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he watches he waits he takes what isn t his jack cafferty is called to interview a victim of a car jacking her daughter is in the back seat this is linked to a previous case and then the jacker starts to communicate with the police he is always one step ahead and cafferty is certain it will not be long before he strikes again who is he and why is he choosing these targets most important of all, can he find the missing children before it is too late once again flea is involved very deeply as she never gives up and trusts on her instincts a welll thought out plot that will leave u guessing though i had my suspicions great characterisation and a particularly potent blend of horror and terror just a couple of points the author got it wrong about the blunt s yaris being searched for dna their car wad never found also found it difficult to accept what flea and cafferty did with the body of misty what about her family 4.5 stars bev Mo Hayder,Ritual , Skin,Gone, crimeBirdman , The Treatment . #FREE DOWNLOAD ó Gone ä Jack Caffery And Flea Marley Continue To Share The Spotlight, With Their Partnership Developing Into A Sort Of Lincoln Rhyme Amelia Sachs Relationship With Sexual Tension And As Often As Not Working At Cross Purposes It Picks Up Six Months After The Conclusion Of Skin, With Flea S Team In Departmental Crosshairs, Their Bonuses At Risk And Her Leadership In Question She Is Still Covering Up The Death Of Misty Kitson For Her Brother Caffery Witnessed Her Disposing Of The Body, And Is Keeping His Distance , And This Backstory Is Filled In As You Go AlongThe Main Plot Is About Child Abduction A Carjacker Wearing A Santa Claus Mask Who Steals The Car Of A Vicar S Wife, With Her Year Old Daughter In The Backseat, From A Parking Lot Caffery Is Called In To Investigate And Is Confident The Car Was The Target And The Girl Will Be Returned, Until Flea Reminds Him Of Two Other Open Cases With Similar MO, Both With Young Girls In The Cars Then Creepy Taunting Letters Start Arriving, Presumably From The Perpetrator Caffery Consults With The Walking Man, The Eccentric Homeless Billionaire Whose Daughter Was Abducted And Murdered With Whom Caffery Has A Special Bond Because His Brother Suffered The Same Fate Who Warns Him That This One Is Cleverer Than Anyone You Ve Ever Dealt With When The Car From The Carjacking Turns Up, The Mud In Its Tires Is Mixed With Certain Metals That Suggest It Was At A Garage Or Factory, A Needle In A Haystack But That Flea Remembers A Factory Site Her Team Had Searched That Matches The Specs Perfectly They Find Tire Tracks And Footprints And Know They Are In The Right Place, But The Carjacker Has Scored Through His Footprints With Something Sharp, Outwitting Forensics, And Has Deliberately Made Many Different Sets Of Prints Leading In All Directions Into The Woods So They Won T Know Where To SearchFlea Realizes Belatedly That A Piece Of Nylon Rope At The Site Could Easily Be A Mooring Rope And Returns To Find That Just Outside The Area They D Searched Was A Disused Canal She Gets Caffery And Her Team Out To Search It, Finding Barge Mooring Spikes That Match The Footprints Score Marks The Canal Runs Partly Through An Unstable Underground Tunnel, Which Is Already Partly Collapsed And Threatens To Cave In Further When A Train Passes By Flea Puts Herself And Her Number Two Man At Risk To Break Through A Rockfall Searching The Tunnel But Comes Up Empty She And Paul Prody A Detective On Caffery S Team Both Get Reamed Out For Wasting Time And Money, And End Up Bonding At A Pub Coincidentally, Prody Was The Traffic Cop Who D Breathalyzed Her Six Months Earlier When She Pretended To Have Been Driving The Car That Killed Misty Kitson Flea Confesses To Him, Finally, That Her Brother Was DrivingAnother Girl Goes Missing In A Carjacking, And Is Returned A Few Hours Later No One Can Figure Out Why The Carjacker Knows Where The Traffic Cameras Are, But He And The Stolen Cars Are Never Caught On Film The First Girl S Baby Tooth Is Slipped Into An Apple Pie Made For The Distraught Parents By A Neighbor The Family Of The Second Girl Is Moved To A Safe House, But A Taunting Note At The New Location Requires Them To Be Moved Again A Tracking Device On Their Car Explains How The Jacker Knew Where They Were Problem Is, The Car Was Never Out Of Police Custody, So It Must Be Someone With Police Access Suspicion Centers On A Handyman Who Got The Job With A Stolen Identity And Murdered A Girl When He Was A Teenager Prody S Office Was Recently Painted And The Handwriting Of A Wet Paint Note On His Desk Matches The Carjacker S Taunting Letters In Disgrace, Prody Is Sent To Break The News To The Family Of The Second GirlA Storage Unit Rented By The Handyman For The Last Years Connects To A Secret Passage That Contains The Body Of The Girl He Murdered Years Ago, And Caffery Believes It Connects To Easily the best of Mo Hayder s Jack Caffery thriller police procedural series at least through books 1 5 , Gone the fifth installment simultaneously amps up the creep out factor while dialing back the gore a few notches Ms Hayder s end product is is truly an unputdownable nail biter that has cemented my opinion of her craft.A huge caveat to the Hayder uninitiated this series must be read in order for maximum enjoyment There are a few evolving back stories involving Inspector Jack Caffery s personal demons stemming from the abduction of his younger brother by a pedophile thirty years prior, and a peculiar relationship with a sergeant diver of the Underwater Missing Persons team, Flea Marley that you will completely be lost with if you start in the middle of the series Even those lured in by hearingGone was an Edgar Award winner, you d best start at the beginning withBirdman and work your way through the series otherwise the crucial backstory will be lost upon you This installment started out dangerously similar to the gruesome second one The Treatment, a novel I could barely stomach In the outskirts of Bristol SW England , Caffery s team, while investigating a carjacking by a Santa Claus mask wearing suspect, realizes the perp might be a serial nonce a paedophile stalking victims with children in tow As the investigation advances, Caffery s team keeps being stymied by the perp s actions consistently running counter to a pedophile s predictable psychological profile There were a few times in this series where it seemed Ms Hayder s direction seemed unfocused, unsure of where she wanted this series to go Several times I considered abandoning it altogether, but persistence has paid off Gone, with a taut, chilling story while tantalizingly advancing the backstories has got me permanently in Ms Hayder s clutches I cannot wait to read the next two installments, Poppet and Wolf, to see what else she has in store. What is it about crime writers that they just do not seem to be able to keep me the reader entertained for the complete read I have read all Mo Hayder s books and even enjoyed the stand alone s ie Pig Islandbut here in this read we have a real dilemma The first 300 pages is enjoyable and the plot storyline is a little differentand our two heroes Caffery and Flea are once again on the case I particularly enjoy The Walking Man which in essence is a sounding board for Caffery, a man who lives by his wits under the skys and although he and Caffery share a related sad past for the most part The Walking Man is a way for Caffery to take stock and introduces a nice touch for the readerwe should all have a walking man to bounce our ideas off Living in Bristol I enjoy the setting for this series with the mystical surroundings of Somerset playing a major parthowever this all falls apart if the story becomes somewhat pedestrian and predictable Someone is kidnapping young children..why..when it becomes known the answer is somewhat bizarrewho is doing this someone with insider informationany amateur reader detective will soon have worked the solution out by page 300..and then there is the question of Flea What exactly is her role in this story, she is a police diver by trade.and well does what she is best ateh..divingwhynot sure She s gets into a little trouble and blow me down the killer tracks her down..will our hero Caffery rescue in time Of course he will, this is a series, and so we plod along for some 200 pageskiller diesFlea liveswhat a surprise Dear author please try not to bore us the reader, this book was too long by some 200 pages, fine if the story merits it but if not it is a real struggle to finishbut finish I did I started off giving this latest Hayder book 5 stars.but it became so utterly predictable by the final page I was tempted to award one starhowever on reflection and given that I have great respect for the author I decided to award two starsbut come on Miss Hayder if there is no further life in this series and the storylines become even boring and bizarreperhaps it is time for Caffery and Flea to do themselves a favour and both retire.. Yesterday, I was almost finished with Gone, you know at the point where everything is coming to a head and wrapping up I was so bummed that I had to go to work Now, I m really a good employee, rarely sick and hardly ever take time off, but boy was I tempted to call in, stay home and finish this edge of your seat thriller Reason won out and I convinced myself that when I got home at nine, I could finish Gone and that anticipation would just make it better I suppose I could have brought it to work with me but for those of you who think working in a library is great, because all we do is read, I hate to burst your bubble, but I rarely get a chance to read at work Yesterday would have been impossible.I arrived home a bit after nine, quickly chatted with my husband no, nothing new, anything with you , fine dear, talk later And then I hopped into my chair, put my feet up and raced to the finish.If you ve been bored with a certain thriller writer, not mentioning any names, then pick up Gone by Mo Hayder This is the fifth to feature Detective Jack Caffrey I don t feel deprived that I haven t read the first in the series This was a very satisfying read on it s own but I wouldn t hesitate going back to read the rest Hayder can join the men in her capacity for gritty storytelling Where Hayder stands out is her descriptions of the psychology of evil and the writing of some great dialogue But there s a softer side too, a nice blend of punch you in the gut action and when you think you can t take any, Hayder will give you a bit of a reprieve from harsh reality All might not be as bad as it seems.Gone is about a jacker, a despicable guy, a man who comes out of nowhere, knocks you to ground, calls you some awful names, jumps in your car and speeds off You d lick your wounds and all would be ok, only your child happens to be in the car Imagine the terror This is not a one time incident and as no bodies have been found, no ransoms sought, it s up to Caffrey and his team to figure out this guy s motivation Not a small order for a flawed group of police with hearts in the right place.Suspenseful, fast paced, with graphic violence that s not gratuitous put this on your list Be certain you don t get caught having to go to work towards the end as I can t be responsible for your actions less One Friday evening, close to Christmas, when my son was a few months old, I pushed his buggy back to the car park on the edge of town where I d parked hours earlier We were completely alone, no one in sight, no residential houses, just empty office blocks, fields and a churchyard It struck me, in that moment, how utterly vulnerable women with young children are Had I been attacked, I would have been helpless, unable to run and leave my son behind, incapable of fighting back and risking him coming to harm Mo Hayder s GONE explores exactly this premise Parents, in the moment of getting into their cars with their children are attacked, fast and hard Taken completely by surprise, they can barely begin to defend themselves before the car and the child are gone With this one simple idea, Hayder has us Because we know how easily the fictional victim could become real become us GONE is a west country based Jack Caffery thriller DI Caffery, now in his 5th trip on the Hayder express, is as brooding, sexy and distant as we could ask for think Heathcliff goes to Hendon but what really brings this series alive for me is Sergeant Flee Marley, with her irritating, incurable energy Flee is head of the Underwater Search Unit, and only really at home breathing through an aqua lung in the murky depths This book deals with some difficult themes, touching upon what, for many of us, is our worst nightmare DI Jack voices his darkest fears only to himself, when in the presence of a kidnapped girl s father, he thinks the truth, Mr Bradley is this he has raped your daughter He s done it as many times as he could manage And he has killed her to shut her up, stop her crying Do not be put off I ve just quoted the most distressing line in the book, and it s nothing than speculation on Jack s part anyway Whilst no one with a weak constitution should ever read Hayder, this book is excellent Nail bitingly, jaw clenchingly, bone achingly tense but never tipping over into the too much, too dark territory where Mo sometimes likes to play GONE has been shortlisted for an Edgar this year, in the best novel category, and in my mind truly deserves to win. Man, I really love Mo Hayder for Birdman and The Treatment Since then, it s been a bit of a struggle to continue the relationship.It was almost over for me with Ritual She had introduced a new character, Flea, who I couldn t give a toss over because I had resented her taking the storyline away from Cafferty s personal story.Then Poppet came out to wide appeal.So I m two books behind Poppet and remembering the first two books, andwell I can t ignore what we had and I should really give her another chance because maybe she s back in my wheelhouse So there it was, and I read Skin.To much delight It turns out that my resentment towards Flea has evaporated and I was able to enjoy her character and a very strongly told story that had me ripping through the pages.Yes Now comes Gone Mo s hitting her stride here big time For a good 70% of the way she s got me hooked with a creepy story about child abduction.I was into 5 star quality at this point, but as you can see, this got shaved off.Gone is just too long view spoiler I know Flea being trapped in the tunnel is key to the story but my brain was glazing over with the description of it, and the barge, and the seemingly never ending process of being trapped There s nothing wrong with a lengthy predicament if it s presented in an engaging manner, but I was than ready for it to end after a couple of chapters.Also, once the abductor is known, the story s resolution is drawn out way too long I m resentful of spending an entire evening plowing through it to get to the predictable conclusion just so I could be done with it hide spoiler Dual review with Swedish first and then EnglishSWEDISH REVIEW Om det r n got Mo Hayder kan s r det att skriva b cker som g r under skinnet p en Precis som Dennis Lehane s v gar hon ta ut sv ngarna och det r med isande fasa man l ser varje sida F rsvunnen r inget undantag Att l sa om kidnappade barn r hemskt och man vet inte om Jack Caffery kommer att lyckas r dda situationen Caffery r en lysande polis, men i denna bok s verkar det som om kidnapparen kan f rutse polisen n sta drag och ju mer tiden g r desto mer lutar det t att det r f rsent, att flickan inte kommer att r ddas Sedan har vi polisdykaren Flea Marley, som lever med konsekvenserna fr n f reg ende bok, vilket st r henne i jobbet Hon vet inte om att Jack misst nker henne f r ett brott som hon faktiskt r oskyldig till men som i och med det Jack vet om det ter sig logiskt att han misst nker henne Nu ger hon sig in kampen f r att r dda den kidnappade flickan Men r hon verkligen i form att ta sig an fallet Kommer hon ist llet bara att riskera sitt eget liv F rsvunnen r en ruggig thriller d r den ok nde f r varen hela tiden lurar i bakgrunden och man sitter p helsp nd p slutet n r Caffery konfronterar f r varen Fr gan r kommer allting att sluta lyckligt Tack till Modernista f r recensionsexemplaretENGLISH REVIEW If there is one thing Mo Hayder knows is it to write a book that crawls under your skin She dares, just like Dennis Lehane can she write in such a way that it s with terror you turn each page.Gone is no exception Reading about kidnapped children is always terrible and you do not know if Jack Caffery will be able to save the kidnapped girl Caffery is a brilliant police, but in this book, the kidnapper seems to anticipate every single move the police do, and as time goes by, the fear grows that they will be too late.Then we have police diver Flea Marley, who lives with the consequences from the previous book, which has consequences for her at work She does not know that Jack suspects her for a crime she s actually innocent of Although it s quite logical that he suspects her since he doesn t have the whole picture Now she decides to search for the kidnapped girl But, is she really in shape to help out Or will she only risk her own life Gone is a tough thriller where the unidentified perpetrator always lurks in the background, and at the end, when Caffery confronts the perpetrator will you still question if everything will end happily Thanks to Modernista for the review copy , Mo Hayder site Book City