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This is a great reference for blessings, useful in all sorts of situations, for marriage, for dying, for the artist at the start of the day, for the exhausted, for dozens of different situations At the end of the book O Donohue includes several brief essays on the art of blessing So sad that we lost him so young He gave us a great deal in his brief life. Absolutely loved this It s a book I will treasure forever. [Read Pdf] ♷ Benedictus: A Book of Blessings ♶ We Have Fallen Out Of Belonging Consequently, When We Stand Before Crucial Thresholds In Our Lives, We Have No Rituals To Protect, Encourage And Guide Us As We Cross Over Into The Unknown For Such Crossings, We Need To Find New Words What Is Nearest To The Heart Is Often Farthest From The Word This Book Is An Attempt To Reach Into That Tenuous Territory Of Change That We Must Cross In Sharing Words Of Profound Grace And Wisdom, Master Storyteller John O Donohue S Benedictus Offers Blessings To Shelter Us As We Confront The Many Challenges We Face On Our Journey Through LifeLiving In An Anxious World A World So Often Dominated By Unwelcome Change, Unhappiness And Even Despair Many Readers Will Find Comfort In John O Donohue S Illuminating Introductions, Covering Areas Such As Beginnings, Desires, States Of The Heart, Callings And Beyond Endings, And The Blessings Themselves Provide An Inspiring And Reassuring New Vision Of Possibility It Is Also A Vision Of Hope And Belonging For This Sometimes Troubled World This is full of spiritual comfort and a gentle challenge to love and bless others I am so glad I read it, and I m sending a copy to someone I know who is on her way to becoming a bereavement counselor It s got a blessing for just about every situation one can think of, and they re all just wonderful. Uneven, but that may reflect where the reader is at Last three chapters struck a chord Great, great poem For a Leader. Beautiful. When you lose someone you love,Your life becomes strange,The ground beneath you becomes fragile,Your thoughts make your eyes unsure And some dead echo drags your voice downWhere words have no confidenceYour heart has grown heavy with loss And though this loss has wounded others too,No one knows what has been taken from youWhen the silence of absence deepens.Flickers of guilt kindle regretFor all that was left unsaid or undone.There are days when you wake up happy Again inside the fullness of life,Until the moment breaksAnd you are thrown backOnto the black tide of loss.Days when you have your heart back,You are able to function wellUntil in the middle of work or encounter,Suddenly with no warning,You are ambushed by grief.It becomes hard to trust yourself.All you can depend on now is thatSorrow will remain faithful to itself.More than you, it knows its wayAnd will find the right timeTo pull and pull the rope of griefUntil that coiled hill of tearsHas reduced to its last drop.Gradually, you will learn acquaintanceWith the invisible form of your departed And when the work of grief is done,The wound of loss will healAnd you will have learnedTo wean your eyesFrom that gap in the airAnd be able to enter the hearthIn your soul where your loved oneHas awaited your returnAll the time John O Donohoue, Benedictus A Book of Blessing I ve had a copy of this book for several years The pages are dog eared from reading and re reading In it you ll find profound and soulful blessings relative to nearly any situation written by a former priest and poetic philosopher, an Irishman from Connemara, John O Donohue I refer to it often for inspiration, calm and guidance, and as a reminder of the beauty and goodness of the world if only we keep our eyes open It s a book I ll always keep at hand Note after Mr O Donohue s passing, it was re released as To Bless the Space Between Us. This is a gift of a book Written by John O Donohue it is a book of blessings, as he calls them For many they could be considered poetry He captures the heart with these blessing because when reading them it is hard to imagine that he didn t write them especially for me The moving ordinariness of his observations make them accessible to the confused or unsure believer This book comforts and is not the kind that you read once and place on your bookshelf this is a book that has a special place next to your bed where it is always only an arms length away from you before sleep. A delightful selection of reflections for any circumstance you may encounter.