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!DOWNLOAD BOOK ☫ Emily the Strange: The Lost Days ♟ Elements You Will Find In The First Emily The Strange Novel Mystery A Beautiful Golem Souped Up Slingshots Four Black Cats Amnesia Calamity Poker Angry Ponies A Shady Truant Officer Top Lists A Sandstorm Generator Doppelg Ngers A Secret Mission EarwigsEmily The Strange Years Old Able To Leap Tall Buildings, Probably, If She Felt Like It More Likely To Be Napping With Her Four Black Cats Or Cobbling Together A Particle Accelerator Out Of Lint, Lentils, And Safety Pins Or Rocking Out On Drums Guitar Saxophone Zither Or Painting A Swirling Feral Sewer Mural Or Forcing Someone To Say Swirling Feral Sewer Mural Times Fast And Pointing And Laughing What an odd book goes off to read the next one Emily is weird, and endearing, and freaking smart Imagine if Neil Gaiman wrote about April Ludgate from Parks Recreation losing her memory and waking up in Gravity Falls, where she writes in a Diary of a Wimpy Kid type journal Yeah, I think that basically says it all. Just like the title, this book is strange The book starts with the main character having amnesia and not knowing where she is, who she is, or what s going on She decides to call herself Earwig Why So weird And that pretty much sets the tone for the book Crazy things happen, nothing really makes sense, even when you find out what s going on The story is told through the main character s journal entries and she makes tons of lists which are kind of funny The narrator was enthusiastic and did a pretty good job, although her teenage voices were odd I did like the story and was eager to find out answers to the various mysteries happening around Black Rock I would read the sequels to see what other crazy things Emily gets in to and the strange people she meets. 13 Elements you will find in the first Emily the Strange novel 1 Mystery2 A beautiful golem3 Souped up slingshots4 Four black cats5 Amnesia6 Calamity Poker7 Angry ponies8 A shady truant officer9 Top 13 lists10 A sandstorm generator11 Doppelg ngers12 A secret mission13 EarwigsEmily the Strange 13 years old Able to leap tall buildings, probably, if she felt like it More likely to be napping with her four black cats or cobbling together a particle accelerator out of lint, lentils, and safety pins or rocking out on drums guitar saxophone zither or painting a swirling feral sewer mural or forcing someone to say swirling feral sewer mural 13 times fast and pointing and laughing.4 words I LOVED THIS BOOK.Emily the Strange The Lost Days is told completely through diary entries by Emily or Earwig as she calls herself in the book The overall voice and tone of the book is entertaining and generally hilarious The cover is kind of misleading, because looking at it makes one think it the book is a gloom and doom goth book But DON T BE FOOLED This book is so funny and enjoyable, and seriously, not at all as dark as it seems.I was very surprised by this book I didn t take it as seriously as an actual novel, but it actually had great characters and plot that really threw me for a loop I love Emily Earwig as a character She was just so spunky I really had a great time being inside her head She makes up the funniest curse words and slang NOTE There is no actually cursing Just funny words One of my favorite parts of this whole novel were the drawings on almost every page They added a different perspective to the reading experience, and really brought the novel to life.This was a much lighter read than I m used to, but still totally enjoyable 5 stars Review from What s Your Story YA Book Reviews Ahoy there mateys I absolutely loved this audiobook It was narrated by Angela Goethals This book is about Emily the Strange who wakes up one day in a tiny town with no memories Emily is totally a kindred spirit for me and I am so glad I found her I wish I would have found her sooner This book is so funny and awesome I knew it was for me just based on the cover I can t really summarize the zany plot in any articulate fashion I cannot do this justice I must read the rest of the series Arrrr Check out me other reviews at i made an account just to like this book it is my favourite book because it is the only book i finished D Good four book series about the strange adventures of Emily the Strange, as told by Emily in her journal. I feel like I just read a tween s diary An angst tween Still not sure really what the hell I just read but it was kind of interesting. The first of the four released books under Emily the Strange series, The Lost Days, tells us the story of Emily Strange finding herself in a place she doesn t know, and remembering nothing about herself All she have are her pen and notebook, which remained her buddy pieces She eventually learned she s in a town called Blackrock, as she saw in a newspaper, and tried to find the truth on what happened to her Still remembering nothing about her past, or her present she roamed around Blackrock and found different personalities, which helped her complete the puzzle on what s really happening to her Reading this, I am as confused as the character, Emily Strange There are some scenarios that doesn t seem to fit the story, which I would to like believe is intentionally done by the author Different characters bring in different puzzle pieces and eventually the story was complete and it brought a fresh kind of adventure for Emily.I read this book after reading the 3rd book, so I already know who Emily Strange is, and how she functions as a character I am delighted with the book s layout, with quirky artworks and witty details The funky design adds up to the delightful experience of finishing the story.Emily is indeed a strange and smart girl, and you ll be amazed how she handles some scenarios Join Emily as she unravels the truth on why she can t remember anything, and what is she doing in Blackrock.