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This was great I loved that the author noted in advance the use of French language and that there was a glossary and pronunciation guide in the back of the book.Marie Grace is the not so new girl in town She was born in New Orleans, but her dad moved his practice a few times before heading back to the land of his wife s family She barely remembers being in the city She find challenges in making friends at school, but not during singing lessons.I truly enjoyed the attention to historical detail as well as the lessons in society and traditions The author basically skimmed the top of most topics not much you can do in less than 150 pages But what she wrote peaked my curiosity and inspired me to want to know and find out things on my own The illustrations were a great asset to the story So was the history section after the story.Looking forward to reading the rest of the book in this series. Recap Cecile Rey is one of the gens de couleur libres or free people of color living in New Orleans in 1853 Together, she and her friend, Marie Grace, experience all that the diverse, busy city has to offer Mardi Gras parades and costume balls, outdoor French markets, helping to fight a yellow fever epidemic, volunteering at a local orphanage, and performing at a city wide benefit for the orphaned children.Review Happy Mardi Gras, book lovers In honor of the holiday, today I m featuring a series set in New Orleans, and the first two books take place during Mardi Gras I was first inspired to cover this American Girl series after seeing a feature on author Denise Lewis Patrick on The Brown Bookshelf I d never given a thought to the authors behind my beloved American Girl books, and reading the story of how Patrick was asked to author the Cecile series piqued my interest The Cecile series is unique from that of the other American Girls because she shares her books with a girl named Marie Grace I read Meet Marie Grace and then all of the Cecile books in the series, and it s very clear that the two authors plotted the stories out together Between the two Meet books, some lines were actually word for word the same I m really not sure why they chose to have two main characters this time If any of you know, please fill me in On the surface, the Cecile Marie Grace series follows the same formula as every other in the AG line We Meet the girls, they go through some troubles but eventually save the day, and everyone ends up stronger and wiser A little didactic, yes but these characters are brave, self confident role models for little girls today I really like the fact that each book includes a chapter of nonfiction in the back, explaining how the events in the story are a reflection of real events from the past.Cecile s story is notable because, unlike so many black characters in historial fiction including Addy , she has no ties to slavery In fact, her family is one of the wealthier in New Orleans She speaks French fluently a french glossary and pronunciation key is in the back of every book , takes lessons from a well known Opera singer, and attends a private school Stereotypical, Cecile is not Now I love Addy and I think her story is an important one, but I also think it s exciting to see such a unique narrative through Cecile.Recommendation Gosh, I love the American Girls This series, and the rest in the AG collection, are perfect for elementary school aged girls And have you been to the AG website lately There are games, videos, and apps galore [Kindle] ⚇ Meet Marie-Grace (American Girls: Marie-Grace and Cécile, #1) ♫ Marie Grace Gardner Has Just Arrived In New Orleans, And She Hopes She Never Has To Move Again The Lively City Is Unlike Any Other Place Marie Grace Has Lived When She Meets Mademoiselle Oceane, A Talented Opera Singer, Marie Grace Longs To Take Lessons She Loves To Sing, And She Would Like To Get To Know Cecile Rey, The Confident Girl Who Is Mademoiselle S Student But Marie Grace Is Shy, And Starting School Reminds Her How Hard It Is To Make Friends And Fit In Can An Unexpected Adventure Help Her Feel As If She Belongs In New Orleans First book in the Marie Grace Cecile books Half the books are from her perspective, half from Cecile s So far, so good I ll add in a full review when I m done with the series.ETA, after finishing the series In a way, this series felt like a longish single book from multiple viewpoints than a series After the initial setup in the first two books, the entire series deals mainly with an epidemic of yellow fever Put it another way the other American Girls historicals have read like episodes in a TV series Marie Grace and Cecile read like a miniseries It s a nice change of pace, and I think I preferred it to the disconnected series This is the first so far, only series with split protagonists Luckily, they do read like different people sharing a world, instead of two facets of the same person Also a nice change of pace Celine s family are well to do free people of color, something I don t see terribly much of in historical fiction, especially aimed at this age group I was nervous about how the split protagonists would work, especially with early books repeating entire scenes from one book to the next That happened less with later books, so it ended up working out much better than I had expected. Marie Grace now of New Orleans, formerly of Elton, Massachusetts, is different from most American Girls she is shy, quiet, and lacks self confidence, especially since she is surrounded by French speaking NO natives who know the ropes better than she does This book even has a villainess snarky classmate Lavinia, who does her best to make Marie Grace feel unwelcome Mean Girls,anyone Fortunately, at her singing lesson Marie Grace meets friendly Cecile who has her own titles in this series , who comes from a wealthy family of color Together they even manage gently to outmaneuver Lavinia Good beginning to a new series with a new twist The frocks worn by Cecile and Marie Grace are spectacular, by the way I guess that helps Mattel sell doll clothes As usual, there is a Looking Back author s note at the end, which makes the book than a frivolous girls story, and makes it useful for the classroom Lexile measure is 750. I really enjoyed reading this book I grew up loving American Girl books and pretty much read the entire series at the time Marie Grace is a new edition to the American Girl lineup, having just recently debuted in 2011 Her story is set in pre civil war New Orleans 1853 to be exact where Marie lives with her father and housekeeper As a young girl she and her father moved from city to city, they have just returned to her birthplace Marie has to learn how to adjust to life in a city she barely remembers, as well as a language that is no longer familiar She meets a young free black girl named Cecile and the two strike up a friendship Cecile helps Marie practice her French and helps Marie become immersed in New Orleans culture The two even switch places to attend the segregated mardi gras balls The story ends with the pair saying goodbye after the ball.One of the best features of American Girl stories is that they all contain a looking back chapter at the end of the book This chapter uses real photographs to tie the characters into real events of the time period This allows girls a bridge to a subject that is often viewed as boring or mundane This is American Girl s strength, and I believe this is what has allowed them to remain popular with girls and educators over the years I would recommend this book to any girl aged 7 and up, or any teacher looking for a new way to present American history to their class. The Marie Grace C cile series is not as historically based as the other series nor does it address issues as serious as the others It glosses over things and is extremely superficial Considering the basis for the series, it could have been very well done and interesting, but came up extremely short. I love the American Girl series of books Though I m not their target audience any longer, I still like reading about the characters they ve invented since my childhood The NOLA characters flopped pretty spectacularly being released and retired in the span of 3 years But maybe the books had something to do with that Not to say this one was bad at all I enjoyed it, and I relate to Marie Grace a lot since I have trouble making friends and don t always know what to say when I m around people So my beef isn t with the story or the character, but it felt off brand The illustrations were lackluster, none of the people in them actually making proper eye contact, and feeling very flat After looking up the artist to see her other work, it feels like maybe she wasn t into this project She s very talented.The vignettes also were cartoonish and vague Usually the vignettes would highlight a specific thing that needed a helpful visual element to go with the text And while the ones included here aren t bad for what they are, they just don t feel right.Also, there was hardly any description of the characters clothes or accessories we all know these books are here to help sell the toys, and I wasn t compelled to look anything up to add to my collection.I m looking forward to reading the rest of the series, but I m understanding better why these dolls failed. I didn t want to like it AG has become over commercialized with expensive products and retiring old favorites Marie Grace and Cecile break a lot of traditions that really annoyed me Two dolls sharing three books Set in 1853 One year before Kirsten Appalling But I loved Marie Grace She s a shy, quiet girl who reminds me of myself at that age I haven t read the other AG books in ages, and I ve never read some of the newer doll books, but this one was good enough that I really want to go back.Marie Grace is from New England but was born in New Orleans Her father decides to move back and give MG a stable home She struggles with not remembering French, a mean haughty girl, making friends, and going to a ball It was wholesome and sweet, and she might be my favorite AG since Samantha I went in expecting the worst and was pleasantly enchanted.BEA 2011 This was one of the boring Historical American Girl books I felt like her character was a bit bland, and the story itself was pretty slow moving I m not sure I love this step away from the traditional set up of American Girl stories, but I can see how it could be interesting creating stories that kind of run together I think the setting is interesting But I wish they would have picked a different year to do For a number of reasons First of all it really bothers me that this story isn t set in a year ending with a 4 I know that s dumb, but it s the first one that isn t and for some reason that just bothers me It is also only 1 year earlier than the Kirsten stories I know they are different regions, and these girls aren t pioneers, but it just doesn t feel that different than me And Marie Grace seems to have some similar problems as the Kirsten character 1 They both just moved from far away and don t have any friends they know near by, they are both reserved because of this 2 Both characters are also thrown into a situation where they don t speak the local language and struggle in school and with friends because of this 3 it hasn t happened yet but just by reading the summaries of the stories Marie Grace s stories include major illnesses and epidemics, and Kirsten goes through this too when her friend dies of Cholera With these similarities it just makes me wish they had picked a time period about 10 years earlier and done a slightly different take on the stories.