part of the Young Adult section of Barnes and Noble My expectations were set that I was gonna cry and love this book.The reality is, this book, was horrible Malia Luna is 14 15 years old, and has the world at her fingertips She has met Drew Barry, Orlando Bloom, and many famous celebrities Her father is a director, her mother is a supermodel But one summer her mother is fatally hit by a cab You would expect someone to show a bit emotion, right Well, wrong She cried a few times, yeah, but she seemed so bland There was no emotion whatsoever in this book It was flat The characters are stereotypical Luna, who claims to be oh so mature for her age, can go from sounding 5 to 30 in just a few words Her theory of if my dad lied to me, I can lie to him , is bratty and hypocritical She also claims that Tile, her younger brother yes, named after what you see on your kitchen floor , is too young to understand that his mom is gone for good This makes her seem ignorant, because it is so obvious he is mature for his age and can fully understand that his mother is gone The little love story between Oliver and Luna made absolutely no sense to me Especially the phone call he gets when he tells her that he s not able to be with her any I m going to guess it was his overly strict father, but I don t even know And the fact he dated the first of two of Luna s ex friends named Rachel was just squeezed in for fun, it seemed I am being generous and giving this book two stars, because hey, I finished it It was a bit enjoyable at some parts, but I slammed my book against my face too many times at how idiotic this protagonist was Now, I m going to go check out the reviews for Stewart Lewis s other books and see how awful they are. This was an extremely good book which I ve glad of, since I own a copy Firstly, it was set out well and has unusual elements that I hadn t heard of in a book before Secondly, it is well written and has well developed characters Lastly definitely a sign of a great book for me , I recommended it and discussed it with my friends today so hopefully they will read it too So just read it D {Free} à You Have Seven Messages ô It S Been A Year Since Luna S Mother, The Fashion Model Wife Of A Successful Film Director, Was Hit And Killed By A Taxi In New York S East Village Luna, Her Father, And Her Little Brother, Tile, Are Still Struggling With Grief When Luna Goes To Clean Out Her Mother S Old Studio, She S Stunned To Find Her Mom S Cell Phone There Charged And Holding Seven Unheard Messages As Luna Begins To Listen To Them, She Learns About Her Mother S Life Than She Ever Wanted To Know And She Comes To Realize That The Tidy Tale She S Been Told About Her Mother S Death May Not Be The Whole Truth A Lovely Contemporary Fairy Tale, With A Sad Upper West Side Princess At The Heart Of It, And That S A Kind Of Folklore That Many Readers Will Enjoy The Bulletin Of The Center For Children S Books, Recommended The Book Contains Various Delights The Love Story Element Shines, And The Book Offers A Nice Window Into The Life Of Privileged New York Youngsters, Refreshingly Filled With Protective And Involved Adults Kirkus Reviews Following Luna Through A Hazy Grief State After The Death Of Her Mother Is Like A Beautiful Dream This Book Takes Your Hand And Leads You On A Wonder Filled Adventure Melissa Walker, Author Of Small Town Sinners Luna Is Someone To Weep With And To Cheer For, To Wish Was Your Best Friend Readers Will Fall In Love With Luna And Her Dazzling World Emily Wing Smith, Author Of Back When You Were Easier To Love From The Hardcover Edition It was really hard to build sympathy for a character who just isn t sympathetic Luna Moon has everything in the world, and she s not afraid of it She doesn t have her mom, who died tragically in a cab incident, but she seems less sad about that than she is about figuring out her mom might have been less than honest about her life It was a lot of Luna getting her dreams when it comes to making a name for herself in photography because she had connections via her parents who were big deal folks I guess I didn t understand her motivation beyond being bored and needing some way to fill some time The writing itself was fine There were moments it was nice, even Sometimes Luna had really good insights As a 14 year old, she was believable as she wavered from sounding 7 to sounding 20 in just a couple of sentences Otherwise, though, this was a flat one for me I found myself skimming the last few chapters when she s whisked to Italy to be with her uncle and when she gets to come back to an opportunity to work with one of the biggest, most well respected photographers in the world I hate when the character doesn t earn it themselves I never felt like she did Also, she took photos in the bathroom, which was just strange And her mom named her brother Tile because that was where she felt most comfortable when he was born Very, very bizarre in a way that was downright jarring and took me out of the story than quirky and character centric.