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The best book I have ever read after I too had a love story The book is just amazing The complete story, all of its characters, everything about this book is so great that I do not have words to describe them out It is the most loved book by me and will be on of those which I will truly love to read again and recommend. After a long time read such a book in romantic genre which touched my heart Author has beautifully detailed all the characters The main character Saransh and samvedna This book made me read the book at a stretch All the events in the book like Our story had started from the platform no 3, Nagpur and finished at the platform no 3, Bilaspur This was the best one Overall i would tell its a awesome GOODREAD #EBOOK ò The Thing Between U & Me à Those Who Don T Believe In Love Like You Or Don T Have The Permission To Love Someone Like Me, Often Become A Part Of Historical Love Stories, Sanvedna A Typical South Indian Girl Says To Saransh, A Dying To Be Wealthy MBA AspirantAs We Never Get What Exactly Makes Us Happy, The Same Happens With Saransh He Has Friends Like The Coward Cum Comic Rahul, The Hunk Cum Holly James, The Honest Cum Humorist Sikander, A Job Of Lacks And Above Than All His Aphrodite Samvedna Life Of Dreams He Has But He Sacrifice It Too For The Search Of Achievements And The Funny Pages Tells Where He ReachesIn This Inspiring Novel Sagar Discovers The Mysterious Nature Of Life, Love, Triumph And Glee Very Delicately It S A Novel For The People Who Searched The Meaning Of Happiness Once Upon Or Searching Right Now Or Thinking To Search A Key To Unlock Exult Hidden Inside Hearts Yeah, See The Thing Between U Me nice story man nahi kar raha book band kar ne kahmmm i felt that story ws nice i did t expect dat..the will suffer in this way but truly i love, love story but only in books not in real life read this book if u want to prioritizes ur life every one will gng to get some thing from this book enjoy reading.. couldn t close the book even after reading the whole story enjoyed each and every line sooooooo lively SAGAR SORRY I CALLED U A SUCKER OF MY SLEEP FROM MY NIGHT didn t imagine anything else had all kind of human emotions bursting at the best within single story i laughed..in the beginning,i felt pity for the characters i cried couldn t control my tears rolling and lump in my throat was ready to burst open through samvedana..i feel that one can feel what is love i mean true love..EVEN THE PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE..ONE CAN FIND IN THIS BOOK I REALLY THANK SAGAR FOR GIVING SUCH A WONDERFUL MOMENT IN MY LIFE READING THE THING BETWEEN U ME ONE BOOK TEACHING EVERYTHING OF LIFE.. When life goes filmy that s exactly what this novel is all about.It has all the content of a desi melodrama full of romance,ambition,corruption,tears and the life style of modern youth.This book is recommended for all those who consider as romance as a major part in your life and want to be always in your lover s arms.You will surely fall in love with Samvedana and her innocence.The book also has characters who just needs physical satisfaction and whom goes on changing partners per weekend.I think the character of prostitute was not necessary and the climax could have been changed , but with that end author shows the value of money and human values.Sarnash is a character sketch of every youth be it is a North Indian or a South Indian he is there among us or even with in us.Go for it there will be a smile in your face while reading this book till the end.3 star for the novel and 1 for the character written for Samvedana such gems are rare This is purely a book that grips you, you actually connect with the characters and eventually look through their perspectivesThe characters are absolutely interesting, intriguing at timesbut yeahhell lot fascinatingMr Sahu does an awe inspiring job at penning down this lovely story He turns the reader s life really filmy It is obviously a heart wrenching story, beautifully written and an amazing happy ending acts as the perfect icing on the cake Happy Reading this story is a nice piece of work I like samvedna a lot I seriously mean a lot her innocence and beliefs are admirablebut wat saransh did to her is worse than terriblehow can u love someone and then turn ur back to that personanyways I don t like the end part very much coz it is described in avery wrong wyt about the single mother thing and how callously samvednaz parents left her in the mouth of werewolvesbut u can say all is well when the ends well well sagar i thnk u made me bliv in love lov stories do exist in real life nd sm freaking guyz lyk saransh cn b a part of it i really had a gud tym reading a thing between u nd me nd yes u made the life go filmy This book is a lil bit filmy But I dont know why I think maybe the time was right This book was very funny and I was laughing a lot with and at James He is awesome This is the best book by an Indian author I ve read in my opinion But I haven t read many soBut the story was a bollywood movie type but its ok I love books that make me laugh This is the only book where the lead in the author or the author both are not from Punjab I guess So I loved the story by someone who lived their life NOT in Punjab D